Thursday, June 10, 2010

Life Less Ordinary Vs. One Crazy Summer

* I hear ya kid, I know exactly how you feel...

SO, my father just called, I think he just woke up and will NOT be making it up today, therefore I’m giving him a 50% of leaving tomorrow, and lowering my expectations to 35% success rate for the trip as a whole. I’m not being mean here, just being realistic. Hear that noise that is the wind officially leaving my sails.

F’ YOU UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO! So the Big 12 is in its death throws officially. Mere moments ago it sounded as if Nebraska University is headed to the Big 10, Texas is also headed west to the Pac-10, and everything I’ve read sounds like the rest of the Big 12 South is headed to the Pac-10. Speaking of the Pac-10, they’ll need it. USC is damn near getting the ‘death penalty’ for all the infractions it incurred while under the current A.D. and the coach Pete Carroll. Now Carroll has left for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL and gets to miss ALL the fall-out at USC. This is really a time of upheaval in college football as one of the biggest, and to me the BEST, overall conference in the country is now being broken up. Even more so it leaves me wondering just what the hell is going to happen to KU, and to a lesser extent K-State. Strange things are afoot when a perennial basketball top 5 team, and two teams that have been to a lot of bowl games lately are left in the dust for a basement dweller like the University of Colorado. This is just further proof that the NCAA is all about money, nothing more, and nothing less.

Well how about I just end this farce with some


- I miss you David…
- There is a wheelchair in “Steve McQueen” right now and it’s taking every iota of my willpower to not want to scoot around in it.
- Mowing last night was simultaneously blissful and yet harsh. The weather was wondrous, working with Cassandra a joy, and there is nothing quiet like a hard day’s work, all that being said, I was DYING last night with cramping in my right leg. It sucked. And today my left knee feels like I just ate a kick to the kneecap from a donkey. Getting old, and no I’m not 42, as some would have you believe, is H-E-L-L-!
- Maybe we’ll watch the Season 1 finale of Justified tonight.

And with that I’m OUT!

“…like a donkey eating a waffle…”

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