Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Curse Of The Mummy Vs. Valentine’s Day

Day Two of the Great Computer Scourge of Work Of 2010.

I’m not even sure once they ‘fix’ these issues that I’ll even be able to recover any of the things I’ve gotten done in the last day let alone these blogs. I don’t feel like it’s too much to ask to have working equipment. Am I wrong here? It’s unfortunate but technology is extremely important to me actually completing tasks. I feel a great deal of sympathy though for those people in departments where the lack of working technology is crippling them. To be a day behind in, say billing or payroll, is rough enough, but two days behind is devastating. My only hope is that this will get resolved today. I have faith in the people making the decisions and hopefully they’ll prove my faith founded.

I’m tired. Oh so tired. See I’m not sleeping that well at night, it’s a battle between this nagging shoulder pain and some other ‘issues’. This has led me to crashing out in the second bedroom, it’s not a bad bed, but damn if it doesn’t just leave me exhausted. It’s like I can’t sleep for more than an hour at a time, then I wake up and find myself insanely restless. The bad thing is that restlessness then leads to irritability, and that’s not good for anyone. When I’m irritable everything sucks. I find no solace or enjoyment in anything; in fact all I really do is look for reasons to be pissed at people, places, & things. So rather than give into that irrational thought process I just distance myself. Which I’m pretty sure makes most people around me SUPER happy. GAH! Either way I need to find a way to just sleep effectively for a bit, just to get myself back on track.

Since I’m sitting here, working, but floundering I’ve decided to give you a little guided tour through those inner recesses of my consciousness!


1) Reading – I’m currently in the middle of “An Orgy Of George – The collected works of George Carlin” & “Day Of The Triffids”. Both are tremendous, and I’d love to be sitting down and devouring them.
2) Painting Miniatures – Oh I’m sure I’m just saying this, and if I had them in front of me I’d most likely find a way to not get it done, but I LOVE the idea of getting it done.
3) Getting Ready For D&D On Saturday – I’m excited to end the ‘chapter’ the group is currently on, and moving on into exploring the world I’ve been fleshing out even further. Not to mention a significant change in climate and scenery should be pretty fun.
4) Sleeping – Oh how I’d love to be curled up with my blanket, bit in, fan roaring, humidifier humidifying, and hand on the forehead. Dreaming of all those glorious things that I sometimes dream of.
5) Talking To Dave – I am always loathe to admit it, but since we’ve lived in the cities I lost my two P.L.P.’s (Platonic Life Partners), Anthony “Marriage is thicker than blood” J. & J. to the B. homeboy. Anthony is just busy with kids, school, marriage, house, etc. and Jon is just Jon. Sometimes he’s very interested in hanging out and sometimes he’s not. That’s just how he is. In the meantime I’ve gotten to be good friends with Dave. Dave has become the new P.L.P., he’s become the non-wife best friend. The best parts about it is dude is HI-larious, is constantly talking in a stream of consciousness, and we have a simpatico vibe going on.
6) Playing Some Type Of Video Game – I have neglected the video games for a while now, and right now as I sit here I desperately want a controller in my hand. I don’t care if it’s hackin’ and slashin’, running the speed option, or punching bad guys directly in the face.
7) Quality Time With The Wife – Oh you KNOW that no matter what I don’t get all the ‘Cassandra Time’ that I want. Whenever I get the chance to just cuddle on the couch, laugh, watch THE WHEEL, or other more private events with my wife I relish it. As much as I have good, great, & ‘best’ friends, none surpass my wife.
8) Re-watching The Venture Brothers – If I could I’d sit down and start again form Season 1 Episode 1 and watch all the way through. The show is THAT good.
9) Slow Cooking The Pork Loin – I’m dying to cook that monstrosity. I’d want an entire 10-hour period to cook it low, slow, basting periodically. I need to come up with a good rub, soak some wood chips, and just find a way to make this happen ASAP.
10) Listening To Audio Books – I have a crap-ton of Audio Books, A CRAP-TON! I would need like a month of non-stop listening to hear them all. I don’t have a month, I don’t even have a day, but I do enjoy listening, and I’d like to do more of it.

You know since I can’t seem to focus or find will enough to care about anything how about a humungous, steaming pile of


