Friday, September 3, 2010


Yup, that’s Spanish son! It’s Friday so it’s time to LEARN!


So the mad genius is giving us TWO Batmen post “Return Of Bruce Wayne”. Apparently Dick Grayson will be doing the Dark Knight thing in Gotham with Damian continuing as Robin, while Bruce will be globetrotting around the world handling larger, stranger issues with allies. I also like the idea of Batman “franchising”, which is an idea Morrison used remarkably well in his brilliantly insane X-Men run. Oh and I realize Morrison is one of the most polarizing figures in the history of the Interweb(s), if you hate him that’s fine, but you should probably not be reading this particular blog.

So I’ve stated that Twilight Of Idols (***** out of 5) is Slough Feg’s best album top to bottom, let me NOW state that “Tiger! Tiger!” is their best song. It’s just absolutely fantastic, a perfect blend of Thin Lizzy & Iron Maiden. It has made me think really hard about if I’m going to take my Marvel SAGA campaign into space, based on the imagery this song spins I’m thinking it’ll be a resounding YES!


After three preseason viewings of the Vikings 6th round draft pick all I can say is “Wow!” This kid has a future, IF they bring him along slowly, build to his strengths, work on his accuracy, and let him grow into an NFL quarterback behind veterans. If they do that I can see this guy being a STAR in three to five years. He’s like a bigger Randall Cunningham.


So Dave introduced me to these guys. I’m not blown away by the music; it’s Doom Metal. BUT the artwork is breathtaking…

The week taketh, the week givith


- Miniature Market you are the shiznizzlepitilick! After Amazon BUTCHERED my Castle Ravenloft pre-order I was forced to move my business elsewhere. I chose Miniature Market since I have done other business with them in the past and found them to be solid. Not only did I get virtually the same deal, saving me around $20, but I also picked up FFG’s Beowulf for a ten spot, and the LCG Call Of Cthulhu game for like 30% off! Oh and free flippin’ shipping! My stuff will be here by Tuesday at the latest, SUCK IT AMAZON!
- Sticks must be picked up in the front and back yards; I just don’t want to do it.
- I’m still doing well on the F.G.T.D., aka Fat Guy Torture Device, the EZ-Cycle. Last night I cramped like mad before I could start, my hamstring felt like it was going to burst, but after some stretching I was able to keep my commitment. It’s getting easier to do this every night; I’m getting into a rhythm with it. I have high hopes that this will lead to getting some strength back in my legs and cutting some of this excess weight. It was a hefty investment, but I think if I can work at it I’ll reap the rewards.
- Last night there was NFL and College Football on. It was glorious.
- Believe it or not what you say and do in life actively changes my perception of you. So if you like to spew a bunch of half cocked H-A-T-E, including but not limited to; Rape, Gay People, & The Developmentally Disabled, you and I aren’t going to get along. It shouldn’t be shock to you. In fact if that’s the “role” you wish to play in life then it’s best if we don’t interact at all.
- If the weather holds up I see grilling my weekend future…
- I really hate when I get to hear a Fantasy Football guru try and talk politics, oh and by “try” I really mean push his super conservative agenda. When did 9am to 12pm on KFAN become political? I thought they saved that for 3pm.
- Labor Day already? Man I can’t wait for this three-day weekend, but I can’t believe it’s here.
- With that three-day weekend I have GOT to get some painting done, some reading, & get the Marvel SAGA minutia done. Oh and watch The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest. As you can see lots of “hard” work.
- I crave chicken wings!

Well I’m off to dream of things far from here…

“This is an evil generation
I see with my eyes
I seen’em walking around in their suits
And honey I seen the ties

Evil girls biting good girls
Turning good girls into evil girls
Evil boys eating evil hamburgers
Evil boys eating evil fries

This is an evil generation
Rock and Roll Evacuation
As far as the eye can see
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Tune Into this radio station
Rock and Roll Evacuation
In a fit of emergency

We are just hungry little creatures
Feeding upon lies
I seen’em lining us up on the wall
And trading us for pies

Seen a man on the television telling me to listen to the radio
Hear the man on the radio, telling me no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

This is a bad, bad situation
Rock and Roll Evacuation
It’s not looking too good to me
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Evil Spreads across the nation
Rock and Roll Evacuation
Apocalyptic insurgency

You kill the body child, but the head is still gonna live
You can give all your money now, until there’s nothing left to give
You can play your electric guitar but it ain’t gonna change the world
You can get all emotional on me, cry like a little girl

We are disposable creations, they’re throwing us away
Ignoring everything that we do and everything that we say
Mr. President make a little money, sending people you don’t know to iraq
Mr. President I don’t like you, you don’t know how to rock

This is an evil generation
Rock and Roll Evacuation
As far as the eye can see
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Tune Into this radio station
Rock and Roll Evacuation
In a fit of emergency”

* = Where does this take your imagination?

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