Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sleepy Hollow Vs. James & The Giant Peach

So as I sit here, trying desperately to stay awake focused, and diligent on the work at hand I find myself heading into Blog territory. You know that moment in my head where my purpose for being in front of this computer becomes secondary to thoughts of; Captain Marvel (The DC one, aka Shazam) beating the beejezus out of Norman Osborne, ways Larry Johnson can be injured or killed, season 2 of Legend of the Seeker, ‘Splintering’, Minnie Driver (circa Circle Of Friends {** ½ stars out of 5 Stars} in a sexy nurse outfit, what you can put in an omelet, D&D stuff, mowing, etc. SO basically anything but what I’m supposed to be doing.

During Tuesday night Board Gamin’ Group we busted out some Fortress America (*** ½ out of 5 Stars). Suffice to say it was an enjoyable game, even the post game Pro-U.S.A. mocking I had to endure. The basic premise is one player is America and you are being invaded from the South by the Zapata’s, from the west coast by the Chinese and the Koreans, & from the east coast by pro-communist eastern block forces. It’s basically Red Dawn (***** out of 5 WOLVERINES!) the board game. I think what made it this time was the players. Steve was America, and he didn’t let us forget it, Jeff was the Zapata’s, Dark Dave represented the Asian contingent, and I was America’s Cold War nemesis made modern. Overall, if you enjoy games like Axis & Allies or even Risk then this is worth checkin’ out.

I’m glad I have a filter. If I didn’t life would be a very different place. I’ve carefully constructed my professional persona to such a degree that I can take the greatest slight and let it roll off of me superficially. Now beneath the surface I’m vexed, HORRIBLY and TERRIBLY vexed. I won’t go into detail because it’s A) beneath me & B) not appropriate to blast people from work via the interweb(s). If I’m going to take my shot I want you to see it coming, directly at work, and in a meeting full of people so I can illustrate just how much I’m not someone to tangle with professionally. I think what I’m frustrated by is the lack of others to meet my expectations, and simultaneously lower my opinion of them. It makes things…challenging…

On the bright side, having such a filter at work allows me to have NO filter outside of work…

How about some


- By the end of the night I’ll have 6 discs (24 hours) worth of Looney Toons cartoons. There is a gawd.
- Let’s get it out of the way now; WAVES OF MERCURY!
- I’m in a Mexican food fugue state right now after a co-worker gave me all her El Loro left overs from lunch. It’s like my stomach is demanding a siesta. Maybe the car ride home will give me some respite.
- Yes, I know collective Sport’s Writers of America, the Chiefs are horrible. WE GET IT! The thing is they aren’t as bad as the Browns, the Bills, or the Raiders, SO LET IT F’N GO! We’ll be much better in the long run once we clean house, stop drafting LSU D-Linemen who are NFL busts, and get a few years underneath an improving team. Yeesh!
- By the by, if you read this and are even somewhat tempted to send me some political statement forward don’t. I can’t help but respond to these, and almost always the response you get will not be the response you want. So save you and me a headache and keep your propaganda to yourself. Thanks…
- Oh and the previous statement was not aimed at anyone in particular, I just have received a lot of these in the last 18 days or so both from friends and family. I’m pretty sure some people got a laugh out of the diatribe I spewed back, I’m sure some did not. Let’s just agree not to put each other in that position and all will be well.
- Char & M&C put out there pics from Halloween ’09 Dynamic Duos, and they are awesome. Thank you to everyone who took photos of what was another great night.
- David introduced me to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum on Tuesday night. It’s different, but I dig it, so should you.
- Even though we will be sans Dark Dave for D&D we will have Steven making his D&D Saturday group debut. I’ll be interested to see where he takes his character seeing as he’s so tactically minded. Hopefully he brings his big boy dice as it’s going to get ugly on the 21st!
- I haven’t played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 FOREVER; I need to bust that out soon.
- I think I’m going to start The Middleman tonight.
- We’re less than a week away from Cassandra’s birthday, so I’m trying to make the week long build up a nice little series of “things”. It’s the least I could do and it’s far less than she deserves, but for this year it’ll have to do.
- , check it out. It’s a remake of the Harry Hamlin classic, and yes I use that term loosely, Clash of the F’N Titans (**** ½ out of 5 Stars). I remember seeing the original at a Drive-in. It was “tits” then, it’s “tits” now. I just hope that the remake can live up to the legacy. The trailer gives me a glimmer of hope.
- Comic fans out there, you should be reading Blackest Night, it is so good that even Dark Dave, hater of the “Spandex” scene is in love with it. SO GOOD! Geoff Johns is knocking this out of the park.

Well talking about ‘avoiding contact with blood or other bodily fluids’ isn’t going to do itself…

“You mean ‘Special Sex’?”

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