Friday, September 24, 2010

Have You Learned Nothing?

* = Do you fear the Froghemoth? DO YOU FEAR IT?!

It’s Friday! So you KNOW what time it be!


So John Rogers, the dude who used write the criminally underrated “modern” Blue Beetle book for DC & the head writer on the T.V. show Leverage, which my mom-in-law swears by, is writing a D&D Comic. I’ll admit skepticism. I’m a skeptic. Then I remember this guy is a HUGE D&D guy, he has numerous groups going, he publishes adventures, he’s ‘one of us’. So I gave the book a shot. It’s good. It’s fun, it takes the classic D&D party tropes and rather than try and re-invent the wheel it relishes in it. Not to mention it’s not EPIC fantasy, he’s doing something a bit more down to Faerun, and I for one am digging it.


So as anyone who knows me, and let’s face it, if you read this drivel you must know me. No one sane would volunteer to subject himself or herself to these inane ramblings. ANYWHO, those who know are aware of my obsession with MST3K. Most nights, i.e. EVERY night, I go to sleep while watching an MST3K episode. Last week I suffered through Manos. This week it’s been Earth Vs. The Spider & The Crawling Eye. I needed a pallet cleanser so I went with this little Eastern European masterpiece. I like this movie, but I love it when Mike, Servo, & Crow rip it apart.


So I finally got started on Howard’s westerns, and the fact is they are fantastic. El Borak is a definite branch on the Kull, Solomon Kane, Conan tree. I usually don’t care much for westerns, but this is seems to be tales of high adventure just appearing in a western-like setting, and by western-like I mean Afghanistan. It’s been a bit longer form than some of the other Howard stuff I’ve read, but it’s riveting and enjoyable. Check it out!


Consider yourself PRE-ORDERED! Last night the regular Thursday Night Board Game Alliance met, sans Jeff, to play Castle Ravenloft (Infinite *’s out of 5)! We made it through two scenarios; Search For The Sunsword, which we easily won, & Lure Of The Temptress, which was TOUGH but we survived. During the course of the evening Dave and I had a couple of verbal spats regarding the idea of self-contained game of rules Vs. tool kit or sandbox to build in. Castle Ravenloft is not a game for people who love rules, who live by rules, and who NEED rules to play. It is the board game equivalent of a Dungeon Masters Guide, a Players Handbook, and a Monster Manual. I don’t NEED anything else to play D&D except those things, because everything else is contingent upon me. I can build my own adventures, I can change the rules, I can build characters, treasures, traps, monsters, etc. It’s all at my fingertips, and THAT is what Castle Ravenloft is. So to know that Wrath Of Ashardalon is a stand-alone game, a sequel, and even a possible expansion made it an easy decision to purchase. It’ll be a ton more minis, a ton more tiles, more scenarios, another setting, but basically it’s more tools for my board gaming toolbox. Is this system perfect? Nope. In it’s imperfection though lays it’s beauty though, it’s modular and INFINITELY adaptable. Hence the Domains Of Dread – Lomardia set of scenarios I’m working on. This will see a TON of time on my gaming table and a lot of time in my brain. What it boils down to in the end is, this is D&D I can play, and not be forced to just DM, with my friends in a short time. It hits a lot of the geek buttons in my soul that needed some attention.


This ‘video’ by depressed folk star Merriman Wier on the Man To Man Show with Dean Learner (Infinite *’s out of 5) is just flippin’ awesome. Man To Man is the perfect companion piece to Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace, so that means that you should all be out there Netflixing the HELL OUT OF IT!

I think I’ve given you enough to digest how about some


- I don’t mean to paint Dave as a bad guy in our Board Gaming last night, he wasn’t. It’s just not the game for him that it is for me. I’m cool with that, honest. That being said I have an irrational love of Castle Ravenloft that makes me want to push the elderly in front of buses so when you try to stand against me I have to CRUSH YOU!
- I still haven’t started Lone Wolf yet.
- Hey if you read the blog comment. Even if it’s just a short blurb, but I’m asking because I like to know whose reading it. I’ll use Heidi as my example. She doesn’t dig the comics’ stuff as much so because I KNOW she reads regularly I try and make sure to put some Zombie stuff in just for her. I do write this stupid thing for me, but if you like reading it I don’t have a problem pandering at all. In fact if you’d like me to review something, or want my opinion in depth on a subject let me know and I’ll blog about it. I’m an attention whore.
- I still haven’t satiated my craving for 3lb of wings from Al Bakers.

That is all…

“Greetings friend, I hope you're sitting uncomfortably. Be it on your sofa, armchair or beanbag if that's how you choose to live your life. I'm Garth Marenghi, horror writer. You know everyone has a special talent. Mine is being able to write, produce, direct, act, paint. Other people are good plumbers, that's their gift.”

* = Does this inspire you?



    Hey. MMM, Al Bakers. I'm hungry and about to go grocery shopping, which I know is supposed to be a bad combo, but the tot is in daycare, I'm done with work for the week, and shopping by myself is like going on a vacation.

    I dig the comic stuff, and even sometimes the D&D stuff, even though I don't always know what its all about. It's the sports stuff that turns my brain on auto pilot. You should talk more about roller derby. --Oh! In derby news, I started working with the ref team. Holding a whistle and sending girls to the penalty box is really satisfying. (Who's blog do I think this is? lol). I know it isn't as 'glamorous' as being on the track knocking bitches over, but it's a lot of fun. There are a TON of rules, minor and major penalties and stuff, and it's fun to be in charge and an authority on something. I'm thinking of joining their group, but we'll see. I just got some HOT new skates, with killer awesome bearings and wheels. And they're bright red. RED.

    I'm over caffeinated.

  2. H.
    First off, YOUR WELCOME!
    It's never a good idea to hit up a grocery store while hungry, it leads to impluse buys and an inability to follow a 'grocery list'.
    Ah, it was 'Sports, Sports, Sports is your whole life just SPORTS?' talk that was killin' ya. The only thing I know about Roller Derby is that you do it so you can smash foo's. Reffing must be a lot like teaching Pre-school. " isn't as 'glamorous' as being on the track knocking bitches over..." maybe the single greatest thing I've heard all week. You know you need to do an anatomy of a Hot Skate in a Bluntcakes strip, because otherwise I'll have no earthly idea what your talking about. Oh excep for the RED part, I knows me some RED.
    And I'm overtired, so it's a perfect storm...

  3. are you going to be in the cloud this weekend? i though Dave said you were. If so, it will be cool to "hang out" and "play games" and "drink beer". see now, people are going to think that those actions have other meanings just because i put them in "quotation marks"

  4. I will in FACT be in The Cloud this weekend for the celebration of Lee B.'s B-Day. I will bring Castle Ravenloft with, as threatened above. Quotations "Wail"...

  5. should pick up DEADWORLD "classics" Vol 1 if you like Zombie stuff...absolutely fucking brilliant!

    I like Castle R, I just like to know what I can and can't do in a game and have that set out clearly before hand.

    I LOVES ME SOME Merriman Wier!

  6. I'm digging the game Cosmic Encounter right now!

  7. Czar
    You loves you some order, and that's completely cool. I just like the open-endedness of it. Oh and Merriman Wier OWNS US!
    Cosmic Encounter, we'll have to give it a proper go.