Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hatchet Vs. The Mechanic

It was a busy last couple of days, rather than go into deep detail, especially since I’m short on time and patience today I’ll give you the bulleted rundown in a little thing I like to call


- I began playing Dungeons & Dragons Online, it’s flippin’ FREE! So yeah you get what you pay for. It’s not a bad game, it isn’t WoW, or Age Of Conan, or Warhammer Online, but it’s F-R-E-E-! Granted you can throw some money in and pay for all the bells and whistles, but I don’t and won’t play a MMORPG so much that I need to make that sort of fiscal investment. I instead enjoy a sort of non-monogamous relationship with my MMORPG’s. I like to be able to ‘see other games’ if the mood strikes my fancy. All that being said, if you have some time and want to game together e-mail me, we’ll start up a posse and go ‘raiding’ together.
- I now know how to rock out amazing menu screens to burned DVDs. It makes me insanely happy.
- I wish I had an endless supply of meat just so I could grill whenever I wanted.
- Saturday night was BINGO. The attendance well lets just call it poor. So many people who usually are decent about calling ahead didn’t, and those that did had valid excuses but it didn’t lessen the sting of disappointment. I don’t think it’s asking to much for people to call ahead, especially if they said they’d be there and then just don’t bother to call or show up. It’s agitating. On the flip side, we didn’t NEED any more than the stalwart BINGO WARRIORS we had; Anthony “Five In A Row!” J., Char “I do to like penis” J., Dave, Liz, myself, and the indomitable Cassandra. We played the HELL out of BINGO, talked about relationships, porn, watched Dave interpretive dance to Flight Of The Conchords, got some brutally awesome prizes, ate some good grub, and more than anything else just had a great time; thank you to those that made it, you guys are swell.
- The New ‘Puter is HELLA-FAST! I’ve been enjoying it.
- I finally got through Cinematic Titanic Alien Factor (*** ½ out of 5), this is the first time I’ve actually been let down by the Cinematic Titanic crew. I think maybe they couldn’t top the GENIUS and MAJESTY of East Meets Watts. It was funny, but not as gut busting as the last episode.
- I’m really diggin’ the new color of the bathroom, it’s the color of the TARDIS.
- Speaking of TARDIS’s, we watched the first two new Episodes of Doctor Who (***** out of 5) last night. I’m enjoying Matt Smith as the new Doctor, and the keen new companion is funny, forceful, and best of all easy on the eyes. While the first two episodes were good, the preview for this Saturday’s episode promises me some of my favorite things; World War II, Winston Churchill, Bi-planes, & DALEKS!
- I’m currently watching a crappy copy of the Solomon Kane movie. I’m enjoying it, but I desperately want a good copy.
- Today marks one of those moments when I have hit the wall with stupid petty people. So tonight I’m off to play some Merlin till about 9pm then I’m going to crash out and hope that tomorrow I see the best in people rather than that sour slimy side just beneath the shiny veneer of the surface.

It’s about that time…


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