Friday, September 10, 2010


It’s Friday, that's German, and although I’m tired from staying up last night, hoping that much like Santa Claus Jared Allen would actually SHOW UP, I have enough in the tank to give you some knowledge…


I haven’t watched Manos: The Hands Of Fate (MST3K version Infinite *’s out of 5) in a while. SO, I’m going to this weekend.


* Sigh * I had had high hopes, a three to four point win, but the reality was the secondary was undermanned, the receiving corps doesn’t have a number one, and Brad Childress is a really mediocre coach. Peterson looked like a MAN last night, the linebackers played well, and the offensive line played very well. A couple things stood out to me though;
o Bryant McKinnie is a bitch. He’s a turnstile at left tackle; he has no heart, no passion, and is mentally weak. I’ve played with and played with guys who haven’t even blinked at a dislocation, let alone get carted off the f’n field with a dislocated finger. If Ronnie Lott cried he’d cry for you Bryant you fat waste of humanity.
o Jared Allen was a ghost last night. Hell “Fat” Pat, Kevin Williams, and Ray Edwards were ALL persona non-gratis last night. This is supposed to be the best D-Line in football? Last night they forgot to get off the bus.
o Bernard Berian is a thief. Seriously, he’s getting paid like a number one receiver and I wouldn’t want him on a Junior High team, he’s soft like a roll of Charmin.
Overall it showed what I thought; it’s going to take the Vikings awhile to put it together. The silver lining is they played like rotten ass and still were very capable of winning that game AT New Orleans. I think they’re a Wild Card team that will reach the Super Bowl, although that could just be my Baby Cheezus hangover talking…


I desire them. Soon Al Bakers, SOON!


I did not play this game in it’s previous incarnations, but I’m now intrigued. It looks like it could scratch that Sci-Fi itch that strikes me off and on. There is a part of me that really wishes I had a group that played something like Traveller, but instead I was a child of West End Game’s Star Wars (**** out of 5). I do enjoy Sci-Fi and I LOVE(s) me some Thundarr the Barbarian (**** out of 5), so this looks like a logical extension. I might pick up the 4E version...MIGHT!


I really dig this helmet design! After the disappointment of last night, the beginning of the season, I get to end week 1 with the high hopes that a new year brings for my much loved Chiefs. I’m picking them to beat the Chargers, but that’s because I’m a homer. I really do want to see them be relevant again, and with the coaching staff they have in place, the draft picks they’ve accumulated, the quarterback, and the running game I am optimistic this year. And that scares me…

How about it? How ‘bout that


- Being organized is flippin’ awesome. It means as other fundamental breakdowns occur around you have the time and the luxury to just rely on your plan and structure to follow through. It’s to bad there are so few of us organized.
- The sound on my computer wouldn’t work yesterday. I’m slightly concerned.
- This afternoon we have to tread into the Belly Of The Beast, Sam’s Club, and I’m dreading it. I just keep telling myself that it won’t be that busy, we have a plan, and we’ll be in and out before you know it. One can hope.
- Even though the Vikings lost last night I had kick ass time hanging out with Dave, Liz, Mace, Christina, Mary, & of course Cassandra. It really was a festive environment.
- I think once I get home tonight I’ll put in the ole’ NCAA 2005 Football and get back into my KU dynasty.
- Board Game Geek has some tremendously cool fan created add-ons to Castle Ravenloft, I’m really digging seeing them. Maybe I can add to the ‘community’ material, I know for damn sure I’m going to use them!

The day isn’t going to KILL itself…

“Holy water on the brain and I'm losing sleep
Holy bible on the night stand next to me
As I'm raped by another monkey circus freak
Trying to take my indignance away from me

Holy water is rusting me

Bloody murder is the best I've heard her scream
Holy devil in the flesh some might believe
And they take thine majesty so seriously
It's the big lies that are more likely to be believed

Holy water is rusting me

Damn the water if it's life you want to drink
Mind your mother if it makes you feel at ease
As you're raped by another monkey circus freak
It's the big lies that are more likely to be believed”

* = Where does this take your imagination?


  1. Ben. I have been lost without you this week. My only hope is that you can educate us weak-minded masses on Friday, and I may have my fill of your Random Crap...

    That sounded weird. Haven't seen you fore-everz, and prospects are not looking good in the near term due to all the shiite i got going on lately. But I want you to know THIS: "I'm home now, I'm naked, and I'm thinking about you..." (again, not really, just quoting an old KQ bit) But seriously, I've been thinking about you. No. not like that.

  2. I've been sick. I'm still sick, and ever so tired. I'm taking a week off from the blog to recover & get my collective poop in a group.

    Color me flattered. And also naked...

  3. Antwain I have answered your prayers.