- Cassandra was incredible for Valentine’s Day hooking me up not only with a touching homemade card, but also some chocolate covered cherries, which are awesome.
- Ray Edwards is an idiot.
- I made a mistake last week and watched like 5 minutes of Glenn Beck. He spent the time railing against “Progressives” and their nerve to want to curb competitiveness. He said it diluted the work force & led to a society of people that feel a sense of entitlement. I don’t disagree with the fundamentals of that idea, even though by even peripherally agreeing with Mr. Beck I just threw up in my mouth a little bit and a part of my soul just died, what I did find offending was the fact that he neglected to attack the “My kid is best” parents, the “Non-Progressives”. See it’s not just Liberals or Progressives or Conservatives or Centrists that are guilty of this crime it’s everyone. When I heard the news item about the angry parent savagely beating a volunteer referee after a In House Twin Cities School basketball game it reminds me that “Progressives” aren’t out to ruin ‘Merica. People in general ruin ‘Merica. People in general ruin everything, especially sports. See I’ve coached, I’ve dealt with the “Let’s stop keeping score” crowd. They are annoying, and they breed a sense of entitlement and a lack of accountability into their children, but I would take them a million to one over the parent who screams at me over playing time, over coaching techniques when they refuse to volunteer, who have threatened me, etc. I have been out of line with referees in coaching I’ll admit it; have been “Ted” up, been threatened with unsportsmanlike conduct flags, and the like, but I’ve always returned to my senses, cooled myself off, and begun acting like a human being again. Always making sure to inform the people that I am coaching that I was wrong to behave that way. It’s up to an individual to be held accountable for their actions. There is no common decency anymore, no common sense, no work ethic, and to me very little hope for a productive future. I don’t need Glenn Beck to tell me this, or to mix his hate or politics into it; I get to see it daily. The mere fact that we as a society are Rome in it’s final days leaves me cold to empathy, or even passing interest in my fellow country men and women, and especially self-serving assholes like Mr. Beck.
- In opposite news, I just heard David Letterman’s tirade about the Luge death. I’ve always like Letterman, but now, NOW I have to say I love him. Good for someone making a stand against idiocy.
- Alice Cooper Vs. KISS, which is the better theatrical rock band?
- I’m feeling the need to bust out NCAA Football 2008 on PS2. My University of Kansas dynasty might need a bit of a dust off. I haven’t played much of my consoles since we moved. Now with my frustration level being what it is, NOW might be the time for me to drop 60 on Texas Tech, I KNOW that would make me feel better.
- Nebraska leaving the Big 12 for the Big 10 is crazy talk. IF they do then it’s simply stepping into a weaker conference because “Big Red” can no longer compete. They’ve slipped in football, now they have to actually compete in their conference; Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and to a lesser extent Kansas State, Missouri, & Kansas are all routinely ranked and have ended the dominance that Nebraska used to relish in. As for basketball, let’s be honest, the Big 12 is one of, if not THE, toughest conference in the nation. People can talk about the Big East, but they haven’t won a national title in awhile, or the SEC, which hasn’t had a champ since Florida’s back-to-back run, but the fact is the Big 12 and the ACC are routinely the best two basketball conferences year in and year out in the country. To argue otherwise is simple regionalism and lunacy. So leave if you want or feel you must Cornhusker-nation, you will be missed through the prism of nostalgia, but the reality is competitively your time has come and gone.
- Is comedy the last bastion of the ‘thinking person’?
- If there is an NFL lockout I will have a real hard time coming back into the pro football fold. In this economy I have no desire to watch millionaires and billionaires battle semantics and dollars in a public forum. The game is in a place right now where it can’t be touched for revenue and popularity. The NFL owners need to understand this and pay the players, and the player’s union needs to institute a rookie salary cap.
- With the computer down I miss playing Torchlight
- To piggyback on yesterday’s Kentucky hate fest, John Wall is NOT even the best guard in the country let alone the best player. Scotty Reynolds for Villanova is ‘amazing’ in human form & Sharon Collins of Kansas IS the quintessential point guard. I would take them both over John Wall in a college game. BELIEVE IT!
- Remember when the Olympics mattered? When you, as an American, feared and loathed the USSR, simply because they were our enemy? Now I just don’t care.
- I’m re-reading Day Of The Triffids for the first time since High School. After watching the incredible BBC version I had a hankering to revisit this tale. I have to say it is MUCH darker than I remember, and much more bleak than the BBC version. The sad fact is I think it paints a far more realistic version of what mankind would degenerate into if confronted with an event like that it’s our nature. On a side note I’m curious as to whether this predates any and all Zombie tales, as it has that vibe to it.
- I hope that Vanderlie Silva ends Michael Bisping’s career at the next UFC pay-per-view. I H-A-T-E Bisping.
- During the channel surfing last night we caught the Behind the Music of Judas Priest. I’ve never been an enormous Priest guy, I’ve always dug them, and respected the HELL out of what they accomplished, not to mention Rob Halford has a voice that shakes the very heavens themselves, but now I have an all-new appreciation for them, hence him being known as “The Metal Gawd”. Just a top-notch group of Brits who have stood the test of time and continue to be flag bearers for METAL. Oh and Angel Of Retribution (**** out of 5) is an AWESOME album.
- Remember what I said earlier about John Wall? That only applied to college, I think Wall will be a star in the NBA.
- This year I might try to stave off the Sport’s Abyss by engaging in a little World Cup fling. In fact I’m sort of looking forward to the worldwide madness that is the World Cup. So if anyone is down, I think I might throw some type of World Cup celebration, have everyone pick a team, dress up, and celebrate the insanity that is soccer.
- Judas Priest did a 2-disc concept album about Nostradomus, THAT IS METAL!
- There was a DDI article not to long ago about a sub-setting or side mission, I can’t recall which, that had to do with some Pirate-type adventures. I’m thinking very seriously of adding a tinge of that into the next step of the D&D group.
- No seriously, Ray Edwards is an idiot.
- Last night I was flipping around and caught the Top Ten Fights In UFC History special. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before, but what I took away from it this time was Karo Parisian is a little bitch. The fight with Diego Sanchez is a classic, and Karo got beat, the problem I have with it is Karo has every excuse for his loss. It’s never a “he was the better man that night” or “things just didn’t go my way”. Instead it’s “I got poked in the eye”, which he didn’t, “I couldn’t find my mouthpiece or cup”, oh well that’s your problem, “he didn’t knock out my tooth, it was a veneer”, I’m callin’ b.s. on that one, since you CAN SEE THE TOOTH EJECT FROM YOUR LYING MOUTH! Karo is a great fighter, but what has he done, nothing. He’s just upset because in every big fight he’s been in he’s not shown up.

Wow, rereading this, I am B-I-T-T-E-R about just about everything. Oh well…

“So your screwin’ me without the gawd damn common courtesy of a reach-a-round?”