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The Dirty Dozen Vs. The Outlaw Josey Wales

* = Thanos hates you and so do I...

Today I’ll give you an excerpt of some of the things I’m working on for the December Marvel SAGA Campaign. I’ll looking to really build a corner of the Marvel Universe for us to play in, hopefully I’m succeeding.

From Doktor Koncept’s Case Book #111

November 6th, 1971
I have received a frantic phone call from Dr. Anthony Ludgate Druid (see Monster Hunter entry cross reference with Dr. Druid entry). Druid and I are both colleagues of Ulysses Bloodstone (see Ulysses Bloodstone entry), other than that we have no relationship. He was asking that I immediately come to London and assist in a usual situation.

I have not significantly recovered from my last trip to Britain. Bloodstone had refrained from significantly informing me of the risk that the Burrowers Beneath would pose. Dr. Elder (See Mole Man entry) had speculated that there is an entire underground ecology made up of beasts beyond our comprehension suffice to say he was correct, see Case Book entry #93, but I digress.

Druid was nearly frantic in explaining that he felt something dark and sinister was afoot. The good doctor had been the site physician and associate of one Doctor Daniel Damian (see Kree Sentry entry) during an expedition to Egypt 20 years previous. This dig had culminated in the discovery of the Black Tomb Of The Nameless. Druid explained that the then ruler of ancient Egypt, Rama Tut (See Rama Tut entry), had imprisoned an enemy “from beyond the stars”, striking her name from history all in an attempt to break her hold over his slaves. Apparently this was done to quell an uprising within his own court as well. The team was made up of Dr. Damian, Professor Stoker, the psychic Leah Barns, a Professor Taylor, & the mystic Nicolas Scratch (see Salem’s Seven entry).

Druid informed me that Taylor and Stoker had been in possession of two artifacts from the tomb, both of which are now missing. Taylor and Stoker were also now deceased having had their throats ripped to shreds.

Druid went on to explain that what the party had uncovered artifacts unknown to Earth. Dr. Damian speculated these to be of the Kree designation (see Kree entry). He has had previous interactions with these interstellar artifacts. As I discussed these items of interest with the two doctors Damian’s daughter Amelia, who had just come from an ill-fated meeting with Mrs. Barnes, interrupted us. She had with her the third artifact and the blood of Leah Barnes on her person. She explained that upon her arrival in Barnes’ home forces unknown had rendered her unconscious, when she awoke Mrs. Barnes throat had been ripped asunder. She ran in terror bringing with her the item her father had requested. I find myself attracted to this lovely creature, yet cautiously suspicious of her tale.

After walking the grounds and securing the manor I allowed Druid and Damian to continue to speculate while I took tea with Ms. Taylor. She is a truly enchanting creature to say the least, and the chemistry between us is alarming. Amelia has confided in me that she fears that she is now the target of whoever is at the heart of this mystery.

November 7th, 1971
Amelia and assist her father in his pouring through his archives on Kree presence during the reign of Rama Tut. Druid has become content with contacting his associates stateside about this mysterious Nicolas Scratch. I find my concentration being drawn away from research and being focused on Amelia. Her presence is intoxicating and frightening. My enhanced senses have revealed an unidentifiable aura that permeates her being. Could this be the source of my attraction, or is it truly something more?

November 8th, 1971
Damian is a vegetable. Something unsettling has rendered him catatonic. Druid claims that Nicolas Scratch is behind it all, some mad attempt to raise this Nameless Entombed “Goddess”. Druid fears Scratch that much is clear. At least he’s found that Scratch is here in London. I’ve not been able to tear myself away from Ms. Taylor, I’m not sure I want to. Duty calls so I’m off to confront this mysterious Mr. Scratch with Amelia Taylor in tow. With any luck I’ll be able to solve this by the end of the night.

November 9th, 1971
I’ve been a fool. Amelia was a pawn in a much more dangerous game than I realized. Scratch has found the name of this Nameless “Goddess”, Telra-Rogg. Upon awaking from being rendered unconscious by Amelia’s power I was able to gleam the following information from the Dark Books Of Kulan Gath (see Kulan Gath entry). Telra-Rogg is/was a Kree renegade, possibly some sort of alien mystic (?) or Celestial Madonna (see Mantis entry) figure, who came to earth during the Hyborian Age (see Conan entry). There she studied under the mighty Kulan Gath. Gath exposed her to the might of the unknowable Shuma-Gorath (see Shuma-Gorath entry); upon doing that she became some sort of Malign Intelligence (see Kree Supreme Intelligence). Gath and Telra-Rogg where defeated by Conan the Cimmerian in a bloody battle in Stygia.

