Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quiz Show Vs. True Believers

SO here it is the ANSWERS to the Geek Cred Quiz!

1) Hal Jordan is ___________?

a. The Greatest Of ALL Green Lanterns

b. The only Green Lantern From Earth

c. Guardian Of Sector 2817

d. Also known as Parallax

e. None Of The Above – Technically Parallax is the embodiement of Fear and therefore the patron of the Sinestro Corps!

2) Bruce Wayne has a son named Damien.

a. True – YUP, Bruce got it on with Talia Al Ghul and this was their offspring

b. False

3) Peter Parker was married to whom?

c. Gwen Stacy

d. Mary Jane Watson – Until Joephisto ruined it. And yes I AM bitter.

e. Betty Brant

f. Felecia Hardy

g. Mephisto

3) Who is the best captain in the history of Star Trek? (Remember to show your work)

a. Cpt. Janeway

b. Cpt. Picard

c. Cpt. Kirk – If you answered anyone else and gave an explanation you received a point credit. The reality though is Kirk is the MAN! Deal with it.

d. Cpt. Sulu

e. Cpt. Pike

4) The Hulk is _______________?

a. The strongest there is

b. A fan of purple pants

c. A father

d. Into smashing things

e. All of the above – It’s true. Hulk is “stongest there is”, he often smashes, wears the HELL out of some purple pants, and has TWO sons; Skaar & Hi’rokla

5) What is the best George Romero ‘Dead’ film? (Remember to show your work)

a. Night Of The Living Dead

b. Day Of The Dead

c. Dawn Of The Dead – INSANELY difficult and just like all ‘show your work’ questions you get a point for explanation, but this flick is just top notch, it’s Romero at his very best.

d. Land Of The Dead

e. Diary Of The Dead

6) If the following 80’s Action Movie stars are alone on a deserted island and forced to kill and eat one another to survive, WHO is the sole survivor;

a. Dolph Lundgren – Lundgren has multiple black belts in multiple disciplines, a PhD, & plays the drums. THE DRUMS! So you know he’s B.A.!

b. Jean Claude Van Damme

c. Jeff Speakman

d. Steven Seagal

e. Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson

7) Erin Gray, circa the 1980’s Buck Rogers T.V. Show, sorta hot OR INSANELY hot? (Remember to show your work)

a. Sorta Hot

b. INSANELY Hot – All I can say is satin white jump suit!

8) LEGO Batman Vs. LEGO Darth Vader, who wins & why? (Remember to show your work) – LEGO Batman. As always any answer with an explanation will net you 1 point. The reasoning here though is completely scientifically sound, “BATMAN, that’s why!”

9) You, a 3rd level fighter, and your party, consisting of the following 3rd level characters; an assassin, an invoker, & a warlord enter into an encounter with the fabled Tarasque, WHO dies first & why? (Remember to show your work) – They all die. The Tarasque is the D&D equivalent of Godzilla, a primordial of epic proportions, in fact there is only one per world, and most DM’s agree there is only one in the multiverse. As always any answer with an explanation netted you 1 point.

10) Who is the best Doctor Who?

a. Christopher Eccleston

b. Jon Pertwee

c. David Tennant – I would accept any of them for 1 point, but David Tennant is the MAN! So he nets you two.

d. Tom Baker

e. Peter Davison

11) What does every Number 2 from The Village want from Number 6?

a. His life

b. His wife

c. Information – For those of you haven’t watched The Prisoner your missing out on one of the best pieces of television ever to grace the airwaves.

d. The name of his superior

e. His car

12) Who are the two brothers from the Dragonlance series of novels?

a. Frodo & Bilbo Baggins

b. Drizzt Do’urdon & Wulfgar

c. Fahfred & The Grey Mouser

d. Caramon & Raistlin Majere – Sure the Dragonlance books are Tolkien-lite, but they’re entertaining and everything an aspiring DM wants his or her game to be. And a lot of that charm comes from the dynamic relationship between the troubled twins.

e. Jaraxle Baenre & Artemis Entreri

13) Sterling Archer, aka ‘Duchess’, works for what spy agency?

a. O.D.I.N.

b. S.H.I.E.L.D.

c. I.S.I.S. – ‘Archer’s’ first season was a huge revelation and surprise to me, it was funny, vulgar, and entertaining. And as anyone who watches the show knows Sterling works for his mother at I.S.I.S.

d. C.O.N.T.R.O.L.

e. H.A.M.M.E.R.

