Monday, April 19, 2010

Cutthroat Island Vs. Treasure Island

I need a nap. Seriously. I’m barely staying awake right now. I’d love to curl up into a ball right now with some soft King Crimson playing in the background and pass out blissfully into the Dreamlands. BUT alas that’s an impossibility. I have to survive for a little over five hours and go home to mow. The lawn needs it. I need it. Thus is life.

D&D was Saturday night and I had writ, wrat, wrote about last week it was a changing of the old guard so to speak. With Mary & Christina off on their “Babymoon” for the foreseeable future we were in need of new players as we transitioned into the next chapter of our adventurer’s lives. Joe K. & his lovely wife decided to test their geek cred and try D&D for the first time. I admire their willingness to put themselves out there. I had forgotten how off putting it can be to try to explain to someone the tenants of a game built around your imagination. They played very admirably and once their summer of world travelling and cabin upkeep finish I can see at least one of them joining the group monthly. We also welcomed Dangerous Dan to the D&D table. After a little over a year of ‘false starts’ Dan finally made it to a session, and he did NOT disappoint. I became such a fan of Kluh, the Half-Orc Barbarian, that I’ve included his son Klur as a possible 1st Level PC for the May Gaming Weekend sojourn into The Chaos Scar. By the way GENIUS that Kluh is Hulk spelled backwards. So the group made it through one massive encounter as they attempted to raid Claudius the II’s tomb and found, much to their collective chagrin, that the former general, his honor guard, & his faithful hound were not going allow to have his tomb raided without a fight. In retrospect it was an ill designed encounter as far as size of the room. It was interesting because they were packed SO tightly that there was nowhere to shift, so it was as a ‘stand & deliver’ fight, but for new comers it was tedious because it severely limited their ability to use all their wonderful 5th level powers. For future references I’ll have to improve the size of the rooms the encounters that take place.

I’m currently obsessed with Norwegian Black Metal, I don’t even know why. So I’ve been devouring whatever of it I can get, and currently that is albums by the band Enslaved (**** out of 5), thanks Dave. It’s good stuff, I’m not big on the ‘grimy’ vocal delivery, ALTHOUGH when they erupt into Viking chants I’m ALL ‘bout that. That’s just so awesome. There is a song called ‘Havenless’ that I could literally listen to over and over and over again, it’s B.A. incarnate. I’m also finding that I’m obsessed with the history of the Black Metal movement in Norway, so I’m currently watching a documentary called Until The Light Takes Us (I’ll review once I’m done). It covers the mass insanity that took place in the 1990’s when these bands, many of which are vocally Anti-Christian, began committing atrocities like murdering each other, burning churches, and being involved in numerous other crimes. I find it fascinating the thought process that these people went through that led them to that point of view. Not to mention while I don’t agree with their agenda, I find that I don’t disagree with their view of Christianity in a historical context. Fascinating stuff.

Oh and it’s M-E-T-A-L-!

How ‘bout some


- Cassandra made these little personal cheesecakes for D&D and they were mind-blowingly awesome. Hell, I’d eat a whole tub of them if they were in front of me right now.
- I need to mow tonight.
- D&D With Pornstars. Yep it exists. Yep, I watched the video blog of it. I subscribe to a gentleman, Zak Sabbath, D&D blog. This is his endeavor, and it’s pretty interesting. It’s exactly what it sounds like. He sits down and plays D&D with adult film actresses & exotic dancers. He makes NO apologies for it, nor should he, and they play the game. Hell he’s got Reaper Minis sponsoring it and giving him pimp ass minis. I found it interesting that he caught HELL from the Old School D&D fans over ‘sullying’ their game with ‘these people’. That’s F’N sad. Geeks should be inclusive not exclusive. Hell, I’ll play D&D with anyone, even Republicans I’m lookin’ at you Josey & Terry. He made a statement that I’m paraphrasing that I thought was hilarious and simultaneously sad, “I got more hell for playing D&D with Sasha Grey than I did for f*&#ing her…” So if you enjoy gaming blogs check his out, and kudos to you Mr. Sabbath.
- I will be pre-ordering the D&D board game Castle Ravenloft in July. It looks like it’s going to be super fun.
- I’m almost done with Ghor, Kin-slayer and it isn’t letting up as now the authors are touching up on how Howard’s world directly intermixes with Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, & I love it.
- Idiots on the radio are complaining that Obama is doing nothing about the Volcano ash in the sky that prevents them from leaving areas of Europe; one idiot compared it to the Katrina disaster. You have got to be kidding me. People died in Katrina, these assholes are just inconvenienced via travel issues FOR THEIR SAFETY. People like this are why we are in situation we’re in fiscally and politically: me, Me, ME! That’s all they care about. It sickens me.
- NFL Draft starts Thursday night. I for one can’t wait.

Well back at it.

"Dei for ifra nordMot ei anna tid
Bak låg brende ord
Framfor dei ei ny strid
Dei såg såg stormar i det fjerne
Men haldt fram og beint
Inn mot jordas kjerne
Frå tidleg mot seint

I see a darkness overwhelming
I see that there is no light for me
I don't care if it leaves me blind
I don't care if I'm left behind

I see a white horse's head
I see it's dead stare fixed at me
I do not fear its eyes
Curse myself, return it twice

I see walls to high to climb
I see nothing on the other side
I should have roamed another space
I should have been another place

Dei daue gror opp av havet og ropar så sårt mot land.
Dei ropar bak alle skuter, som kavar seg tungt forbi

I am among ghosts when I should rest
I cannot tell the worlds apart
I do not heed the words they say
There is no dream of another day

I hear a silence, deafening
Drowning the deserts, that is my destiny
I no longer wish to see
The threads they've spun for me.

Dei for ifra nordMot ei anna tid
Bak låg brende ord
Framfor dei ei ny strid
Dei såg såg stormar i det fjerne
Men haldt fram og beint
Inn mot jordas kjerneFrå tidleg mot seint"


  1. I have to get you some Craft (black-n-roll meets badmotorfinger!) and Vried!

  2. Oh yeah Craft have an album called "Fuck the Universe"
    Vried is black-n-roll!