Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hard Day's Night Vs. Day Of The Dead

You didn’t think it possible, but your dreams HAVE COME TRUE! Today I make it simple. Today is ALL


- First off, let me address the comments of the last blog;
o Yes, Cassandra HAS painted the kitchen, & YES it is glorious.
o I love the color.
o It makes me happy and it brightens my every morning.
- Anthony “AD&D is the BALLZ” J. want to help me hang some gutters, there’s beer and sausage in it for ya’?
- Why does it sound like Jamarcus Russell has turned into a guy I went to college with? Seriously, “Robo-ing”? Dude, your rich can’t you find better ways to get high? Have you learned nothing from mc Chris’s tale of woe? My how the no talented, over-hyped have fallen.
- Last night Dave and I endeavored alone to play Zombie State: Diplomacy Of The Dead (**** ½ out of 5).

What a nasty game. Seriously, the game takes a perverse joy in crushing your hopes and dreams. What to say, well if the rules were just a tad clearer this would be a perfect score. The game really takes the theme of world leaders trying desperately to slow the oncoming Zombie Apocalypse as it outbreaks worldwide. You really have to allocate your resources effectively, understand the idea of acceptable loss, and of course have no problem of pushing your zombie plague off on other players. I mean I wanted to help Dave out, but once Mexico was ANNIHILATED by a zombie outbreak I felt NO compunctions about allowing that horde of the undead to swarm north into California and the Southwest. I bet those peeps in Arizona wished they had a wall rather than a messed up law to stop the flow of immigration now. Oh and for the records when you ask a zombie for their ‘papers’ they don’t bother with “we don’t need no stinkin’ papers’, they just eat your brain. Surprisingly enough I ended up bringing a zombie free rule to South America and ‘won’ the game. The fact that Dave and I weren’t completely and totally destroyed by the game itself allows me to humbly say ‘we won’ last night. Next week we hope to have 5 player MADNESS, that is if everyone can commit. SO, in summation it’s a great game and you should seek it out!
- There is the DISTINCT possibility of play testing the D&D Dungeon Crawl game next week; I just need two more players. Joe K. is IN, now I just need a few more. I’m looking at you Dave & Cassandra.
- I know I mentioned it before, BUT it bares repeating my pal {Not to be confused with Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen}, Heidi is BACK in the cartoonin’ business with her follow-up to the wonderful strip “They Call Me Panda”. A cartoon I loved, even though she used it as a way to settle personal scores publicly with me. Did you think I forgot Heidi? I NEVER FORGET! Anywho, I’ve always liked her approach to art and her feel for comedy, so it’s absolutely NO surprise when I say I love her cartoon work. Go forth, enjoy, and tell your friends, although you do realize by reading my crappy blog it means you HAVE NO FRIENDS!
- Oh Lebron why must you taunt us so?
- Two words for D&D players that I ‘roll’ with: PIG-FACED ORCS! BELIEVE IT!
- I think I want a dog. Or a baby. One or the other, but not both right now. I’m not sure, but I think I’d like something that I can have a non-verbal connection with that will force me to not withdraw. Sometimes I just disappear into the basement for no other reason than to avoid human contact, yes even with Cassandra. I know this is strange since I’m such a ‘social’ person, but I find myself drifting farther and farther away from wanting to deal with just about anyone. Cassandra and I had an interesting conversation while partaking of the ambrosia of the Pizza Gawds known as Godfather’s Pizza Buffet, her idea was that if we had wealth beyond avarice that I would be much more willing to go out and deal with the masses. I disagreed. I’ll use this as an example;
o Last week we hit Big Bowl with Mary & Christina. It was busy, the food was good, and the company was cool. All that being said, when we were done eating you’d have ‘thunk’ I was on friggin’ fire by the way I couldn’t sit still. I DESPERATELY wanted out. I couldn’t focus, I felt like there were to many people, they were to close, and I wanted to get away.
Now I know this is completely irrational, so I sort of just found & find ways of dealing with it, but it’s helped me come to realization that I hate large gatherings. I want nothing to do with them. People, in mass, frighten me. I’ve blogged about it before, but let me just explain that that many people make me feel like I’m drowning in a sea of faceless humanity. I think if I were rich I would simply just find a place FAR away from the hustle and bustle, wall it off, and limit ALL my contact with the outside world. I would only deal with it & them on MY terms. Does that make me a bad person? You do know that it’s not paranoia if they all are really out to get you…
- I have banana bread at home I just need to eat it.
- If you love D&D and let’s face it your reading my blog so there is a pretty high probability that you do then allow me to steer your eyes to the column to the right of the page. Feel free to check out some of the other QUALITY blogs out there like Zak Sabbath’s INSANELY awesome “Playing D&D With Pornstars” & James Maliszewski insightful “GROGNARDIA”. Both are places I visit daily.
- With diligence and dedication I’ve begun working on the other two D&D Dungeon Crawl ‘Modules’, here are the intros;
o Into The Teeth Of Gruumsh: Ten miles East of Brook’s Glen there lays an open cave. For fifty years folks have avoided what was and has always been a stronghold for the children of Gruumsh, the Orc. Once the base camp of the Broken Teeth clan in recent months it has been quiet, to quiet. As the badly injured Orc warrior coughs up blood he tells a tale of tribal warfare on a cataclysmic scale, of Gruumsh’s Children finding new & powerful leadership, and of a green horde preparing to march on not only Brook’s Glen, but the world of man as a whole. The WAAAAAGGGGHHHHH is upon us all…
§ For the record I love the flavor of the Warhammer Orcs, just not the idea that they are fungus. That being said in my Known World campaign there are literally 100’s of variations of Orcs & Goblins. I treat them like hybrid latent breed that continually evolves. The Warhammer style “WAAAAGGGHH!” Orcs are just one breed, just like the above mentioned and oft maligned Pig-Faced Orcs will be another.
o The Courts Of The Crimson Queen: To the North of the Brook’s Glen outpost along the Teeth Of Gruumsh Mountains lays a now deserted valley. This was once the home of a burgeoning empire of Baron Lukas Von Karnstien, the famed ‘Troll Slayer’. He ruled justly for ten years before taking a wife, a young woman who came from deep within the Empire Of Eton. Within two years the ‘empire’ died on the vine, peasants left the fertile and protective valley in droves. Claims of dark pacts, blood rituals, and debauchery beyond imagination caused neighboring villagers to close the paths into the valley with man & dwarf made avalanches. Five years later an expedition of the assumed deceased Baron’s relatives made their way into the valley to find it bare. Bare except a path dug into the mountain side, a path leading into the Shadowfell itself. Within the Shadowfell sits the former Castle Karnstien, now ruled by his widow wife, the Crimson Queen.
§ I’ve messed with idea of this one about a million times, but the reality is this is my riff on the idea that got all this started in my head Castle Ravenloft. I can’t wait till August for the Castle Ravenloft Board Game to hit, but until then I wanted something to simultaneously fill my dungeon crawl itch as well as my itch for DDM, this I hope will accomplish both.
- I HATE(S) me some humidity. It actually causes all my joints to hurt, but I LOVE(S) me some rain. So like many things in life, I’m torn…

