Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Master & Commander Vs. Treasure Island

There is very little better in the world than to roll out of bed in the morning knowing that you get to “get over” on the work dress code and bust out a Captain America, Jack Kirby style no less, t-shirt without repercussion. It’s icing on the cake to get up early enough to shovel almost the entire driveway prior to making it to work. Sure there’s about fifteen minutes left of real work left for it to be done, but it’s better than coming home at 5:30pm to a driveway that’s packed down and looks craptacular. Only to then spend an hour trying to get it back to where it should be.

Of course all this is moot if the Weather Terrorists are correct and we are going to be hit with a deluge from the newest, most fearsome snow-nami of the burgeoning season. I mean I love Christmas, and am quiet fond of winter, but the idea of coming home from “The Cloud” post family gathering to two feet of snow in our driveway is not appealing, not appealing at ALL. I’m sure the snow blower would make it easy, but still it’d be a time consuming endeavor, as well as more backbreaking shoveling. I guess that’s the price one pays for having a sweet driveway.

I’m sure your asking yourself, “Self. Just why am I being blessed with another blog this week? It’s only Tuesday, should I thank my lucky stars, or DARE I hope a third blog appears like a Christmas miracle tomorrow?” Let me answer that for you. No. Unless there is said snow-nami and all the little trainees cancel tomorrow this will be my last blog of the week. I’ve noticed I’ve picked back up on my blog production the last two months, I think it’s because I’ve been more casually irritated than normal. Lack of sleep, grinding of my teeth, dealing with the slack jawed mouth breathers of society during the holiday season, and just general other crap has led to me needing an outlet.

It’s not like Cassandra isn’t an outlet. She’s an amazing listener, gives sound advice, and is just a saint when it comes to being there for me, BUT I really am loathe to burden her. She has her own stuff going on. In fact I find that once the car ride home is over, and we’ve vented, laughed, and cried about work then I don’t want to discuss that at all anymore. When we get home I usually don’t feel very good about discussing any of the other anxiety inducing issues that seem to move in and out of my life. I mean she can only hear me talk about my father’s mental illness, not talking to my mom & sister, and just the general fear I have about starting my own family. Hell, there is most likely a few of you reading this who have been following since the early blog days that are sick of hearing it. I know I’m sick of being sick & tired over it. It’s like I’ve fallen into a personal rut of a set of comfortable “issues”. In fact I’m not even sure if they are issues. Sure my dad’s mental health is hard, not just on him, but me as well, but it’s not as if I’m there in the “trenches” with it on a daily basis. I get to see it from the back line in an air-conditioned tent while other people are on the front lines. I think it bothers me more because I have absolutely NO control over it. Which is laughable since I spend great deals of time in my professional life reminding people that you can’t control someone’s mental health. When it comes to my mother, that’s a choice I’ve made. I’m constantly telling others that you need to make deliberate choice, since you have to live with the consequences. We’ll guess what tons o’ fun, your living with the consequences, and as heartless as this will sound, I’m ok with it. As far as my sister, it’s the exact same thing, there is a tinge of sadness, but it’s not like I should be, nor do I usually find myself in some sort of malaise over it. When it comes to starting my own family I think it’s just the idea that I won’t be good at it. I might very well not be, but that’s just to damn bad. There isn’t a class, a book, or a training you can go to that will make you a better father. It’s about learning on the job, and I excel at that.

I may never be “over” any of these things, but I’ll be damned if by putting them on “paper”, giving them substance and form, that they don’t look somewhat laughable. It’s like pulling the boogey man out of the closet only to reveal in the light it looks silly. Maybe I just spent a huge chunk of my life being miserable that I have problems coping with success. I’m succeeding, AT LIFE! That’s right I’m like Scott Pilgrim, leveling up and getting the extra life mushroom. I’d go into it, but I’m pretty sure the only thing your more sick of than reading me talking about my “issues” is me talking about how awesome my wife is, how I’m blessed when it comes to friends, blah, blah, blah, etc.

Huh, that felt pretty good, thanks Interweb(s).


- My new shovel rocks. When I finish the driveway I put it on my shoulders like I’m John Henry defeating the machine. Oh except for the dyin’ part.
- Last night we hit up the Papa’s Murphy because neither of us felt much like cooking. We went with the Canadian Bacon, extra cheese, with white sauce (**** ½ out of 5 Pieces of Canadian Bacon), thank you to Brian & Anthony “Sure it’s a heart attack, BUT IT’S WORTH IT!” J., and we tried out the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza (***** out of 5 Chunks Of Chicken). Both were spectacular. Seriously, that was the best Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza I’ve ever eaten. Outstanding!
- I have a desperate want to play A Touch Of Evil. I’m not sure why, I just really want to play it.
- Speaking of playing, and no that’s not a sex reference David, maybe I can finagle someone into being a partner with me in some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I keep telling myself I’m going to get back to that game, but I just haven’t. I don’t know if it’s because I was SO disappointed with the level design, or how it stacked up to it’s predecessor, or that it’s only two player and not four now, but for whatever reason I have yet to just suck it up and get back to it. Maybe if I have someone else to offset the incredibly bad A.I. of the other three computer “heroes” I’d be more apt to invest more time in it. I mean it’s not like I don’t want to play. In fact the idea of using the Hulk to smash Doombots appeals to my most base instincts, I think I just need to admit I need a hand.
- Last night I watched the hour-long prelude special to Doctor Who “The Waters Of Mars”, since Cassandra was knee deep in cookie and candy making. I had forgotten just how rough the “Nu-Who” Doctor has had it when it comes to relationships with Companions. From the unrequited love and loss of Rose Tyler, to the pining and “growing up” of Martha Jones, to the tragically sad end of Donna Noble, and all momentary companions in between the Doctor has been put through the emotional ringer. This all leads me to believe that the idea that these final four Tennant episodes where the Doctor has no human Companion are meant as a cautionary tale. The Doctor with no “anchor” is a danger to his enemies, to his allies, and the universe at large. Could it be that he will go after the ultimate “fixed point in time” moment and try to bring back his race from the oblivion that was The Time War? I for one am excited to find out.
- I have no interest in shoveling 2 feet of F’ snow. Seriously.
- Tonight Dark Dave and I are forgoing our normal Board Gaming Night to sit down and do a 3-hour marathon of the first season of The League! That’s right I’ve converted another.
- If I were starting a D&D group again at 1st Level I would be using DDI’s Chaos Scar setting and “adventurers”. I’m really enjoying the direction, tone, and open-ended format of each encounter. Not to mention each one has used some monsters that I’m digging on currently; Bullywugs, Kobolds, Mychonoids, killer Halflings, etc. Who can’t dig on that?
- Banana bread, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that….

GAH! Time needs to speed up. I need a T.A.R.D.I.S. for Christmas…

“Don’t step on my touchdown call…”

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