Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eragon Vs. Little Shop Of Horrors


I want you to check because it’s amazing what a man with some time, a love of World Works Games incredible products, a Robocutter, and a plan can accomplish;
Here’s at least a taste…

Amazing. So speaking of gaming tables, I want to make one next year, a real proper Gaming Table. That means buying a board, getting some insulate board, a cutter, flock, and all the trimmings. I want to build something I can use for the TOTAL SCI-FI SKIRMISH WAR that Mike and I are planning on busting out, oh and yes Dave your invited as well. But also I want to be able to use it for Fantasy War Games, and of course D&D.

Oh D&D. The monthly D&D group is informally on permanent hiatus. We just ran out of consistent players. I can’t ask Mike, Dave, and especially Cassandra to continue to play a game that would be more for me than for them. Fourth Edition just doesn’t work with a three-person party. I think what hurts me personally besides the money thing, which would be all the money I spent, is the lack of response I got to telling those peripheral individuals in the game that it was on hiatus because we didn’t have a consistent party. I know you set-up, do the grunt work of DMing, buy supplies, make sure people are fed, and try to make sure they have a good time for them, not for yourself, but I’ll be damned if I’m not hurt by this.

I invested tons of time on D&D. A lot of heart and soul gets poured into things when it’s your imagination doing the work. When a thing is built off the back of your imagination it’s a personal thing, and when that thing is minimized, or dismissed, or just ignored by folks who you’ve done this for it hurts. Now will I kick the game back up if we get a fourth person consistently, you bet your ass! But for now I really feel like I let those folks down somehow, let myself down by thinking this would go on indefinitely, and wasted a ton of time and money on something that in the end only myself and a handful of stalwart friends cared about at all.

And that my friends hurts.

How ‘bout some


- Avengers tonight! The episode is entitled “Everything Is Wonderful”. Wonder Man perhaps?

- I’m almost done with the third Gotrek & Felix Omnibus. I have to say that Orcslayer, part two of the third Omnibus, was damn depressing. It was sort of a reminder that “HEY, this is the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, and there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS!” Don’t get me wrong it’s still good, and I’m eagerly awaiting the end, but it needs a positive pick me up somewhere.
- The shining brilliance that is Chris Sims did a review on Comic Alliance of the new Batman Porn, and it is HI-larious.
- My pal, and yours, Dave is starting a J-Pop/J-Rock, the ‘J’ standing for Japanese project. I’m not huge on that style of music; in fact I’m not really even a fan, that being said I’m extremely excited to hear this. The current name of the project is Vending Machine. The idea is that he’ll write the lyrics in English then do them in really poor Japanese. I know the music will be amazing, as 1,000 Suns, Waves Of Mercury, The Endless, and even Grant Brother’s Moving Company all are immensely incredible. It’s always humbling to know & be friends with someone that talented. In fact it’s amazing to know people like Heidi who is a fantastic painter and cartoonist, Steve Gilpin is a well known artist and the guy who got me hooked on Anthrax, Justine Cline used to draw me kick ass pictures of Iron Man when I was in 5th grade now he’s a published author, ‘Justy Timbo’ is a fantastic artist and musician when he’s not Pimping People’s Bows and getting his own reality T.V. show, and the list goes on and on. I hope that those of you who are so talented realize how much it is like walking among the ‘elite’ for us poor schlubs.
- It’s hilarious that Childress is so hated by the media, his own players, possibly some of his coaches, & especially the fans. Sure he’s an unfunny & unimaginative douche, but until he’s fired he’s still OUR unfunny & unimaginative void of personality douche.
- I just said “our” in relation to the Vikings. I think I’ve partaken of the Purple Kool-Aid. Will they revoke my Chief’s fan cred for that?

I think that’s all I can do today…

“Bitte Respekt meinen Wunsch
Ich bin ein Wissenschaftler
Ich tu was ich kann
Ich bin nicht verrá¼kt

Unterbreche dieses nicht
Es ist viel zu delikat
Es ist Versicherungsleistung
Fá¼r alle Menschheit

Dieses ist Unverschá¤mtheit
Wohin nehmt ihr mich?

Ihr macht ein grossen Fehler
Ihr kommt mit diesen nicht weg
Wo ist meine Schreibarbeit?
VerlaáŸt mich sofort

Dieses ist Unverschá¤mtheit
Wohin nehmt ihr mich?

This is an outrage
Where are you taking me?”

* = Visit lovely Innsmouth!

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