Eventually Telra-Rogg resurfaced during Rama Tut’s dynasty usurping him as the Black Queen of the Nile. After a two-year shadow war Tut and his followers were able to overcome her sorceries and alien science to imprison her in a tomb to languish in un-death. Dr. Damian’s team uncovered her; I believe an elaborate scheme by Nicolas Scratch, and in the process but a 20-year plan into place. I believe Amelia Taylor to be a clone of Telra-Rogg. This would explain her identical appearance to the Black Queen of the Nile, as well as her bizarre energy signature manifestation, that rendered me unconscious, similar to the tales told of the Malign Intelligence in Gath’s writing. Her power is so devastating that it has effectively neutered the power of Druid. Currently Scratch and Ms. Taylor are on their way to Egypt. As I write this I am making preparations to follow. They must be stopped at all costs…

November 12th, 1971
I conferred with Druid in London via my LSD screen. He has been digging diligently into the history of this Black Queen of the Nile. He believes Scratch means to summon Bast, Anubis, & Set (see Egyptian Pantheon entry) to the Prime Material Plane using Ms. Taylor as a conduit in order to fully free Telra-Rogg. Is she an unwilling pawn or is something more sinister at play here? Upon summoning these Gods what does Scratch plan next? Surely they will not be ‘happy’ to be forced to the Prime Material Plane? I’m missing something here, but I can’t place my finger on it. The screen’s strain has greatly weakened me, I must rest.

November 14th, 1971
As I set imprisoned in the Sphinx of Rama Tut I contemplate the fate that awaits me, to be the betrothed of the Black Queen’s vessel. They mean to sacrifice me. Damn Scratch and his evil genius. I must conserve my strength and meditate. My only hope is that Druid can arrive in time.

November 18th, 1971
I’ll live. I’m not sure how else describe what has happened.

After my last entry I was dressed for the occasion by Scratch’s followers. As I was brought into the musty throne room of Rama Tut I bore witness to a portal of unknowable power. Stripped of my vestments, luckily they missed my hidden LSD screen, I was unable however to access it to appropriately scan or document the energy readings contained within its spiraling tendrils. Suffice to say I was fearful as the mindless minions pushed me forward and through the portal. When my vision finally was restored I found myself marveling at the view. The sun, the stars, the Earth itself lay before me in the Black Queen of the Nile’s Tomb on the Moon. This is not my first time on the surface of another world (see Case Files #23, 52, & 80), but is the most awe-inspiring.

At that moment I found myself sure that no force on earth could help me. Scratch performed the foul ceremony binding me to the fetching Ms. Taylor, and began beseeching the ancient Gods to awaken and grace us with their presence. As Bast, Anubis, and even Set where pulled to the Prime Material Plane the mighty Telra-Rogg finally awoke. Her hand outstretched she began pulling the very life essence from Ms. Taylor and myself, not only weakening us, but aging us both, stealing our very essence to fuel her rebirth. The pain was excruciating. Simultaneously the three Egyptian deities of old began to recognize their dilemma, they had been tricked!

Scratch & Telra-Rogg meant to feed them to the great and terrible Shuma-Gorath! As Gorath emerged from the corners of space and time a titanic battle commenced. Set & Anubis, putting petty squabbles aside, desperately tried to avoid the menacing tendrils and hideous gaze of the All Seeing Eye, Shuma-Gorath, all the while Bast attempted to crack the mystical shield separating her from Scratch & Telra-Rogg’s aberrant ritual.

When things seemed to be at their bleakest there was a waning in the drain of life. Dr. Druid’s astral form lay between the energy conduits effectively cutting it off from the two of us. Amelia lay breathing shallowly, but alive. I on the other hand found my strength and vigor returning as Bast bathed me in mystical might. As she returned her attention to the now attacking Telra-Rogg, Bast was unable to prevent Scratch from banishing the good Doctor’s astral form from the tomb. I took the opportunity to attach my LSD screen to the Kree technology. Alien vistas and mentality assaulted my senses and threatened to overcome my very being. I was able to refocus though and reroute my psychedelic science into what I gathered to be the engines of a Kree starship. Using not only that but also my knowledge of the arcane arts to draw upon the ambient energy of the conflagration occurring around me I was able to turn the thrust of the ship inwards, effectively ripping a hole in space time to some sort of Negative or Null Space (see Negative Zone entry).

