Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Thing Vs. Ice Station Zebra

* See, SEE! This is the awesomeness I'm talkin' 'bout Willis!

I’m excited about Dark Sun. There I’ve said it. I’m so excited that I think I’ll be buying the books associated with the setting. I wasn’t going to, but the closer we get to its release the more interested I am in actually using them. Maybe running a Dark Sun exclusive game OR maybe having the current group travel the plans and end up traversing the brutal deserts of Athas. Either way I’m here to admit I’m a fan of Dark Sun.

The three day weekend was sort of a waste for me, if by waste you mean time I spent accomplishing very little of actual value. I watched the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory (*** ½ out of 5). I’m not a sitcom guy, AT ALL, but I must say I enjoyed this show a lot more than I ever thought I would. Granted the romance angle is drug out but isn’t that par for the sitcom course? The jokes are entertaining, the nerdery relatable, and Jim Parsons is just funny. I’m not sure I’m onboard to watch more, but I liked it.

Friday night David, Liz, Cassandra & myself watched the first three episodes of the new season of True Blood. I’m going to reserve judgment till I’ve devoured the whole season, but I have to say that much like last season there are things that I love and there are honestly things I could completely do without. I’m bored with Tara’s story, I’m already sick of the predictability of Sam’s tale, and a few of the other supporting character storied just hold very little interest for me. I want to see more of Eric and Godric killing Nazi Werewolves during WWII! I was, however, blown away by the end of episode three though as that was one of the most messed up things I have ever seen.

Since I’m sort of running short on mental fuel let’s wrap up this little ditty with some


- Thank heavens that Joe K. is back from Italy. Seriously.
- My games finally came in the mail Saturday, and TONIGHT I’ll get my first stab at Zombie State: Diplomacy Of The Dead! I can hardly wait.
- Brock Lesner, WOW, you ARE the F’N MAN! Shane Carwin Vs. Brock Lesner on Saturday night was a W-A-R-! Carwin dropped Lesner in the first and put the hammer down, but couldn’t finish the job! This just goes to show the jaw of steel that he possesses. 2nd Round Lesner turned on the gas and took the exhausted Carwin to the ground, and believe it or not submitted him with a head and arm choke, also known as a head and arm triangle. This says a lot about the evolution of Lesner as a MMA fighter. So with Fedor getting beat I have to say in my personal book, if anyone cares, Lesner IS the best Heavyweight in the world. I give Carwin a TON of respect, he fought a hell of a fight, but in the end when you hit a guy with EVERYTHING you’ve got and he just smiles at you it sort of breaks your will. Now we head towards Lesner Vs. Velasquez, that has the potential to be good. However if I was Velasquez I think I’d be crapping myself. Lesner is a better wrestler, as he proved against Carwin, and he can take a punch. I KNOW Velasquez can’t punch like Carwin, so this puts Cain in unenviable position. Unfortunately I don’t believe we’ll ever get Lesner Vs. Fedor, BUT I will settle for Carwin Vs. Lesner II!
- I put some time in on the D&D Dungeon Crawl game this weekend, and started making cards. I need to gather a play-testing group together to give it a dry run. It’s starting to come together though.
- So Sunday night I put together my Mantic Dwarves and some other odds and end miniatures this weekend. I have to say that as “meh” as I was on Mantic’s Elves release I LOVE their dwarves. One of the best $10.00 I’ve EVER spent on miniatures, I love them.
- The trailer for A Game Of Thrones on HBO has got my attention.
- People are freaking out over the imminent release of the D&D Essentials line. Some are saying it’s the 4.5 Edition, while other’s are saying it’s the harbinger to a 5th Edition, I’m just looking at it as optional rules. Things that work or that I like I’ll implement, things that I don’t dig on I’ll ignore. Simple as that. That’s why I don’t get caught up in the whole “Edition Wars” that rage across the Interweb(s), it just doesn’t matter to me, it’s ALL D&D, and I enjoy all of it. All systems have some merit, just like all settings, it’s up to the skill of the DM to make it work.
- From what I’m told D&D is Saturday, I’ve got some minor planning to do, but I’m excited to get back to the Temple Of Bane in the city of Rikus.

And with that I’m done…



  1. What?! Not even a mention about the totally cool kitchen paint? I am hurt. ;-)

  2. I'm getting to that, DAMN WOMAN I just complimented you on yo' kitchen paintin' 5 minutes ago...

    Yes Broseph, YES! By the way, is that '11' at the end your physical manifestation of ADnD turning it up to '11'? Oh and do you want to hang some gutters with me soon?