Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Serendipity Vs. America's Sweethearts

* = This might be my favorite all-time Avenger's cover, plus it's John Byrne before he sort of went nuts. At the height of his skills he was not only my favorite artist & writer, but having met the guy twice a damn nice guy.

The Blackheart’s Omnibus (**** out of 5) was finally finished last night.

I have to say that it was a very pleasant and enjoyable surprise. I basically bought it because it was a fantasy book, an omnibus, and it was Warhammer. I thought if it’s even decent it’s $5.00 well spent for a 700 plus page book. It’s better than decent, and you make your way through all three books you see how it all fits together, how everyone ‘get’s theirs’ in the end, redemption is earned, and yet at the end it’s left just open enough for more adventures for this company of Blackhearts.

The Avengers, Earth’s Mightest Heroes starts tomorrow night. It’s a two-part one hour episode revolving around the villains escaping the four prisons; The Big House, The Vault, The Cube, & The Raft. This morning as I got my hands on a better copy of the mini-episodes I checked out a S.H.I.E.L.D. file thingy on various villains, the big surprise was Baron Zemo fighting Captain America. Seriously this cartoon has everything I’ve ever wanted in a Marvel show. I can’t even begin to explain how pumped I am for this.

Last night Cassandra and I watched Sunday night’s new episode of The Venture Brothers, “Assisted Suicide”. Every time I think the show has hit a point where it can’t possible push the story further, where it’s shocked me and can shock me no more, and where I’ve lauded Jackson Public & Doc Hammer to the point that I can’t laud them anymore. And every time I’m proven wrong, it was just another fantastic mind-blowing episode with more insane revelations. It’s just proven again why it’s the best show on television.


- The NFL is trying to legislate ‘devastating’ hits. I wish them luck with that, but unfortunately it’s a violent game. It’s a double-edged sword. The NFL and its partners need the game to be a high light reel, they need that ultra violence, they sell it. At the same time they need to protect the players. I hope they can find a way to teach proper tackling again; head up, see what you hit, wrap up, and get the man to the ground, rather than the current trend of launching yourself at someone like a human missile.
- It’s officially bloody nose season.
- If I remember correctly it’s Lesnar Vs. Velasquez this weekend. Listen I know they are trying to hype Velasquez, his punching power, his wrestling, and the “Brown Pride” thing, but he isn’t going to win. Lesnar beat Carwin who was as good a wrestler and a better puncher coming off his deathbed. He’s going to methodically take Velasquez to the ground, ride him out, and then punish him. All things being equal conditioning and speed wise, Lesnar is just to big and to strong. If Cain was a Light Heavyweight he’d be unbeatable, the sad fact is he isn’t, instead he’s in a division with the baddest man on the planet, Lesnar in round two via submission.
- So far the Marvel SAGA line-up is as follows;
o Momentum Man
o Agent Orange
o Haven
o And then Cassandra’s un-named magic character

You know I just don’t have that much to yak about today…

“Love is nothing more than a stain on a dress
Watching things you sold being purchased for less
Euthanasia that's easy to ingest
And they call this making progress

If you take a billion plus a little finesse
And dreamy Yale boys cashing in on their "success"
Then you take a bath in Uncle Sam's treasure chest
That equals making progress

Meanwhile I am drowning in an ocean of stress
Analyzing data for a sure, sure bet
An affordable commodity that I can invest
Your love
Your sweet, sweet love I guess

Baby, baby it would be the best
If we got together tonight and regressed
It's not like we'd be de-evolving
And the world wouldn't stop revolving
We could forget the problems no one's solving
Surely I jest

And you're not listening anyway

Where we go from here baby is anybody's guess
So repress your insecurities and take off that dress
Cause the day we realize no one can clean up this mess
Will be a fine day for making progress”

* = Would you tread the grounds of the Underdark?


  1. so... no title? i was going to comment on that a couple days ago, but ended up not having time to. i am looking forward to catching up on venture bros. aka "the vench"

  2. Ant,
    I messed up. Fixed now. "The Vench" has been outstanding this season. You'll fall in love with it all over again.