Set & Anubis effectively forced the decreasing might of Shuma-Gorath back to whatever reality it calls home, while Bast fell before the might of Malign Intelligence and Scratch’s mystic power. I realized the situation had become beyond dire as Telra-Rogg’s black thought tentacles began corrupting the stability of all three of the Egyptian entities.

Seeing her shunting between time and space I found only one option. I took Ms. Taylor, poor Amelia, and pushed her physical from into the insubstantial form of Telra-Rogg. The resulting expulsion of psychic residue left all parties flat on their backs just as the room began to melt into the ever-expanding Null Zone. The blast had banished Set, Anubis, & Bast back to their own realm and effectively sealed Shuma-Gorath in its dimension. The backlash fused the LSD screen into my brain searing my psyche. I fear the damage permanent.

Scratch escaped in the commotion through the portal back to Earth. As the Kree ship continued to fold in upon itself I bore witness to the full integration of Amelia and Telra-Rogg. Madness, regret, and knowledge beyond comprehension integrated with hope, love, and the innocence of youth. As this new Black Queen of the Nile took her throne she both grinned manically at me while tears of pain ran down her perfect cheek. As the Malign Intelligence began to re-manifest itself around her she bade me leave back to Earth.

I obeyed, less out of my own willpower and more out of the force of her unknowable mind. I stood in horrible realization of what I had done, what I had witnessed in the portal watching the Tomb of the Black Queen of the Nile, Amelia Telra-Rogg, slip effortlessly between the folds of space and time into the Null Zone. I know not what occurred next as I feel into blessed unconsciousness.

November 19th, 1971
I still do not feel refreshed from the events that occurred. The LSD screen has caused damage to my cerebral cortex. My frontal lobe has been severed from my amygdale. It’s as if my brain is at war, or maybe it’s just my inability to cope with or even understand what I have seen, what I was forced to do. Dr. Damian has fully recovered and is holding a service for Ms. Taylor. I will not attend the proceedings for my “bride” for she is not dead.

November 21st, 1971
Dr. Druid and I are on our way back to America. He has sworn to find and destroy Nicolas Scratch. I am on my way back to my manor on Lake Superior. I’ve realized that the connection I made to the Kree starship has flooded my mind with alien technology.

The result is I find my frontal lobe racing with possibility; interstellar travel, this Null Zone, cloning, etc. I will need to concentrate and meditate on these matters. I’m afraid to allow the screaming in my brain that is the fear & loathing in my amygdale voice as it would shatter me, driving me mad. I can only coldly calculate on the fate of the Tomb of the Black Queen of the Nile.

Case Closed.


How ‘bout some


- Last night I watched the newest episode of The Avengers, and it was GLORIOUS! It had all the old school comic beats, the characterization was dead on, & we got to watch the Hulk smash the crap out of everything and everyone. I love that “the old order CHANGETH!” has already come to fruition in three episodes. I seriously love this cartoon.
- I then took some time to watch Hammer Film’s Blood Of The Mummy’s Tomb (**** out of 5). I had missed it when TCM showed it a few weeks ago; luckily I have it on disc. It’s a different take on the Mummy that’s for sure; the movie is actually loosely based on “The Jewel Of Seven Stars” story by Bram Stoker! I’ve never read that work, but now I’ll have to. It’s slightly bizarre in nature but I really dug the changes in the ‘mythology’ of movie mummies. Oh not to mention Valerie Leon is easy on the eyes.
- Here is another Marvel SAGA Campaign teaser from earlier in the week as I think it’s good as well;

Twin Cities Cape Beat
By: Stanley Simmons

This Month in capes history;

o In 1983 The Ghostronaught retired from “Active Duty” in the upper Midwest after stopping the Crime Cartel from taking over Professor Thaddeus Steele’s inert Space Zeppelin giving them access to all of the long lost heroes invention & technology. The Space Zeppelin had been ‘out of phase’ with our earth since 1969. Of the Crime Cartel’s membership Mr. Lao, La Peregrin, Simon Says all perished as well as one of Steele’s erstwhile compatriots from the 1930’s, the Grey Ghost. The Space Zeppelin is scheduled to reappear in ‘our’ space in 2011.

