Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, Thank The Old Ones It’s Friday…

Do I have to spell it out for you? I thought not…


Woody was right. The one I posted earlier in the week was George Perez, NOT Byrne. The reality is both were and continue to be amazing artists.


I love(s) me some H.P.L., you all know that. I enjoy even bad adaptations of Lovecraft, but here’s the rub, the group that is making this flick is the same group responsible for the black & white, silent film version of The Call Of Cthulhu (Infinite *’s out of 5!). It’s a brilliant low budget films made with the loving care of real fans. SO you should be able to look past the ‘quality’ of the acting, and instead enjoy the vibe of what is a faithful adaption of one of the greatest writers of all time.


Once a year we head out with M&C, which is now M.C.&M., hit up the Red Lobster and Christina and I then attempt to eat our body weight in shrimp. It is our goal to make “The Lobster” regret allowing us in the building. Last year we both ate so much we hurt. This year I ate a smallish dinner last night, ate light for breakfast, hit up the Thunderbucket, and now have cleared my insides for shrimp intake. Fear me Red Lobster, FEAR ME!


The other night Cassandra and I watched Episodes 1 & 2, ‘Breakout!’ parts 1 & 2 respectively. I know a show is good when it’s geek laden and yet my wife enjoys it. I know she enjoyed it because she asked questions like, “who is that again”, “why is the Hulk not smashing that dude”, “why is Nick Fury black”, etc. I have to say that thus far this show is everything I had hoped for and so much more. This show gives me the Wed. comic book pick-up feeling of my misspent youth. It’s everything I love about the Marvel Universe, prior to it being “modernized” by certain individuals. Oh and for your information Mighty Mike, we got our first Doctor Doom reference in the first ten minutes when Iron Man busted up an arm’s deal between A.I.M. & Doom’s representative Lucia Von Bardas. After just beating the beejeezus out of the lower end A.I.M. goons Stark basically tells Bardas to tell Doom that if he finds out he’s stolen his tech that he’s coming for him! It was awesome. Oh and the premise of the show came to fruition as all four of the Super Human prisons; The Big House, The Vault, The Cube, & The Raft make a massive break out. The first episode, a two-parter, deals with the coming together of the classic Avenger’s line-up; Iron Man, Thor, Ant Man, Wasp, & Hulk dealing with Graviton. I have to say the action scenes were over the top crazy and The Hulk is F’N TITS! I love this show it’s official.


- Painting, In-Laws, and screaming children are all on the agenda for Saturday. Can you literally taste my excitement through the ether of the interwebs? In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to the In-Laws being there, to the painting getting done, to grilling, to seeing “The Cat” & “The Bear”.
- I need card sleeves to put all the new Ravenloft cards I’ve printed off in them.
- Is it bad when a clinical and chronically manic depressed person tells you that you sound “down”? Last night I was told I’ve sounded “down” for about a month. I don’t feel down.
- More Hammer Flicks tonight!
- My order from Mantic Games came. A week or so ago they had a MASSIVE sale, and I was able to group some sprues of zombies, ghouls, skeletons, dwarves, & elves. I’m thinking of mixing and matching the zombies, ghouls, & skeletons. Oh by the by Heidi, how goes the painting?
- I’m finally getting my hands on the first episode of Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, “Bride Of The Gorilla”!
- Someone just referenced Ken Anderson and Dan Fouts on KFAN. Living in the past much? The reality is Anderson & Fouts were incredible quarterbacks and they just couldn’t get it done in the big game. I do NOT think that Farve falls in that category, not even now at 41. The Vikings will beat the Packers Sunday night, and I’m putting it as 27 to 17.
- I’m not looking forward to gutters, gutter covers, ladders, raking, or any of that stuff. Even less so in the rain, but it must be done.
- There was a pumpkin carving contest at the place that writes me a paycheck, and guess what? Oh you know what, because I wouldn’t write about it otherwise, the department I’m in WON! Congrats to Cassandra, THE Joe K., & I, we are WINNERS!
- The first Felix & Gotrek Omnibus hasn’t been found yet, so being an impatient sod I started the second. Don’t run from it
- I read that Young Justice starts in November. The better Avengers gets the more it makes me pumped for this show. Speaking of Cartoon Network I’ve read some incredible stuff about Paul Dini’s Tower Prep. It’s apparently a live action show, which is a mix of the X-Men & The Prisoner so it’s intriguing.
- I’m SO friggin’ hungry…

Well it’s almost that time…

“Back in the years before blood lost all its flavor
You slipped and fell but fell into my favor
But I
Chose the land between Dan and Bethsheba
'Cos I heard they were looking for a savior

So I focused my attentions on the wars in the west
Drew up a battle plan and put my armies to the test
Came walking through the sands
And you were wearing that dress
Lost my answers to the boys in the mess

Dropped to my knees and began to confess...

I control the world
You controlled my heart
And life was easier than watching evil empires fall apart
(Oh yes it was)

You saw that only my blood lust could tear us apart
So you raided my artillery for a tranquilizer dart
You steadied; took your aim and shot me straight in the heart
Let your tender reign over me, start

I spend the next twenty years with my head between your knees
All the while making sure you heard my cautionary pleas
There's a price on my head at which nobody would sneeze
'cos I sailed the, sailed the seven seas
Accumulating so many enemies

They would fall for me
If I would fall to you
And your the closest thing I'll ever have to Waterloo

When they write my history
Will they include all your conquests of me?

I control the world
You controlled my heart
Your light would always guide my mother in the dark
Your sight would be preserved in statues and in art
And life was easier than watching evil empires fall apart”

* = Could you let the village just burn?



    1. Yes, of course I can. I set the fire.

    2. No, I'm a firefighter. Wait, did he pay his fire-protection dues? No? Then yes, I can and will watch it burn...


  2. Ant,
    - Nice...
    - Burn Baby Burn!


  3. Hey, I never asked why Nick Fury was black. I think you are trying to spread your racism to me.

  4. C.,
    How can I spread racism when your the source?