Monday, December 21, 2009

The Beast Of Yucca Flats Vs. Robot Holocaust

You know for a weekend of “doing nothing” I’m exhausted from being so damn busy. Christmas shopping is officially in the bag, with the exception of mailing out “The Fam’s” stuff today post-work. I got a lot of gluing of minis done this weekend, shoveled the driveway that would not end, got some stuff committed to disc, ran errands, & played THE HELL out of some Penguins (**** out of 5 Stars), thank you Dave & Liz! So suffice to say I’m a tad ragged today.

I have a lot going on in my head right now, but no real coherent thoughts, nothing I feel like committing to the ether of the “Interweb(s)”, so instead with keeping in the spirit of the season, I give unto you and yours….


- We sat down and watched a little documentary this weekend entitled Confessions Of A Superhero (*** out of 5 Stars). It was about the “pan handlers” that operate in front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre in L.A., & their lives. It was bizarre, at times touching, but more than anything a bit sad. I can honestly said that I’ve never been so captivated or enthralled with an object, person, job, etc. that I would subject myself to the abject humiliation of begging for a living. It just helped to cement my opinion that Los Angeles is a perfect storm of self centered and the self serving co-existing in a cesspool of desired excess & instant gratification.
- My left leg feels like it has been beaten mercilessly with a mallet.
- We busted out the Seal-A-Meal, aka Poor Man’s Food Saver, this weekend and it is everything I hoped it would be, in a word; BAD ASS!
- Oh, Cananda…
- I finally finished Cinematic Titanic’s newest episode East Meets Watts (***** out of 5 Stars). It was hilarious. The live audience the tendency for the crew to go off “script” and adlib riff, not to mention the insanely bad movie, all added up to one of the single best episode that these folks have put together yet. Just a outrageously funny experience. When and if they do another live show in the Twin Cities area I must, NAY VOW, to go!
- Man, I’m hungry, even though I’ve destroyed my lunch. I have no idea what will satiate this never ending hunger…
- This is going to sound silly, but damn if I don’t want open some presents. I mean I LOVE watching others open gifts, love the glee in their face, and making them happy, but I’m VERY intrigued about what I got this year, that I’m chomping at the bit with anticipation.
- Vikings WTF? I don’t know what happened last night, but damn. My Superbowl picks are in serious jeopardy.
- I need a haircut.
- I glued my fingers together numerous times this weekend. It wasn’t pleasant. Now what was pleasant was the fact that I got a LOT done, not only done, but looking fantastic. My Vikings & Celts look pretty damn sweet, I think much better than my Romans, and a tad better, but less inventive, then my Zombie Celts. I still have some Zulus, that I’m going to use as cultists & savages, and some Saxons left to finish. Once I do, I’m D-O-N-E gluing for sometime. Now I just need to prime and paint.
- My father FINALLY got some good news this week. FINALLY! So in turn some of the anxiety about his situation can creep off my Atlas like shoulders. Understand it’s not as if I look for reasons to have anxiety or distress, but being the lone outlet for someone’s mental illness has become very difficult. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for just what a rock my mother was in their relationship. It’s exhausting. That being said, to finally have a bit of a glimmer show up in what has been a dark period, made even harder during the holidays, has at least lent some positive energy to my interactions with him, and that’s what he needs. My dad needs someone to remind him of how incredible he is and can be, of how the world isn’t just a never ending series of greater and greater disappointments, and how life is worth living, not just today, but tomorrow and forward. People who have not dealt with depression or mental illness at all for that matter have a hard time understanding just what it is and what it does to a person. It robs them of themselves. It’s not something anyone wants, and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies. To be able to see it up close and personal has given me a greater appreciation for who I am, where I came from, and where I’m headed. So as the holiday speeds headlong at us, I have been given a great gift, and that’s my dad getting some semblance of his life back.
- We have Doctor Who “The Waters Of Mars” waiting at home on the DVR. Suffice to say, I’m chomping at the bit to watch the second to the last David Tennent Doctor Who episode!
- We had chili yesterday, crock-pot chili to be exact, and it was GLORIOUS!
- To reiterate Dave & Liz hooked Cassandra and I up with a game called Penguins (**** out of 5 Stars) for Christmas. This little ditty involves stacking penguins into an iceberg while trying desperately to not have it tip and fall. It’s a simple game, and by simple I mean addictively fun. Dave, Liz, & myself played for like two hours on Sunday night. It was full of trash talk, deception, booby traps, and sheer fabulousness. This is a really fun family style game!

Well it’s getting to be that time…

“Oh gawd, my lap feels like 10 lbs of warm pudding…”

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