Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parts: The Clonus Horror Vs. Flesh Gordon

GAH! Jamar from Brooklyn Park should be banned from the radio his bunk takes are T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E-! He seriously ruins whatever tolerance I have for the Paul Allen Show. He should get a Life Time Achievement Award for The Common Man’s Preposterous Statement Tournament. The guy is so blinded by his slurping of the Dallas Cowboys, much like Paul Allen’s slavish affection for the Vikings that he can’t make a valid point. At the morning show doesn’t let this tool on to ruin their football talk.

The idea of L.T. in a Vikings uniform is pretty neat, I think it’ll happen, but I’m not sure it will put the Vikings over the hump. The need help in the secondary; a shut down corner and a ball-hawking safety, as well as the Offensive Line since every other game Bryant McKinnie is a turnstile. It’s great that they’ll have a replacement for Chester Taylor, but it doesn’t mean a thing until they can find someone to open the holes for him.

My radio station is being hijacked due to weather by an ultra right wing AM station on one end and on the other end it’s people “praying for me”. I’m trapped. What makes it worse is I checked some news out on the Yahoo home page after checking my e-mail today and every story led to a thread where the ‘crazies’ were out in force. You know, those that not only wear their ‘Merica flag pin, but sport the ribbon sticker on their cars, fear homosexuals, scream “SOCIALIST” but don’t know what socialism is, think Sarah Palin is bastion of knowledge, etc. ‘Merica scares me. I mean it really scares me. There is a portion of the population that is so dogmatic and insular that they can’t see beyond that to any other train of thought. These are our future zealots. These are the people who picket grade schools, bomb doctors, carry guns to rallies, and call people Nazis, don’t they have anything better to do with their lives? Can’t they get the same type of things done by being positive, letting us know the good aspects of their agenda rather than tearing down others, or even using violence and divisive social tactics? I guess it’s easy for me to openly hate these people since they are wrapping themselves in the issue. It’s harder to hate the liberal side of it, because all they do is whine about it or try to self-martyr themselves. Believe me, your veiled elitism isn’t anymore endearing than someone who relishes in their stupidity.

This is why I need to be rich, so I can build a fortress. Not just in case of Zombie Apocalypse, but also in case ‘Merica brings it’s guns, it’s religion, and therefore it’s politics to my door. I’m not for gated communities, but I’m finding that if I had the opportunity I’d live on a compound. I don’t think I’m agoraphobic, but I’m beginning to understand the appeal of it. People are scary. Whether it’s there loss of civility, polite behavior, inability to follow simple laws (like traffic laws), or the fact that we as a society have become so “ME” obsessed that we have forgotten how to civilly interact with each other it all boils down to me wanting to distance myself from the hordes and their madness.

Wow, that’s mighty depressing and a condemnation on a vast number of people who gladly carry the banner of ‘Merica. I guess the one redeeming factor is that at least I’m an equal opportunity hater.

How about some


- We’ve had this conversation before so consider this a friendly reminder; let’s leave the word retarded alone. At BUZZ Trivia-A-Thon I swear I couldn’t spit without someone using that word. I am by no means a word Nazi, but seriously, you’re better than that. In fact if you want to use the word, then I challenge you to go work with someone who has Mental Retardation for six months and let’s see if you throw it around is much after seeing how it affects his or her lives. There are just so many better more inventive ways to be insulting to someone or something, stretch your imagination.
- I have put out the clarion call for a Gaming Weekend in May; we shall see whether or not my plea is met.
- It occurs to me that I’m missing the Big 12 tourney right now, and that is displeasing.
- Last night on A.o.t.S. they showed the big Sony PS3 announcement from some video game expo. It’s a Wii type of controller. Oh and it looks tits. They should an incredible looking gladiator game where you had a shield in one hand and a warhammer in the other and used two controllers, one in each hand, to hold off attackers and dispatch them in crazy, almost Street Fighter II-esque combos. This is sealing the deal to the PS3 and I making beautiful, time wasting music together.
- If Marvel is really cancelling Nova & Guardians Of The Galaxy post The Thanos Imperative ‘hiatus’, then it’s just further proof that the market can’t support GOOD books. Just look at Marvel’s recent graveyard; Agents Of A.T.L.A.S., Captain Britain & M.I. 13, S.W.O.R.D., etc. And yet there are two Hulk books, one is unreadable thanks to Jeff Loeb whose talent to weave a tale seems to have vanished, and we have a slew of X-Men & Avengers titles, most of which are “meh” at best. Hey Marvel, you have some really talented, incredible writers PUSH THEIR F’N BOOKS!
- This weather makes me want to crawl into a ball with my blanket and pillow and sleep like there is NO tomorrow. If I had a pillow and a blanket right now, I’d be….Zzzzzzzz….
- The new computer is in the works. I for one can’t wait to get back to some Torchlight, as well as being able to fully access DDI. If only I could speed up time.
- You know I really don’t care whether or not Kevin or Pat Williams used steroids they DID use Starcaps. SO therefore take your suspensions like men and stop wasting the court’s time and money. If you did the crime, do the f’n time. Sheesh!
- I know we just had pizza, but I’d eat it again. Like right now.

Back at it I suppose…

“We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is US!”

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