Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drop Dead Fred Vs. Dumb & Dumber

* This Thor fold-out is fabulous...

Let’s get one thing straight I have NO patience for incompetence. I can’t tolerate people who do the minimum just to get by. I’m fairly aggressive towards people who repeat the same mistake over and over again. All that being said I’ve had two of the most frustrating two days at the place of my employment in the Y-E-A-R-S. Never have I witnessed the coddling of the weak in such effect. It’s as if there is a fear of making people accountable. I’m thoroughly appalled right now.

I’m not even going to keep writing about it because it literally makes me physically ill.

On a lighter note I finished Thieves World Book 1 (*** ½ out of 5). Not to shabby, in fact I really enjoyed some of the tales. Although I’m always a bit put off by fantasy that overly embraces tropes like rape, incest, torture, and the like just to shock the reader. I will say that this has made more than interested in reading the next anthology just to see where some of the characters find themselves. The fact that all the stories are written by different authors is mildly jarring, but as long as they keep to ‘basic truths’ I found it enjoyable, there were just minor ‘comic book fan’ continuity quibbles.

‘Big Love’ is supposedly coming to visit for like two weeks at the end of this week. I’m torn on this as he’s been really down of late and hard to deal with, and yet I really do miss spending time with my father. I find that when I’m stressed I’m much more susceptible to his changing mood and depression. It wears on me, makes me irritable, withdrawn, and sullen. I don’t much care for those parts of me, I appreciate them, try to understand them, but overall I’d love to do without them. So I’m concerned that he’ll get here and it’ll be two straight weeks of it. I’m hoping and praying it’s the opposite. Maybe I can kick start him on an upward path. I just know that I’m going to be pouring my heart and soul into trying to make this the best two weeks EVER for the guy.

And with that all I have left to give is


- My cousin Buck got surprised married at his ‘moving to Wyoming’ party over the weekend. I’m not sure if I even have an opinion about most of my family anymore.
- On a side family note, thank you Anthony “Van Psychologist” J. for helping to keep me sane two weekends ago. You truly are a “Brother Bear”.
- No, Dave not a gay joke.
- Speaking of gay, Happy belated B-Day to Christina! I can’t believe how much fun I had drinking & eating dog treats with you and your family!
- I can’t wait to order the ‘Silver John’ Anthology from Paizo next month that book looks AMAZING!
- I’ve gotten off track as far as working on the D&D Mini-Adventure Game. I think I have a playable version, but haven’t gotten any feedback from any of those I’ve asked yet. I really want to try it out as it would allow me to play, and I can’t tell you how much fun it would be to make a guy and just HACK & SLASH the crap out of stuff!
- No D&D this month due to the “Fasher” visiting, that’s both a good thing, as I’m worn out, & a bad thing as I KNOW I’m going to miss playing.
- I’m convinced now that Marvel Comics is like the Mafia, the more I try to get out the more they pull me back in! Damn you Jeff Parker, DAMN YOU for being The Awesome in the Special Sauce.
- I’d throw an old woman from a moving train for a Hot Italian Beef sandwich from Brianno’s.
- Nope Dave not a gay joke.
- I’d still be interested in seeing if someone with artistic talent, most of you, would be willing or interested (HIEDI!) to paint the map of the Known World, any takers?
- No D&D this month due to the “Fasher” visiting, that’s both a good thing, as I’m worn out, & a bad thing as I KNOW I’m going to miss playing.
- Duke, did you get your package?
- No, Dave that’s still not a gay joke.

Well it’s getting to be that time…

“mc the name, my kick is the crane,
display wide range of shit for dem Hanes.
You pella like panes, i'm hella teh lame,
a chemical craze some find hard to face.
A rhymer for days, rhyme 'cause it pays.
Eat Frito-Lays whenever I'm blazed.
My skull's on fire so call me Nick Cage.
Dress in all black so please call me Chris Gaines.
You wanted a jam, put others to shame.
Here I am, the title I claim.
In world full of Blains, I'm just a Ducky,
lucky in love 'cause these hoes wanna fuck me.
I'm not a jock, do not like sports,
I punch a clock, chock full of force,
like to drink beers and chill with my friends
then turn on mc 'cause it's for the win win win win!

mc chris!
mc chris for the win!
mc chris for the win!
mc chris for the win!

Dope mc's in disbelief.
mc rhyme, John flip da beats.
Pimp the bill, we fill the seats.
Kick us out, we fill the streets!
Mic magician check the sleeves,
no tricks, my schtick's my masterpiece.
Know how I spell that fast relief?
mc stands for MASTER CHIEF!
Hip-to-be-Squares won't admit defeat
while they inhale antihistamines.
Now please spark a spliff of the crystal kief
then try to beat me at Soul Callibur 3.
Feelin' fatigued? Just gettin' started.
Chillin' with chicks who are gonna get carded.
Livin' this life 'til we're dearly departed,
now open a window 'cause somebody farted!

mc chris!
mc chris for the win!
mc chris for the win!
mc chris for the win!”


  1. Okay, I have two comments: a) I already emailed you about my quick thought on your map idea, like awhile ago. But, I'd be glad to help, in fact, I've been forcing myself to sit down most evenings and crank something out to keep my art brain working; and b) you spelled my name wrong, and now you must SUFFER!!!

  2. - I know but I like pestering you, haven't you figured that out in the tenure of our awesome friendship?

    - I'm a HORRIBLE speller. Sorry, that one I'm willing to take heat for.