Monday, September 27, 2010

Mutiny On The Bounty Vs. Treasure Island

* = It's Back & It's GLORIOUS!

You know the weekend is never as long as you wish or hope it would be. It was a satisfying weekend, as I was able to get some things done, see the clan in The Cloud, and play some Castle Ravenloft with Anthony “I think we’re screwed” J.

All that being said, I found myself really dreading another week amongst the ‘Living’. From the moment we arrived home last night till the moment we reached our commute destination this morning I just felt apprehension and dread. It’s not that I don’t like what I do for a living, far from it, I’m just not so sure I like where I ply my trade any longer. It is fast approaching the time for me to look elsewhere and I hate that feeling.

As we searched Friday and Saturday for the books we were giving Lee for his birthday I was able to snag a crap ton of Warhammer Fantasy Omnibuses. I’m already like a fifth through the Vampire Wars. It’s good Dark Fantasy, meaning it’s a tad depressing. In addition I picked up the 2nd and the 3rd Felix & Gotrek Omnibus, now I MUST find the first before I begin reading in earnest. To me the characters Felix & Gotrek are the most ‘D&D’ characters in the Warhammer world. Meaning they are not fundamentally bleak and dark, there is some humor there even though you know that their end will not be pleasant. That’s my biggest complaint about Warhammer Fantasy as a whole, it’s hopeless to be a ‘good’ guy, not to mention everyone who is ‘exceptional’ is at the very least a bit of a bastard, and at the most a blood soaked tyrant. I need some relief in my fantasy, comics, sci-fi, hell my fiction as a whole. Reality is bleak enough.

Speaking of bleak enough and ‘reality’ what the hell is up with all the flippin’ signs between St. Cloud and the Twin Cities? I know that The Cloud is a bit of a bastion for the far right, but damn. You can’t drive ten miles without a sign telling you what a crook liberals are, or how Obama has ruined the country, or how we as a nation are losing our Christian outlook. First off these folks who fund this are crooks, secondly they and their 8 year reign under Bush the 2nd put us firmly here, and last but not least what the F’ happened to the separation of church and state. I don’t want your peanut butter in my chocolate. This was, and I stress WAS, a country founded on religious freedom. I find it strange, and disconcerting that there is the populace within the Christian community that feels it’s being persecuted, and in return is waging some type of ‘Holy War’. I don’t want or need your Christian fundamentalism. In fact I’m ok with you preaching it, living it, loving it, but it is NOT a part of the school system, nor should it be a part of our government. For the love of Pete look around rural white people, you have it pretty good. You have a crap ton of guns, you can beat your bible, hate those that aren’t like you, shout at the “Big & Evil Government” until your little Christian hearts are content. I don’t think you have a huge influx of immigrants into Alexandria. All that being said these small minded, shut in folks need to take a breath and realize that there are people out there that are not like you &, and I know this is hard for you to understand so I’ll type all in caps, DON’T BELIEVE IN YOUR GAWD OR GAWD AT ALL. And that is ok. It’s ok for us to having differing viewpoints. I think what I’d really like to see is more of both sides explaining to me WHY I should believe you, why I should vote for you, why I should believe that a zombie messiah will save me from sin I was born with, rather than you screaming at me about how evil the other side is. Both sides are Evil “isms” are E-V-I-L. When I take the time to label you, to minimize you (like I did above, sorry Christians and rural folks), to spread misinformation or my uneducated or biased opinion about you I’m just as Evil. I’d really like to see things be about direction, ideas, and cooperation rather than “hope”, “change”, and name-calling.

Oh well, ‘tis but a dream I have…

How about some


- Has anyone seen this man, because he’s been M.I.A. so far this season?

- Ant & I went 50% success ratio on Castle Ravenloft Sunday. The Death Knight and his army CRUSHED us, and I do mean crushed. While we got lucky and played very smart in the Rust Monster scenario. I want to love the Board Game Geek Goliath Barbarian, but every time I use him I get destroyed. On the other hand I’m a big fan of the Avenger. I love powers that give you hit points back for hurting monsters. I’m hoping Wed. to put some more time in on my Domains Of Dread project.
- We need to mow again, I’m debating trying to do it after work tonight, but I just can’t seem to gather the will to want to do it.
- Chiefs won again. Holy Crap!
- Friday night is BENTOBERFEST ’10, a night of beer, assorted sausages, fire pits, & tales of high adventure. I’m looking forward to sitting around with friends, forcing them to play Werewolves Of Miller’s Hollow, eating, laughing, and saying good-bye to the fleeting warmth of summer/fall.

That’s really all I got today, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

“We'd seen a new side to Liz. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." They can get upset at the slightest thing: whether it's forgetting to acknowledge them in front of your friends or dividing a restaurant bill in proportion to the amount of food ordered by each party, which is only fair. I had to change. Tomorrow I'd tell her she's lost weight or I like what she's done to her hair. Whichever seemed the most plausible.”

* = Where does this take your imagination?

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