Friday, July 23, 2010

Because Friday = Learnin'

* See, it's proof that we all can just get along...

You know what time it is…


Holy crap. I know I disagree with some of my geek constituents when I say that Tron has held up over time, but even if it hadn’t THIS will remind you of just how cool the concept was/is. Personally this movie might make me go see a 3D movie. MIGHT!


Every day where Mike Mignola gives the world art or writing is a day I am above ground and happy. Not to mention this is Mignola drawing a talking space tree that constantly screams it's own name "GROOT!" & a space Racoon who loves other civilizations heavy ordinance. Folks it doesn't get better than that.


You get the picture…
Evil disco, that’s the best way to describe the wonder and majesty that is the Electric Six. If you’re not familiar with them then I feel sorry for you.


I saw this teaser last week and was very hinky on it. Then the more my geek brain spun the more I decided I want this book. This would be like a Marvel cosmic Justice League. Where the Avengers are friends, the JLA is a group of co-workers. They disagree, they don't always like one another, and there is conflict. It's the United Nations of Superheroes. A cosmic book with Quasar, Ronan, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, & Nova I'd buy that. I mean it Marvel I'd give you my money. You have a leader of an Empire & head of a galactic commando force, the Marvel Protector of the Universe, the head of the Kree military, Space-horse Thor, THE herald of Galactus, & the leader of the Nova Corps it would just be tremendous. Especially if written by DnA.

A little palate cleanser for the weekend, a little


- Remember that podcast I warned you about;
If you have a sense of humor and are immune to being offended check it out, it really is quiet funny.
- Comic Con news I pumped about;
o Brad Pitt will be in the World War Z movie
o Karl Urban is going to play Judge Dredd
o There might be a Blue Beetle T.V. show
o Iron Maiden Heroclix. WHA!?
- I’m draggin’ Chaos Marauders to “The Cloud” this weekend, and I hope the 2nd Family enjoys it as much as I do.
- Last night was the play test for D&D Crawl. I think it went decent. I need to say thanks to Joe K., Jeffery, Dave, & Terry for being such good sports and play testing what I’ve worked hard on, so Thank You. There are some adjustments to be made, but I know at least two of the players wanted to play again. It’s always hard to get a read on Dave’s reaction, because he can be hyper analytical about it and at some point I just want to know if the game is fun or not. I had a good time, but played a character that really wasn’t capable of doing the sheer amount of carnage some of the others were. We ran into some minor battles, but we also found ourselves face to face with the emaciated corpse of Lor Von Karnstien and his soldiers, as well as the zombie White Dragon Putrid Wind. Suffice to say I was at 1 hit point for a good chunk of the night. All that being said I had a blast playing & I look for our next foray into The Courts Of The Crimson Queen.

And with that I think it’s time I got back to doin’ my thang…

“The need to turn it up is overwhelming
I just can't sit still anymore
I wanna break things with my hammer
I wanna start a little war

Isn't that what this little red button here is for?


I wish this song was louder!

I wish this song was louder!

Evil policeman patrol the city
They look for somebody to kill
They've done a little damage
They wanna do some more now
And they probably will
And they probably will

I wish this song was louder!

I wish this song was louder!

One night I had a vision
That the world was taken over
By a race of dirty filthy birds
I dropped to my knees
And I begged for mercy
But they never understand a word
No I was never heard

Hey now cheeky monkey!

Take a ride on the dirty donkey!

I wish this song was louder!

I wish this song was louder!


  1. Is 'hinky' some down south Minneapolis slang? What's hinky? Whatever it is, I'm all hinky over the cold press coffee I got this morning at Red Mug. Insanely hinky. Lol. Actually, I'm tweaked out on caffeine because I got two cold pressed iced coffees, thinking I would save one for this afternoon and ended up drinking one while running errands and the 2nd is half gone already.

  2. No, 'hinky' is OLD school Grognard slang.
    So you're all high on the 'ffine? Usually when I'm like that I can't even find the focus to type I'm to busy bouncing off the wall like a rubber ball.