14) You are trapped on the Venture Compound and being hunted by the minions of the Mighty Monarch, and you’ve peed yourself, WHO are you?

a. Hank Venture

b. Jonas Venture Jr.

c. Brock Sampson

d. Dean Venture – Since Hank would think it was cool it is indeed the OTHER Venture Brother, who frequently cries and wets himself.

e. T.S. Venture

15) Everyone knows who Bobba Fett is; name three of the other bounty hunters from the classic scene in The Empire Strikes Back? (Remember to show your work) – Bossk, Dengar, IG88, 4-Lom, & Zuckuss.

16) Who is the Crime Syndicate Of Amerika?

a. Clones of the Teen Titans made by the Nazis

b. Enemies of the JSA

c. The Justice League’s counterparts from Earth 2 – If you didn’t get this then you just don’t know comics.

d. DC comic’s version of Marvel’s Avengers

e. None of the above

17) Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America, best run on the book ever OR best run on any Marvel book ever? (Remember to show your work) – Best Run On The Book. While there are some other incredible Cap stories; The Scourge, The Serpent Society stories, “Streets Of Poison”, “The Bloodstone Hunt”, etc. none can really touch the breadth and depth to which Brubaker has taken Cap since taking over the title. As always any answer with an explanation netted you 1 point.

18) What is hiding beneath Chuck Norris’s beard?

a. A map of the multiverse

b. Another fist

c. Roundhouse kick

d. The secrets to eternal enlightenment

e. All of the above – C’mon he’s Chuck Norris.

19) Ninjas Vs. Pirates, Who you got?

a. Ninjas – Although Pirates don’t get the respek(s) they deserve let’s get one thing straight, they are NOT Ninjas. Never have been never will be.

b. Pirates

20) In the original draft of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was known as Luke Starkiller?

a. True – Seriously.

b. False

21) What is Hellboy’s favorite food?

a. Snickers

b. Fried Chicken

c. Pancakes – So says Mignola.

d. Hamburgers

e. Chili

22) Who has NOT been a member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy?

a. The Thing – Although he has and will again be an Avenger.

b. Charlie 27

c. Major Victory

d. Star Lord

e. Rocket Raccoon

23) Everyone knows that Superman is the Last Son Of Krypton, but what is the name of the bottled city from Krypton that Braniac shrunk and ripped from the planet prior to it’s destruction?

a. Shamballah

b. Star City

c. Kandor – Easy one.

d. Thanagar

e. Rann

24) Who is the better fat bearded side kick; John Rhys-Davies’ Sallah from Raiders Of The Lost Ark OR Brian Blessed’s Prince Voltan from 1980’s Flash Gordon? (Remember to show your work)

a. John Rhys-Davies’ Sallah

b. Brian Blessed’s Prince Voltan – It’s not that I’m not a Sallah fan, but I’m not taking into account The Last Crusade, since Blessed Voltan was only in one flick. Watching the scene in Flash Gordon where they attack War Rocket Ajax one can see the overwhelming reasons for this being the correct answer. Watch that and tell me your not awestruck by AWE-some. If you can then you have no soul. As always any answer with an explanation netted you 1 point.

25) What is the best John Carpenter flick? (Remember to show your work) – INSANELY tough to choose so if you picked anything other than Ghosts Of Mars you got two points. The reality is Carpenter just doesn’t make bad flicks, he only makes flicks that are lesser degrees of ‘tits’.

26) Count Strahd Von Zarovich hails from which D&D campaign setting?

a. Dark Sun

b. Birthright

c. Greyhawk

d. Forgotten Realms

e. Ravenloft – D&D’s version of Dracula resides here.

