Monday, January 18, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Vs. Through The Looking Glass

Suck it Dallas Cowboys, suck it long, & suck it oh so hard! For anyone whining and crying about the Vikings hitting that last pass in the end zone to make sure the game was over they can collectively clean the sand out of their vaginas and get over it. Not everything in life can be touchy feely, rainbows and puppy dogs, sometimes in life you get your ass kicked. You know what you do when that happens? You shut up and take it like a man. Keith Brooking should know that. I played ball; high school, college, and post college for a smidge. I’ve coached football; high school, semi-pro, and a VERY successful run in the Duluth City League. Never have I been instructed to “take it easy” on someone, or worry about their feelings, & NEVER would I have kids or adults I’ve coached to do that either. Football is a game of pride, and you work way to long and way to hard to get run like that, and if you do, IF YOU DO, then either stop somebody or you shut your trap. End of story.

By the by, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jerry’s “kids” get beat like a drum.

We watched 1408 (*** out of 5 Stars) Saturday night. Now as anyone who reads this knows I’m a sucker for John Cuzack, I’d watch him in anything. In addition Sam Jackson, granted a bit sort of part, was in it. So why only 3 stars? It was just an all right movie. It sort of strung itself out and the ending didn’t blow me away. To me this was a movie full of promise that just couldn’t quiet deliver.

I also finished another Lumley book, “Spawn Of The Winds” (*** out of 5 Stars). If the first three books were supposed to have a decidedly Lovecraft feel to it, then these switch to a more R.E. Howard feel. Sure it’s in the same Lovecraft universe, and it stars a secondary character from the first three books, but it had definite Howard “Barbarian” feel to it. It was much more action pulp, which I’m cool with, but still Lumley has yet to “wow” me.

Saturday Dave, Steve, and myself made our way to Phoenix Games in Wayzata. What a great little store. I can remember when the big store was downtown, it was a pain to park at, but was sort of a neat alternative to The Source. Now after going to the new location, it’s not only a closer alternative than The Source, but it was so nice to go to a gaming store and be treated like a valued costumer. Phoenix Games WILL be getting more of my business, not just for products, selection, & price, but because the owner is a nice guy. In addition on Saturday we hit up Rocky’s for some “pie”. As always when I go to Rocky’s it’s less about the pizza and more about the conversation, and as always Liz, Dave, Cassandra, & Steve did not disappoint. By the by, watching Dave get all crazy over the Vikings is TREMENDOUS! To know that he actively argues with people on the Interweb(s) now makes me giddy. I have officially created a monster.

Now I’m all “meh”, how ‘bout some


- Saints Vs. Vikings. It’s going to be a blast! I can’t to see Dave go nuts over watching people throw the football that much. On the AFC side I’m torn. I hate the Jets, and although I loves me some Peyton Manning I do not like the Colts. I want Colts Vs. Vikings so Brett Farve can get vengeance for the dig Manning took at him a few weeks ago, BUT I SO want Farve Vs. Jets so he can take a steaming dump on the franchise that mistreated him. Oh and I’d like someone to shut Rex Ryan’s gibbering mouth without having to stick a cheeseburger in that gaping maw to do it.
- I’m so competent compared to some that it frightens me. Absolutely and completely…
- I can’t take The Great Darkness by WAVES OF MERCURY out of my CD player, it’s drawn me in, & it refuses to let go.
- Christmas has officially disappeared from our home, sans the tree in the driveway. That damn tree…
- My copy of Mordheim finally came and Cassandra & I busted out the buildings. Now I have a truly awe inspiring ruined city table downstairs. I’m not sure when I’ll get to use it, but damn it’s pretty.
- On a side note I need to print & get off my ass to get CaveWorks done before D&D on Saturday. It’s going to be tight schedule wise.

Oh well, it’s crazy busy so I should get back at it.

“That was so ninja…”

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