Well that’s all the RANDOM CRAP I have to give…

“He looks like the love child of Michael Cain & Andre The Giant…”


  1. Okay, A) Dogs are horrible creatures. And I'm not saying this as someone who generally dislikes animals. I was a kid who LOVED critters and was devoted as a teenager to being some sort of veterinarian. Puppies and doggies are adorable, but horrible creatures to actually invite into your home. And B) Babies are AWEsome creatures. Go for the baby option. Just like a dog, they will wreck your home, all your furniture, and more, but it's 10,000 times more rewarding of an experience.

    Additionally, thanks for the nice note about my toon. I decided that Blogger just isn't the perfect venue for my comic and have just today secured as my very own. I even have a team hired, Tyler as Web Designer, and Bob, as the Idea Man. We plan to full launch it in August and I'm busy trying to get a stack of strips ready to go.

  2. WOW! Long comment, now I must leave a long response;
    A) What about Cujo? You L-O-V-E-D that dog, hell I loved that dog. I'm shocked by your general dismissal of dogs. Shocked and appalled. Ok, maybe not appalled, but still SHOCKED!

    B) That's ONE for Babies! I'll have to keep that in mind.

    NICE! By the by, I like the 'Bluntcakes' name, it's like your branding yourself. Soon you'll have to start calling your hats and mittens the "Bluntcakes Line". Sounds like you have it all figured out, which is nice. I can't wait to see more of what you've got done.

  3. Well I loved Cujo too, and I love my new dog Sweetums (sort of), but if you think that you should try out a dog, and then add a baby, trust me, once your kid FINALLY is asleep for the night, and you get some damn peace, sometimes the last thing you want is another creature trying to get more of your attention. Wow, I sound like a horrible person.

  4. - I know you did.
    - I'm going to be INSANELY choosey about a dog if I get one. I know I don't have the best track record for being 'smart' about 'companions' of any and all type, but I've gotten better (see Cassandra), and I think if I get a dog it's going to have to be the "RIGHT" dog.
    - You don't sound bad, you just sound like someone with a child and a dog.
    - Maybe I should rethink this. Maybe I don't need another life in my hands to balance out my tendency to isolate and all my little idiosyncratic behaviors...

  5. All caps single statements are 'soft comments' at best David, I expect better from a varsity letterman...