27) Which of the following statements is FACT?

a. The Golden Age Hawkman was a cop from the planet Thanagar

b. The Silver Age Hawkman & Hawkwoman where simultaneously chairman & chairwoman of both the JSA & JLA

c. Hawkman doesn’t have an elaborate rogues gallery because he kills or maims his enemies, oh and because he OWNS! – There are small inconsistencies in the other answers, just enough to make them wrong. While this answer is a cosmic truth; HAWKMAN OWNS!

d. Hawkman’s main weapon is the Cloak Of Cagliostro

e. Hawkwoman married John Stewart, GL of Earth

28) Which is better, the original book trilogy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings OR Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy? (Remember to show your work) – Unfortunately it’s the movies. The books, while very good, are long-winded and difficult to call ‘fun’ reading. They are fantasy ‘history’ books. I like them, but I love the flicks. The movies are the distilled essence of the books. My only complaint is no Tom Bombadil. As always any answer with an explanation netted you 1 point.

29) Aquaman, incredibly lame OR incredibly underrated? (Remember to show your work)

a. Incredibly Lame

b. Incredibly Underrated – I used to think Lame, but then I watched Batman The Brave & The Bold, started reading different highly acclaimed Aquaman stories, and noticed this guy has a TON of potential. I really hope that Geoff Johns can make that shine in “Brightest Day”. As always any answer with an explanation netted you 1 point.

30) Grant Morrison was the co-writer of the seminal comic Watchmen?

a. True

b. False – What are dumb?

31) Robert E. Howard created which seminal character?

a. Cthulhu

b. Doc Savage

c. Solomon Kane – Another stat padder.

d. Titus Crow

e. Harry Dresden

32) Mark Millar, overrated windbag OR talentless hack? (Remember to show your work)

a. Overrated Windbag

b. Talentless Hack

- It’s a trick question because they are BOTH right, so you get credit for either answer. Millar is a tool.

33) You and the crew of your lifeboat crash into an uncharted island in the Pacific. It’s full of Euclidian angled architecture, slime, and ancient ruins. As you explore its baleful shores you are confronted with the massive maw of tentacles of Cthulhu, what do you do?

a. Go crazy & die

b. Go crazy, kill your fellow crewmates, & die

c. Become lunch for The Great Old One

d. Fall to your knees in worship

e. Go crazy, kill your fellow crewmates, go back to civilization and spread the word of your new God – While all are True to some extent, this is the best answer.

34) Henri-Laurent de Marigny is the side kick of what character?

a. Sherlock Holmes

b. Titus Crow – Thank you Dave

c. Harry Dresden

d. Doc Savage

e. The Shadow

35) Which of the following characters is NOT a spy?

a. Nick Fury

b. Nemesis, aka Tom Tresser

c. Rick Flag – He may work with the Suicide Squad, but he’s a military man NOT a spy.

d. Sterling Archer

e. Brock Samson

36) Brock Samson once killed a guy with a wig and a live shark.

a. True – And it was GLORIOUS!

b. False

37) Who wrote the following; “That which is not dead can eternal lie, And with stranger eons even death my die”

a. Clark Ashton Smith

b. H.P. Lovecraft – If you don’t know this then you have NO business reading this blog.

c. Robert E. Howard

d. Brian Lumley

e. August Derleth

38) The original Sinister Six consisted of which six members?

a. Speed Demon, Hydro-Man, The Beetle, Boomerrang, The Shocker, & The Rhino

b. Ultraman, Superwoman, Owl Man, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, & Tars Tarkas

c. Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Kraven The Hunter, The Vulture, Electro, & Mysterio – OLD SCHOOL!

d. Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Deathstroke, Talia Al Ghul, The Calculator, & Dr. Psycho

e. Joe Quasada, Tom Breevort, Steve Wacker, Brian Micheal Bendis, Mark Millar, & Jeph Loeb

39) Rank these creators in descending order of AWE-some. (Remember to show your work)- Geoff Johns- Steve Ditko- Ed Brubaker- Jack Kirby- Grant Morrison- Alan Moore - This one is insanely tough and as long as you gave it a go I gave you two points; here is my list; 1) Kirby 2) Morrison 3) Moore 4) Ditko 5) Johns 6) Brubaker. It’s a BRUTAL choice though as all 6 are amazing.