o In 1999 the Twin Cities was rocked by an invasion attempt by the dreaded Xmnu The Titan. Only the timely intervention of the Great Lakes Avengers, Sun Girl, & The Golden King prevented Xmnu from beginning a one monster invasion of the Midwest. Tragically, The Golden King would never awake from the mental assault by this assailant from beyond the stars.

o In 2004 Chicago say the first ‘Modern’ incarnation of the Crime Cartel as their plan to steal the Sears Tower was thwarted, due to the timely intervention of the short lived super team The Seven.

o In 2005 Minneapolis The Seven disbands after Commando Kody, the Space Ranger, & The Strange Visitor are killed in a deadly battle with the Crime Cartel. On the Cartel’s side Pantheon and The Red Menace were also mortally wounded. Tyrantosaurus X & The Manvil both escaped custody four days later.

o In 2008 Dallas the 1940’s super patriot Ole’ Glory, aka Rory Taylor, was laid to rest. At the proceedings son of Ole’ Glory enemy Blitzkrieg, Abel Reinhard turned himself in after a botched attempt to bomb the proceedings. Abel was sentenced to 10 years in the ‘Deep Freeze’. At his sentencing he vowed to redeem himself and his family name after serving his time.

Celebrity News!

- Celebutaunt daughter of the aforementioned Professor Steele, “Hot Tub” Jonni Steele is scheduled to return to the Twin Cities after wrapping on her latest film endeavor in Japan. The indestructible diva has publicly said she is looking into the I.P.’s of her father’s Steele Corporation. Currently Steele Corp. is in the midst of a hostile take over by Baintronics.

- The law firm of Hammer & Kline has successfully defended local crime celebrity Mokole Membe aka The Crimo-dile again from an extended prison sentence for racketeering and attempted murder. Even after expert testimony from Dr. Edgar Starr, the cities leading ‘cape’ psychologist, the alleged Reptilian Crime Boss is free again. Key in his release was the public discrediting of Dr. Starr as it was released he is the son of deceased super villain Elihas Starr aka Egghead. None of the parties could be reached for further comment.

- Former Korean War super hero standout Edward Sothal, known as The Indestructible Man, continues to mull over a run at the Senate. Just as former NFL star Phil Grayfield has entered his name in the Governor’s race. Rumor’s abound that Grayfield may have to publicly disclose what is widely speculated that he once moonlighted as little known 1990’s mystery man NFL SuperPro before being fully vetted by the Republican party. He already has the financial support of the New World PAX, a non-profit grass roots organization that has rallied strong support with the upper Midwest’s most affluent individuals.

- Forgoing his floundering comedy career Griffin Gogol, aka Captain Ultra aka, has been spotted in the Twin Cities and as far south as Des Moines where he has been able to stop two bank robbers by Koo Koo & Tick Tock, as well as a property destruction laden fist fight with Rolly Polly& long time New York villain The Looter, both escaped capture. Time will tell if this semi-well known hero is looking to make the upper Midwest his new home.

- Last but not least the re-opening & re-christening of the UCWF to the UCFF, Unlimited Class Fighting Federation, kicks off in a little over a month with a tournament to decide their Earth Heavy Weight Champion. Announced participants are; Armadillo, Jersey Devil, El Zorro de Plata, Cowgirl, Poundcakes, Yoshin “Thunder” Kaiman, Vice, & G.I. Bro! Tickets are still available.

I don’t really have anything else. Imagine that brevity from me?

“All day I grunt and groan
Gotta haul that stone
All day I work and toil
Gotta dig that soil

Dig (dig) (dig) (dig)
Diggin' up the world

All day I excavate
Uproot and agitate
Gotta dig for all I'm worth
Gotta move that earth

Dig (dig) (dig) (dig)
Diggin' up the world

I'm diggin' up the world
But I still haven't found that girl

Dig (dig) (dig) (dig)
Diggin' up the world

All day I grunt and groan
Gotta haul that stone
All day I work and toil
Gotta dig
Gotta dig
Gotta dig
Gotta dig that soil

Dig (dig) (dig) (dig)
Diggin' up the world”

* = Amelia Telra-Rogg walking the corridors of her Temple...

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