Thursday, June 24, 2010

Any Given Sunday Vs. House II

* More Walking Dead goodness...

** Seriously, can't it just be October now...

Exhausted. I’m utterly & completely exhausted. As this week heads towards a climax and my life will somewhat go back to normal, I find myself spent. That being said, the one luxury of having seizures, and believe me there are F-E-W, is getting to watch films when your stuck at home feeling like an overstretched rubber band. Here’s what I watched;
- Cinematic Titanic “DANGER On Tiki Island” (**** out of 5) – The latest effort from Joel and his motley crew of Riffin’ Masters is excellent. It helps that the movie is just Gawd Awful. In addition there is a wonderful 20-minute or so mini-Documentary on Cinematic Titanic LIVE! I have to say as this group continues to churn out high quality material I have grown to appreciate the comic stylings and quick riffing style of J. Elvis Weinstein. He has become the voice of the group that I laugh at the most.
- Rifftrax: Twilight (**** out of 5)MAN is this movie an abomination, the acting is terrible, the plot barely laughable, and the movie would only appeal to hipsters and tweens, SO it’s perfect for Mike Nelson and crew. This is seriously the ONLY way I’d ever view this horrendous pieces of celluloid. The epic pausing and blank staring of the two main actors alone is dumbfounding.
- Rifftrax: Twilight, New Moon (***** out of 5) – If you thought regular Twilight was terrible, just you wait Sonny-Jim New Moon takes that boring, unlikable characters, coma inducing scenes, and adds Werewolves! Mike, Kevin Murphy, & Bill Corbett return to make this actually watchable as they tear this one a new A-hole. I know some “Twi-hearts”, Liz & Dave, will hate me for this, but DAMN this stuff is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E-!
- Dread (*** ½ out of 5) – This is apparently an adaptation of a Clive Barker story that I am unfamiliar with about a fear experiment that gets wildly out of control. Let me say this is a slow burn movie, it doesn’t have a lot of gore per say, but it will make your stomach churn in some spots. I appreciated the movie for what it was, and did find it to be ‘messed up’, but I can’t say I liked it. The ending alone made me dislike the film, although I think that’s the effect they were going for and I can appreciate that. For horror fans this is definitely worth checking out.
- Daybreakers (**** out of 5) – I had mixed emotions about this film since it actually looked good, but upon finishing it I found myself wondering how drivel like Twilight, and it’s abortion of a sequel get made and make money while a good movie like this gets no run. This is a solid little movie. Great acting by Sam Neil & Ethan Hawke don’t hurt either, as well as William Defoe being awesome as usual. The premise is simple; Vampires rule the world and are running out of food. From there it becomes rather interesting. I can whole-heartedly say I enjoyed the HELL out of this flick.
- Valhalla Rising (**** ½ of 5) – Hey kids, do you like movies with little to NO dialogue? Do you like movies about Vikings? Do you like movies that make you wonder what the hell you’re actually watching at times? If you answered yes to any of these questions than you’re a candidate to watch this film. It’s actually quiet a brutal & engaging flick about what happens when a Viking, or Pict I can’t really tell, does when he becomes ‘free’. The dialogue is minimalistic at best, the fighting is gory and brutal, and the ending/twist, while having been done before is done very well. It’s a short film divided into chapters, which helps it feel ‘bigger’ than it actually is. So if you’re looking for Viking flicks check it out.

I feel like I’ve just refreshed my “Nerdery” credit with all those reviews, but it’s left me with little else to talk about, except for


- I watched soccer yesterday while I got the dinner ready for Crockpottery. I have to say I was quickly caught up in fervent nationalism, and actually had some anxiety going into the “running time” session. I was however was relieved when the game came to it’s fantastic conclusion. I had forgotten the sheer tension an elimination game, in any sport, can project when it’s well played, & the fans are passionate.
- Does anyone care about the NBA Draft tonight?
- Thank you Anthony “Computers es broken” J. for your assistance and awesomeness last weekend.
- My Monster Manual 3 (*** ½ out of 5) & my Desert Of Athas Dungeon Tiles (*** ½ out of 5) finally came in the mail the other day. I have to say it’s going to take me about a week of playtime to figure out the new stat blocks from a comfort standpoint. I actually like them, but they are a bit to get used to. I do like the new amount of fluff we’re getting in this manual, but I already miss the Encounter Group portion. As for the Dungeon Tiles, it’s about time we get some more water, but WHY oh WHY do we have little to NO transition tiles. In addition with the wonderful addition of CaveWorks to my completed 3D terrain collection this set becomes slightly redundant.
- We’re like 4 episodes back now in Doctor Who, hopefully Sunday we can rectify that situation.
- There were rumblings on the Interweb(s) today of a Splinter Cell reunion. Those in the know, KNOW what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.
- I’m going to refuse to feel guilty about living my life on my terms, at least for today.
- I will have to admit the food that has been prepared during the “Fasher’s” stay has been fantastic. The grilling that took place on Sunday turned out insanely good, and is already making me want to chow on burgers again. The pork chops were out of this world and I’m trying to think of ways to use the left over. The steak made it’s way into chili last night and really made the chili hit another level. I’m looking forward to Cassandra raising the bar tonight with Strata, which is always fantastic.
- I recently re-watched Anchorman & Zombieland, why, WHY hadn’t anyone reminded me just how incredible these two films are?
- Back to Ames, IA Saturday morning. It is a drive I’m dreading.
- DAMN Gen. McChrystal, and here I thought you were smart.

I’m done now.

“Mother did it have to be so high?”

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