Monday, July 26, 2010

The Secret Of My Success Vs. Rob Roy

* I know I know I'm always down on Marvel, but these are just gorgeous. These MAKE me want to go out and read Marvel...

So Saturday morning I was up early, as I’m wont to be, and watched Rob Roy (**** out of 5), which I had never seen. What a great movie. I didn’t feel like there was a single character in that flick that I didn’t enjoy, especially watching Bryan Cox & Tim Roth get what was coming to them in the end. I’m just sorry it took me so long to sit down and watch it. Now I just need to get to Ran & Henry V.

So Comic-Con was last week, THIS HAS ME FREAKING OUT!

I’m actually waiting to read the reviews once it hits in November, but as of this moment right now I’m completely ready to lay down serious cash for a video game controller for my PC, the upfront money, & then the monthly fee. THAT is how pumped I am for this.

It was a fun weekend in “The Cloud” as we spent the entire time knee deep in family. It’s amazing how big my niece and nephew are now. I know I always write or say that, but it’s true. They are little people with their own motivations, ideas, ways of speaking, etc., and I just find them fascinating.

On a sad side note, we did NOT get to play Chaos Marauders, because I forgot it. I am an idiot, but not so much of an idiot that I have forgotten to give you your


- Every year all the cool announcements out of Comic-Con give me high hopes for comics, movies, and their ilk. I look forward to them being shattered.
- I can’t state enough how excited I am for DCU Online. Every time I watch the above trailer it makes me weep tears of nerd joy.
- Tonight we celebrate White Chedda’, aka Mighty Mike’s, birthday.
- Mary & Christina should be having that baby of theirs any moment now. Is it weird that I’m nervous and excited for them?
- This also makes me really excited as I feel DC's animated division has rarely taken a mis-step;

Now if I could just get a chance to see the first two episodes of the new Avengers cartoon they showed at Comic-Con my week would be complete.
- Oh, if your looking for it, has some Walking Dead footage that is MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME!
- I listened to Justice For Jason (***** out of 5) on the way to The Cloud. It’s the Metallica album …And Justice For All (**** ¾ out of 5), BUT it has the bass part at audible levels. “Justice” is my favorite Metallica album, and all this has done is make it better. Thanks Dave!

Well that’s all I can stomach to write today.

“Hate is what I feel for you,
And I want you to know that I want you dead.
You're late for the execution...
If you're not here soon, I'll kill your friend instead.

All the pain I feel
Couldn't start to heal
Although I would like it to

I hate you and your apathy.
You can leave, you can leave, I don't want you here.
I'm playing this pantomime,
But I don't see you showing any signs of fear.

All the pain I feel
Couldn't start to heal
Although I would like it to
This time I'm for real
My pain can not heal
You will be dead when I'm through

Pain and execution
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air
The air... yeah

I am, I am Israel's son
Israel's son I am
Put your hands in the air
Put your hands in the air”

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