Monday, March 15, 2010

Top Secret Vs. Dragnet

Well turds on a stick, work has imploded into utter and complete madness. I’m talkin’ dogs and cats living together, MASS hysteria. I think this is the best time for me to stretch my “wings” so to speak and begin to reassess my options. I’m sad, a tad disappointed, but I’m trying to be optimistic. When any door closes another opens. Or so I hope.

I finally finished R.E.H.’s Kull, Exile Of Atlantis (**** out of 5) this Saturday. I really liked seeing how Kull leads to Conan, and how Brule the Spear Slayer leads to Bran Mak Morn. I think Howard created a somewhat cohesive universe without even meaning to. It seems that each character evolution is organic and is more due to a changing in tone and themes than a concerted effort to build this evolutionary ‘tree’. I can’t remember if I mentioned it before but I also finished a R.E.H.’s The Black Stranger & Other American Tales (**** out of 5), which Dark Dave had so graciously given me. First off it has The Black Stranger in it, which is Conan in an America-style coast city, fighting natives, possibly Nyarlathotep, oh and did I mention its Pirate Conan? B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T-! The other shorter more horror related works were magical as well. Overall if you haven’t taken the time to settle into a big chair on a dark night, put some moody music on, and devour some of R.E.H.’s stuff than you should, you won’t regret it.

We were in “The Cloud” this weekend celebratin’ B-Days for the Patriarch of the Straw Hat Maffia and my sister-in-law. As always the food was spectacular, home made pizza always is, the company was top notch, and it was a nice counterpoint to last Sunday’s familial cluster f*&k. Oh and to top it all off; ham, cream cheese, and pickle roll-ups, WHA! My only issue with going to “The Cloud” is I never feel rested when we get home. I always just feel like the weekend rushed by. I’m tired.

Last night we watched a series of interesting documentaries; first was one on Proteous Syndrome, which is what the Elephant Man suffered from, secondly a piece on Gigantism, and last but not least I watched Winning Time: Reggie Miller Vs. The New York Knicks (***** out of 5). The first two were fascinating and a tad scary, at least when it comes to Gigantism. I might see if I can track these down for work, then again the way things are going maybe not. As for the third documentary it was pure sporting bliss, especially since I can remember those two NBA seasons vividly. If you enjoy sports then seek this one out, it was so fun, entertaining, and a telling piece on one of the NBA’s most fierce and yet overlooked rivalries.

D&D is Saturday and with only the laptop it’s going to be rough getting things done on DDI before dice rollin’ time. I have my work cut out for me. The overall pace and structure of what I want to do is in place, it’s a matter of designing encounters and monster groups. I need to put the players on their heels without just getting into a T.P.K. (Total Party Kill) situation. Hopefully we can get into it right away and get some of that excitement we had prior to the Holidays.

Well you’ve been good here’s your


- Suck it L.T., the Jets aren’t going anywhere. I did see the Chiefs signed Thomas Jones. I’m torn on this. In the locker room he’s sort of a tool, but on the field he’s a TANK! So I’m excited since I think that gives them a better one-two punch in the backfield, but they need the D-Line and O-Line to show up big to actually matter in the AFC West, let alone the AFC as a whole.
- The whole “Spring Ahead” thing is killin’ me today. KILLIN’ ME!
- Who did KU piss off? Their region is BRUTAL! I’m sticking with my earlier pick, KU WILL be the National Champions again. I do think K-State has a chance to get a Final Four. As for Duke, I don’t seem getting there, and I think Kentucky will lose, most likely to West Virginia. It’s an interesting field this year, and I can’t wait to watch it.
- I need to get some painting done this week for the weekend. Maybe tonight I’ll settle down and get some of my easier stuff done.
- We’re setting up a GAMING WEEKEND in May. At least one day will devoted to D&D 4E, and more specifically my desire to run the current DDI sandbox setting The Chaos Scar. In fact this weekend I finished putting together my 1st – 2nd Level Chaos Scar DM folder. It’ll be nice change of pace from the regular group as this will be a Hack N’ Slash heavy adventure set.
- I’m officially Pizza(ed) out, at least for a week.
- I’ve begun my sojourn into the works of Clark Ashton Smith, and I must say so far I’m blown away. The man is the perfect combo of Lovecraft and Howard, with a greater flair for lush description.
- I really want to pick up Player’s Handbook 3.
- That Metal Show had Scott Ian and his wife on this weekend, and THEY answered the burning question in my mind and that of all Anthrax fans; who was the better Anthrax lead singer, Joey Belladonna or John Bush. SUCK IT DAVE, BUSH WON! That’s right John Bush, who took my love of Anthrax and made it into obsession.
- If I ever had any questions about where the Texas education system fell in my theory of ‘Merica, than this has answered them;
Oh Texas, thank you for reminding me that not only are you a state that had it’s Governor screaming about seceding and the state that showed us that your State Run “Schools” for the disabled are nothing more than holding places where you hire people who brutally abuse the defenseless, but now your showing that Kansas isn’t the only bastion of bible thumping, gun toting insane people. I wish they would secede.
- I desire fried chicken.
- I found a new website for Cardstock buildings and they are beautiful, but as I was reminded by my better half this weekend, I am out of storage room. I’d love to have a crap ton of room to have a HUGE city build done, but I don’t. The fact is I still have tub full of modern buildings I don’t really need. I need to find a way to trade of just give them away, not just because I don’t use them, but because I could fill that tub with way cooler stuff.

I guess I should get back on task…

“Why Must I Be A Power Slave…?”

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