Monday, August 9, 2010

Fugitive Alien Vs. Animal House

* = FRIGGIN’ YEENOGHU! I can’t believe it!

Post GenCon news has me all a twitter, and I don’t mean the social network bane of our collective existence. BUT before I get to that I watched some stuff, so you don’t have to;
- Tekken (* out of 5), yup that Tekken. See I, by and large, avoid video game movies like the friggin’ plague, and yet more often than not find myself watching this schlock. So I took a bullet Sunday morning and watched this abomination. There isn’t much to say, it’s not good, it’s cliché, and tries WAY to hard. The only way I’d watch this again is after 13 or 14 beverages and with a room full of friends.
- Predators (*** out of 5) was decent. I had sort of a bad copy, but it was ‘watchable’. I really dug this movie, especially the insanity that was Lawrence Fishburne. My only problem, besides the copy I viewed, was it aped the original a bit too much, especially after they had such a fun set-up. Oh and the big twist at the end wasn’t much of a twist, and felt more of a tacked on event. Once I get my hands on a better version I look forward to watching it with some pals.

We went to a big ole’ book sale in “The Cloud” as well on Saturday, squeezing blood from a stone quiet literally time wise. There I picked up some great stuff, but nothing screamed “READ ME NOW!” like a little book of Captain America Battles Baron Blood (Infinite *’s out of 5). Really it was just a reprint of the old Roger Stern & John Byrne story printed in a novel format. This is John Byrne at the HEIGHT of his power as an artist drawing an absolutely wonderful story that has some serious ‘nasty’ to it. This is one of my favorite Cap stories ever, so I quickly devoured it. Great stuff.

Saturday night was D&D and we ALMOST had our first T.P.K, for the uninitiated it means Total Party Kill. This is where all the Players die. The context was the PC’s, Player Characters, where beat up, tired, and almost out of Rikus. Enemies were dogging them at every corner; in fact the encounter that left on the verge of total and complete devastation was an encounter with ten 4th Level Dire Rats. They did lose Ulver, Dave’s, giant wolf Odin. He fell victim to three Dire Rats. They did cut off the tale in the hopes of eventually finding someone to use Raise Dead to bring him back. After that they sort of got their collective “poop in a group” and marched to the edge of the city dispatching everything they came across with ruthless efficiency. In fact the big penultimate encounter of the night was a complete massacre. Mike, using his character Steev, annihilated a Bladerager Troll in one “turn” after using his Action Point. It was both sad for me, after so much prep time and a perfect set-up, and incredibly cool to see how the group roared with glee! They then just mopped up the rest of this encounter, although they did lose their companion character Andred Wyrmblade, an evil fighter, whom Mike had been playing absolutely brilliantly. A Lizardfolk Marsh Chieftain killed him and the group decided to just leave him dead. This was especially poignant after he had mocked Ulver about Odin’s death earlier in the night, which had erupted into some Ulver Vs. Andred action that was separated by Vanarr & Steev. The Party ended up finally escaping Rikus, The City That Shall Not Be Named, stumbling out into the desert where they found an encampment. They were offered food, drink, & shelter, which they took. When they finally awoke from a induced slumber, they found they had been sold into slavery. They are now in the holding pens below the Gladiatorial Arenas in Puhnjarb. The story is heading towards the end of the Heroic tier and a showdown at the Black Ziggurat. Funny enough I really wasn’t that excited to play at the beginning of the night, but by the end I was really enjoying, as much or more than I had in a LONG time.

Sunday we spent some time with M&C and their new baby, Mace. I got bit by a cat, was covered in animal hair, and it was insanely hot out. All that being said, I really didn’t want to hold the baby for fear of contracting the dreaded “Baby Fever”. I was forced to hold him, and wouldn’t you know it “Baby Fever” is upon me. I’m working hard to suppress it, but man it’s hard after seeing the happiness Mary & Christina are sharing as parents, or the little ball of wonder and joy that Mace is. It’s actually very humbling.

Enough of that sentimental crap here’s some


- So I saw this and I had to share it.
I would seriously go to a theatre to see this; it’s like a fever dream I once had.
- I crave some serious sleep. It’s not like I haven’t been getting enough, it’s just that when I’ve gotten good sleep, and I mean that snoring and drooling kind, I haven’t gotten as much as I want. I think it’s to bed early tonight.
- 8/17/10 can’t come fast enough, I NEED(s) ME SOME CASTLE RAVENLOFT!

- It’s amazing whom you run into in weird places. The woman who sold us the books at the crazy book sale used to date Brian from our D&D group. Go figure?
- I had a drastic miscalculation Saturday in “The Cloud” when we were eating with the Mighty In-Laws at Famous Dave’s. See “The Cloud” Dave’s has a giant hot dog, AND I mean G-I-A-N-T! It’s a half-pound and it’s a foot long. I had some rib tips prior thinking that a hot dog wouldn’t fill me up, I was SO wrong. That thing was brutal. I think it was the bread more than anything else, it had like a loaf of bread as its bun. Suffice to say I finished it, but it was a war of attrition. Oh and it was one of the best damn beef hot dogs I’ve ever had.
- Holy man this is what TerrainLinx can do. I know I’m getting two sets for my B-day, but damn if I don’t want two sets of all three sets. The things I could build would be GLORIOUS!

- I think I’m going to try and convince Cassandra to play some Chaos Marauders when we get home tonight. It’s to muggy to go out and do anything outside, and it’s been forever since we’ve just set down and played a game together.
- Oh and NOW those sneaky bastards at WoTC are putting out a mass combat board game. I heard it’s going to be sort of Risk or Axis & Allies like except in the “Points Of Light” D&D setting. I believe they announced the name as Conquest of Nentar. It’s like they have a direct line to my brain and wallet.
- Lords Of Madness is out either this month or the next, & pictures from GenCon came out of all the minis. I must say that this set looks fantastic. Auggies Miniatures will be getting my money for singles, again.

- I’m going through Farve Fatigue right now, but I don’t even care as I am just so giddy happy that football is BACK! I watched the first quarter of Bengals Vs. Cowboys last night. It was just so nice to see something that wasn’t baseball or the NBA.
- Dark Sun = LAND SHARK!

Well that’s all I can tolerate today…

“In the not-too-distant future,
We're down in Deep 13.
Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank,
Were hatching an evil scheme.

They hired a temp by the name of Mike,
Just a regular Joe they didn't like.
Their experiment needed a good test case,
So they conked him on the noggin,
And they shot him into space!

'We'll send him cheesy movies,
The worst we can find
He'll have to sit and watch them all,
And we'll monitor his mind'

Now keep in mind Mike can't control
Where the movies begin or end
He'll try to keep his sanity,
With the help of his robot friends.

Robot Roll Call:
Tom Servo!

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes,
And other science facts,
Repeat to yourself "It's just a show,
I should really just relax."
For Mystery Science Theater 3000!”

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