Monday, June 28, 2010

Time After Time Vs. Warlock

* You knew it was just a matter of time...

Things are finally getting back to normal after two whirlwind weeks of “the Fasher” visiting. I am/was extremely sad to see him go, it seems that every time I have to part ways with my father it feels like the last time I’ll see him. I know it’s the pessimist in me, but there is always a real sense of dread, of potential loss. The car ride south to Ames, a decent little town actually, was a hoot. My dad was as funny as I can remember him being, as jovial, and engaged as he had been the entire trip. Then the final twenty minutes he shut down. I truly felt as if I was taking Old Yeller behind the barn to shoot him. There is nothing like guilt. My dad made an observation while he was here; “…you know we would have been great Jews, because we carry guilt around simultaneously like an albatross & a badge of honor…” Now I don’t condone the stereotype, but a lot of times it does feel like we relish in feeling guilty. I have decided I’m going to make a concerted effort to not fall into that particular trap. I’ll see my dad again, and when I do we’ll go back to laughing loud and enjoying each and every moment, no matter how long or short those moments may be.

I did FINALLY finish a couple of books I’d been working on Sunday. Clark Ashton Smith’s Rendezvous In Averoigne (********** out of 5) was astounding and a revelation. Smith’s short stories are a perfect combo platter of H.P. Lovecraft & Robert E. Howard. He takes the swashbuckling verbiage of Howard to another level making each sentence a densely built, but delicate description of the incredible while keeping with Lovecraft’s almost morbidly pessimistic viewpoint of humanity. I can’t state enough how gorgeously crafted the words are in every work, it’s insanely vivid. Now I will say this is a DENSE work. You can’t set down with this and devour it in a sitting. It takes time; you have to savor it like your favorite meal, or a good wine. Mr. Smith is a vastly underrated writer and one that anyone with a love of dark pulpy goodness should seek out and relish in. I also was finally able to finish “An Orgy Of George – The Collected Works Of George Carlin” (***** out of 5), and it was wonderful. This is the magnum opus of Carlin’s written work and it’s just as scathing and hilarious as you would think. Something I hadn’t realized until reading Carlin’s stuff rather than watching or listening to it is just how negative it all is about humanity in general. In addition I had no idea just how much I agreed with almost everything Mr. Carlin had to say. If you enjoy Carlin’s comedy these are MUSTS!

Sunday morning I sat in front of my computer and watched the documentary Never Sleep Again (***** out of 5) about the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. I can honestly say I was never a big Freddy or ‘Nightmare’ guy, I was always more into Halloween & Michael Meyers, mainly because the first two flicks scarred my childhood. I have however always loved almost everything that Wes Craven has done. This is THE documentary on the subject, much like the great A Man Called Jason (***** out of 5) was THE documentary on Friday The 13th. It’s comes in around 4 hours, and that doesn’t even touch the special features & extras. They literally deconstruct every movie in the series as well as interview just about every principle player involved in the saga. I mean I had NO idea that David Warner was supposed to be Freddy Kruger, but a scheduling issue led them to Robert Englund, that’s sorta crazy. It’s truly astounding to hear how Craven came up with the concept and how others just RAN with it. As a self-professed documentary fiend this one was relentlessly entertaining and interesting.

Sunday afternoon however belonged to Cassandra & Doctor Who, as we FINALLY finished Nu-Who Season 5 (***** out of 5). Holy CRAP, was that a great ending. I must say that after Episode 12 of the season, “The Pandorica Opens”, I had absolutely NO idea just how they were going to not only tie everything up, but make it make sense, but they did. Unlike previous Nu-Who seasons the Big Bad wasn’t as overt in every episode this season and the final two-parter instead showed you just how insidious the plot had actually been. In addition we saw just how much of a invasive Time Traveler the Doctor can be. I won’t ruin it for you, but here’s a brief ditty on each of the final episodes;
- S5E09 – Cold Blood – The Doctor and gang try and stop Silurian, Earth’s original inhabitants, invasion from the Earth’s core.
- S5E10 – Vincent & The Doctor – The Doctor, an invisible monster, & Vincent Van Gogh, need I say more?
- S5E11 – The Lodger – Every season needs a comedy episode, and this one’s it. The best part though, is it’s actually quiet good.
- S5E12 – The Pandorica Opens – The crap OFFICIALLY hits the fan.
- S5E13 – The Big Bang – River Song, Amy Pond, The Doctor, and the beginning of the universe. Truly one of the better ends of a season of Who that I can remember
Sure it requires a ton of suspension of disbelief, and sure they occasionally break their own ‘rules’, but damn if they don’t always entertain. OH, did I mention that the teaser for this year’s Christmas episode went something like The Doctor answering a phone in the TARDIS and saying; “…an Egyptian Goddess free on the Orient Express? In space! We’re on our way!” SIMPLY BRILLIANT!

