Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Breakin’ II: Electric Boogaloo Vs. Cat In The Hat

It’s pretty funny, I wouldn’t think of myself as ambitious or even that overly creative, but I do love a good collaborative effort. Dave and I have been discussing doing a radio drama for some time now and I’m thinking it might start to come to fruition sooner rather than later. Dave’s also started writing again and in the process introduced me to John M. who is proposing a Lovecraft-Smith-Howard writing circle, which would be really incredible. And now in two weekends we have D&D and I’ll be off the ‘reservation’ leaving the cozy confines of the pre-made structure of the Scales Of War adventure path and putting together my own encounters and framework.

It’s all daunting, but really exciting. I feel like I’m getting to stretch creative muscles again that were only getting any work during daydreaming. I’ve always wanted to tell tales, to be a storyteller, and I’m sure some people would tell you I already am in a way. I mean who tells a better tall tale than me? I’ve worked really hard to stop doing that, and I have, but a part of me misses it. There is so little ‘magic’ in the world on the surface, so little mystery & wonder that being able to add to it is almost spiritual in nature. I think that’s why I have so much innate reverence for those that are creative; Heidi, JEW, Dave, Ricky, my brother, etc. They add something to the world, the CREATE! I maintain. It’s not that maintaining isn’t important, but it’s not beautiful, it holds no true majesty, it just is. To get a chance to create it’s as if all things are possible.

That was a tad more existential than I intended.

How ‘bout I ‘Merica it up a bit with some


- I watched about half of the Gonzaga Vs. St. Mary’s WCC championship game last night and I haven’t seen a game with worse officiating in some time. St. Mary’s spent the time I watched the game clutching and grabbing on defense, shoving, and hand checking with no whistles from the zebras. No wonder Gonzaga ended up losing. Mark my words St. Mary’s will get run in the second round by a team that isn’t is as good as Gonzaga because they won’t get the calls.
- Tonight we are having Jet’s Pizza. Tonight WE FEAST!
- I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get Cassandra interested in watching Planet Hulk & JLA: Crisis On Earth 2. I think she’ll like them both, but getting her to sit down and commit to watching them without it being me plying her to do it is a dicey endeavor.
- Lots and lots of Yuan-ti on the horizon in D&D, LOTS!
- I don’t know if I’m sold on Ladanian Tomlinson to the Vikes. I had sort of hoped he’d end up a Chief and his career would be revitalized. Although I’d like to see him get a ring. Maybe the Chiefs will take a run at Thomas Jones. While he is a douche bag malcontent he is a tough runner in a tandem.
- Did you know that the spell checker in Microsoft word wants desperately to change Ladanian into Albanian? Well now you do…
- I saw the trailer for Iron Man 2 last night on A.o.t.S., and it was AWESOME! Silver Centurion armor & the suitcase armor, it’s as if my childhood Iron Man comics were on the screen! This has gone from a movie I was interested in to a MUST SEE!

Well back at it I suppose…

“The NFL is nothin’ but a racket…”


  1. Creating stuff is awesome. There's some weird satisfaction in working on making something, all by yourself. It it's knitting a lame hat or seeing a painting I thought up hanging at a friend's house or even just fixing a broken item so that it's usable again. Even if the item has no purpose, the work that goes into creating it is my favorite part.

  2. See, THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout. I need some of that business in my life to break up my life of maintaining...