40) Which race was Doctor Who’s main enemy during the fabled Time War?

a. The Daleks – Again everyone should just KNOW this.

b. The Master

c. Davros

d. The Cybermen

e. The Sontarans

41) You are a man capable of great mirth and terrible melancholies, a future king, a blue eyed warrior, who moves like a panther, but most of all is an uncivilized barbarian, WHO are you?

a. King Kull

b. Bran Mak Morn

c. Ator the Fighting Eagle

d. Steev

e. Conan - While Steev is a great answer there is only ONE Conan. Not to mention it’s a direct Howard quote.

42) Who piloted the shuttle that gave the Fantastic Four their fantastic powers?

a. Reed Richards

b. Benjamin Grim – I’m very disappointed in anyone who missed this.

c. Victor Von Doom

d. Johnny Storm

e. Sue Storm

43) Captain America once lifted and used the Hammer of Thor, Mjolnir.

a. True – It’s true and it was AWESOME!

b. False

44) Max Brook’s novel World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War is; the greatest zombie book ever written OR one of the greatest books ever written? (Remember to show your work)

a. The Greatest Zombie Book Ever Written

b. One Of The Greatest Books Ever Written – I go with this. This is one of my top 10 favorite books of all time. As always any answer with an explanation netted you 1 point.

45) You are playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons just what the hell does THAC0 mean?

a. Total Hits Accumulated In Round 0

b. Trolls, Hags, Aboleth, Choker, 0 Rounds

c. To Hit Armor Class 0 – Although I gave anyone who answered ‘e.’ one point.

d. The Hits Accumulated Criticals 0

e. I have NO earthly idea, and neither does anyone with a life

46) What were the members of the JLA during the much-maligned “Detroit League” era?

a. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, & Aquaman

b. Elasti-girl, Negative Man, The Chief, Mento, Robot Man, & Beast Boy

c. Uncle Sam, The Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, & The Ray

d. Aquaman, Vibe, Steel II, Vixen, Gypsy, & Martian Manhunter – Yup, it’s as bad as it sounds.

e. Hawkman, Mr. Terrific, The Flash, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, Sandman, Dr. Midnight, & Wildcat

47) Who is the writer of the Image comic The Walking Dead?

a. Paul Dini

b. Todd McFarlane

c. Robert Kirkman – Watch for the T.V. show coming to A&E soon!

d. Dan Slott

e. Sterling Gates

48) Who is the LAW?

a. Iron Man

b. Jonah Hex

c. Abe Sapien

d. Red Sonja

e. Judge Dredd – Stallone told you this.

49) Mike Mignola’s art is; so good it makes you wanna slap yo momma OR so good it melts your brain? (Remember to show your work)

a. So Good It Makes You Wanna Slap Yo Momma

b. So Good It Melts Your Brain

- Either answer netted you two points, Mignola is just amazing.

50) Fin Fang Foom wears purple underwear.

a. True – It’s what makes him cool.

b. False

There you have it. And now you can have some


- I’m busting my hump to make the next chapter in the D&D group’s adventurers as good as I possibly can. I must say I’m feeling quiet confident in my success.
- Question: Who watches the Watchmen?
- The new ‘puter is almost up and running, it’s so fast.
- Question: Is there anything better than warm banana bread slathered with butter?
- There is no chain Pizza restaurant better than Jett’s.
- Question: Jango Fett Vs. Bobba Fett, who you got?
- The NFL draft can’t get here fast enough. I need a football fix like a preacher needs pain, a needle needs a vein, or guys need porn.
- Question: What movie are you most eager to go out and see?

That’s all I got.

“Hahahahahaha, WRONG!”

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