Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Million Miles To Earth Vs. The Fan

Tomorrow night is the NFL Draft! YEAH! I don’t know why I’m so excited to watch a bunch of middle-aged men scream at each other over what really amounts to a glorified Fantasy Football party. No one knows how any of these gentlemen will turn out, but I think for me this stands as the halfway point. We’re halfway through the part of the year where I’m denied what I love; Football. This is the beginning of all the speculation, the roster moves, and more importantly the yearly dance of “hope”. Hope that your team will be a little bit better than they were last year. As a die-hard Chief’s fan all I have it hope.

Board gaming didn’t happen for me last night due to some scheduling issues and me just getting completely irritated from not eating. So I did not attend the Talisman game to go out to eat with my lovely wife. Upon returning home I took some time to dig back into D&D 4E’s Dragonomicon (*** ½ out of 5) book that just arrived. I had won a lot of books off the Ebay for next to nothing, the shipping was more than the books. In that lot I received a good chunk of R.A. Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms books, a full run of the 80’s Official Handbook To The Marvel Universe (**** out of 5), which is PIMP, and two D&D books, the above mention Dragonomicon, and the hardback super adventure Revenge Of The Giants. I haven’t really delved into it deep, but it’s for 12th-17th level characters, so it’s a viable resource for future gaming. The Dragonomicon on the other hand is IMMEDIATELY useful. I’m already thinking of adding an extra side into the Heroic Tier; an abandoned outpost in the desert on the way the to The Black Ziggurat, low on food & water, a place to hole up for a night, and within the ruins waits something hungry…

Anywho, I’m going to stop there so I don’t give anything else away. I’ll have plenty of time to think about it today and this evening as I grill. I can’t express enough how pumped I am to fire it up and do some hot dogs, some beef, and some chicken that’s currently at home marinating. We’ll have lovely grilled meat for the next week plus to tide us over until we grill yet again. Gawds I love spring through fall.



- I really need to sit down and finish Gor Kin-Slayer tonight.
- It’s looking as if the May Gaming Weekend crew is expanding exponentially, and not only am I good with that, I’m excited about it. Anytime we can get more people playing games, hell any games, it’s a good thing.
- I really need to finish that Black Metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us tonight.
- My father called the other night and we had a good chat but at one point he started to get upset and uttered, ‘I really wish you lived here, you’re one of the only people who cares whether I live or die…’ It simultaneously broke my heart, and filled me with the most intense feeling of guilt. Have I shirked my responsibility to my progenitor by moving away and living a different life? Am I less of a son, not because I live far away, but because I want so desperately to help but lack the finances and time to do so? I don’t think so, but conversations like this make me wonder.
- What does everyone think of the new page layout?
- BINGO Part Duex in July? I’m thinking yes.
- I’m also contemplating the next Movie-A-Thon, as no one else seems to want to grab the bull by the proverbial horns and pick a theme and a date. Maybe I’ll send out a mass e-mail today and see if anyone takes up the cause.

Well I got crap(s) to do.

“Racing down the road
In a street machine of steel
Gears are jammed in full
I'm the madman at the wheel

Got my foot pinned to the floor
You can feel the engine roar
I got thunder in my hands
I'm metal thrashing mad

Driving like a maniac
Can't go any faster
Burning up the road
Headed for disaster

Got my foot pinned to the floor

You can feel the engine roar
I got thunder in my hands
I'm metal thrashing mad”

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