Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Wild Bunch Vs. Have Gun Will Travel

Day Four of the Great Computer Scourge of Work Of 2010.

So the server will be back, like Arnold, on Monday. Yesterday I was given the opportunity to work from home. I know a lot of folks laugh at that, as they picture people doing very little constructive or doing any ‘work’ at all. I must say that that’s just not how I roll. I was able to get a ton done yesterday; read a few manuals on Person Centered Planning, dealing with life after a Traumatic Brain Injury, and listening to a multi-disc set of seminars on dealing with, treating, and living with anxiety, depression, & anger management. I am however glad to be back in the proverbial saddle, at the desk, and handlin’ “bidniss” today.

I was able to finish Day Of The Triffids (***** out of 5 Triffids) yesterday as well; it was an incredible book, even better than I remember it. I would say though that I could have done with another chapter or so to tie it all together in the last act. This book suffers from the same thing that most books I’ve read from this period do, a rush to the finish. There is nothing wrong with an efficiency of language, a streamlined and concise plot, with an ending that does not drag, but since I’ve grown up reading works that seem to have more endings than LoTR Return Of The King (***** out of 5 Uruk-hai), I’m a bit spoiled, I want a book this good to go on forever. I would have to say that I feel validated in my earlier opinion that this is a precursor to the “Zombie Apocalypse” story. All of the tropes are there; society in a spiral of decay, palpable threat, the idea of social Darwinism in a survival environment, the breakdown of society and civility, the rebuilding of society from ground up, etc. I’m really curious as to whether or not prolific Zombie aficionados would recognize this.


- The Good – My computer is NOW working, thank the heavens for the awesome I.T. lady, she is a gawd send. Now I just have to get all my network sites working and I’ll be golden. There is only like five hours left, and I now have something to do.
- The Bad – I can’t get to where I need to go on the server, BUT that’s ok. Paranoid, redundant saving is making it easy for me to at least maintain the workload. In addition there is STILL five hours left of work.
- The Ugly – I have the hiccups and I’m lacking motivation to do anything constructive AT ALL.

How about we do up a bit o’


- I began re-watching East Bound & Down (Infinite *’s out of 5) last night. I had forgotten how laugh out loud HI-larious it is, and how despicable a leading character Kenny Powers is. BRILLIANT!
- To push home my Kentucky HATEFEST, did anyone see the refs J-O-B Mississippi the other night to hand Kentucky the game? Embarrassing. I know sport’s pundits nation wide are saying that they are still “the team to beat”, but after just watching the highlights, knowing Calipari’s ‘coaching skill’ level, and seeing the competition I just can’t buy it. There are just to many teams, emphasis on the word T-E-A-M, that will put UK in a meat grinder game and in the end they’ll crack, just like Memphis did.
- This weekend I’m going to paint, THIS I SWEAR!
- It’s amazing to realize just how important the computer is to my ‘work life’. Without it it’s been a wreck here. Now that I have it working decently, it’s sort of like I have my own little ‘nookie & blankie’ back. Hopefully people will be as thankful to the people who got us back on track as I am.
- The glacier that is our lawn is pulling away from the concrete with this heat wave that’s going on, it’s sort of neat looking.
- I really want to do Sheets Of Integrity March Madness brackets this year. I’m thinking a $1.00 entry fee, with maybe an extra $5.00 kicker put in the kitty, as well as an encouragement for insane side bets, ala The League.
- I’m so hungry for lasagna that I’d vote Republican. ER, maybe not. It’s nice to see E.i.C. of BOOM Studios, Mark Waid, is taking a stand on the whole Republicans Vs. Comics thing that is now going on after the Captain America kafuffle. I just wish Disney didn’t have such a strong hold on Marvel’s leash. This is the one time when Joe Q.’s public obnoxiousness would be a boon rather than a bane to the industry.

Well it’s back to the grind…

“To be a common man means you’re the best of the lousiest & the lousiest of the best…”