I love Doctor Who.

Before I continue to gush uncontrollably about Doctor Who how about some


- Anthony “The Boom King” J., I have a lawn chair for you from “The Fasher”, he said since you’re the only person who has ever considered that chair comfortable you could have it. Oh by the by, do you want to hang some gutters next month? There’ll be pork and beer in it for you.
- I’ve missed you David.
- I’m buying the board game Zombie State next month it just sounds TO COOL. Basically, you and your friends control countries during a worldwide zombie apocalypse. You have to defend your population centers, gather resources, and try to push the ever growing hordes towards your opponents, WITHOUT costing them to many losses, because each population center that falls just spawns more of the undead. In addition you need these population centers and resources to research cures, rebuild your military, and other interesting things. I’m super excited about this game, and come Friday I’m ordering it!
- I’m thinking that this week I MUST GO TO GODFATHER’S PIZZA!
- I’ve almost finished one module for the D&D 4E Dungeon Crawl game, now I just need to knock out two more so we’ll have three to choose from. I’m thinking of doing a Haunted Castle, sort of a nod to Castle Ravenloft, module & maybe the classic Dungeon Crawl with an item being the onus of it’s exploration. Maybe that dungeon will be the home of some Pig-Faced Orcs. Methinks I like that idea…
- We are waiting for Dave and Liz before we dive headlong into True Blood, season 3, but I must say I’m dyin’ to know what happened to Bill.
- I’m a third of the way into Brian Lumley’s first Necroscope novel, and it is ramping up nice. I’m definitely interested.
- Now that I’ve finished both Carlin & Smith’s tomes it’s time to start LONE WOLF!
- Come back Joe K.!
- Oh and where the hell are you Joe C.?
- So Fedor lost this weekend, who’d a thunk it? In fact he tapped out to a guy who got destroyed his last two bouts in the UFC. It proves that being ‘unbeatable’ is HIGHLY overrated. Now I’m not saying I think Fedor wouldn’t destroy Cain Vasquez, Shane Carwin, or even Brock Lesner, BUT I think that now he looks beatable. The mere fact that he stayed in a vulnerable position, and could NOT finish before he was tapped means he wasn’t mentally prepared for, on paper, an inferior opponent. The thing about Vasquez, Carwin, & Lesner is they are ALL big time, legit wrestlers, which as we’ve seen if you take Fedor to the ground he can’t knock you out as fast, if you stand with him he’ll hurt you. In addition Carwin and Lesner dwarf him, sure he’s beaten bigger men before, but these two look like they were cut from granite, those previous big men were not. Which brings us to Carwin Vs. Lesner this weekend, the winner should look like the #1 heavyweight in the world. This boils down to if Carwin can hurt Lesner with his punching power, and in all honesty I just don’t think he can. Shane Carwin is a beast; he’s big, strong, a great wrestler, and has knock out power. Brock Lesner though outweighs him when they step in the cage by at least 20 lbs, has shown he can hurt you with his hands, & he’s an ELITE wrestler. On top of all that Carwin has talked so much trash on Lesner I think Brock is looking forward to not only beating him but destroying him, much like he did to B.J.J. expert Frank Mir. The sad thing is we’ll never see Lesner or Carwin Vs. Fedor, so we’ll never truly know the full greatness of “The Last Emperor”.
- Not much beats Cheddar Brats and Spicy Brown mustard.
- I desperately need Football to start soon…

We’ll back at it I suppose.


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