Thursday, May 13, 2010

House Of The Devil Vs. Dread

* It's funny because it's sort of true...
** Because the Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets ALWAYS Need some love!

Yesterday I was privileged enough to be invited to watch Mary change her last name to that of her wife. I have rarely put into conscious thought just what it means to have the last name of the person I love, but seeing two people so obviously devoted to one another and in love have to spend hefty amounts of money just to share a union in name. Being there helped remind me just how much I adore and love Cassandra. I do think it’s important to be reminded just how much one person can not only mean to you, but how integral they are to your life. I know when I see Mary and Christina together it helps remind me. As for the courthouse thin, it’s crazy, and it’s a R-A-C-K-E-T for the county and the state. All that being said I also learned some things yesterday;
- The Sherriff’s deputy bailiff in the Anoka Co. courthouse we were in was a Hatchet-faced B!
- There are a TON of bizarre pseudo-ceremonial protocols that are involved in court, and most seem silly.
- Beware white dudes in pinstriped suits; they are all lawyers representing banks who want your money AT ALL COSTS!
- 1 hour parking is nothing but a revenue scheme.
- Whoever designed the layout of the Anoka County Courthouse should supply graph paper and a pencil upon entering as I felt like I was in a 1st Edition D&D Gygax adventure.
- There is nothing better on the I-Hop menu than the Big Country Fried Steak and Eggs meal, NOTHING!
Like I said, it was a good time and more than that it was important to me to be there for two of our best friends.

I have gotten my hands on some Graphic Audio presentations, and currently I’m listening to a full cast version of DC’s penultimate maxi-series 52. It’s very good, with the exception of Booster Gold sounding a lot like Keanu Reeves. I’m intrigued to next dive into their version of Crisis On Infinite Earths. I really do enjoy a good audio book.

I slept my tukus off yesterday when we got home, so I got nothing done, sad thing is I’m still tired. I’m officially blaming it on the weather. It’s just to perfect for sleeping. It calls to me to curl up with a blanket and read or listen till I pass out. All I’m missing is the serene siren call of the foghorn in Duluth.

How ‘bout some


- Since it’s dirt-cheap on Amazon right now I’m giving Monsterpocalypse a chance. I’ve read a ton of good stuff about the game, and I really do want something big, dumb, destructive, and full of monsters.
- I found a website that hosts personalized sites for D&D campaigns, GUESS what I’m workin’ on?
- All this rain is conspiring against me burnin’ “Mo’ Stik”…
- We’re T-Minus 1 week and 9.5 hours away from Gaming Weekend. I can’t tell you how excited I am.
- I was so struck by a review of two movies on Attack Of The Show that I sought them out; House Of The Devil, which is supposedly an homage to 80’s “Freak Out” horror, & Dread, an adaptation of a Clive Barker story of the same name. I’m hopeful that both will live up to the hype.
- Speaking of HYPE, Castle Ravenloft is the number one game on the Hot List on Board Game Geek. It’s number one on the board game list, in my heart…

On that sad note, I’ve got crap to do that’s not Random…

“Disease! Disease! Spreading the disease.
With some help from Captain Trips, he'll bring the world down to his knees.
Power, yes Power! He'll show them all his power.
It pulses through his ice cold blood, a whole world to devour!

He's seeing, he's calling, his legacy he's spawning.
He's coming, corrupting, among the living!

Murder! Murder! Commit cold blooded murder!
Like Nazis during World War Two, they only follow orders.
Hatred! Hatred! A crucifix is your bed,
Once he turns his eye on you, you'll be better off dead!

I'm the walkin' dude, I can see all the world!
Twist your minds with fear, I'm the man with the power.
Among the living, follow me or die!

Man, fights Man! Divided they can't stand!
United, they can battle back, and make him force his hand!
Fear, yes fear! His end is growing near,
He didn't count on Man's good faith, and their will to persevere.

Follow me or die!

FIRE! HOT FIRE!! Purge the world with fire!!
Damnation is the price he'll pay, for an evil man's desire!
Good, versus evil! The stand to vanquish evil!
Man can only live one way, that place right in the middle.

Follow me or die!

Among Among Among Among Among Among Among Among Among Among Among Among”

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