Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wildcats Vs. Blue Chips

* = Yeah I'm a Wonder Man fan, what of if!?

Last night was another new episode of the Avengers. It’s the first time since the new series started that I’ve been less than bouncing off the walls with the decisions made. Let me start by saying I’m a Wonder Man fan. I know that some people hate him, or look at him as a dismissible character, but he came back to the Avengers, in the comics, at about the time I started reading. I was an avid West Coast Avengers guys and he, in my humble opinion, was the cog that made that book go. I always liked the idea of a guy who had the choice between hero and villain, and took the side of light. In addition he’s just a classic ‘nice guy’ brick. So my issues with the cartoon were Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, is sort of an easily led idiot, in addition we don’t get the green and red suit except in a sort of Easter egg fashion.

Now for the good; M.O.D.O.K. was just friggin’ awesome! The Thor and Wasp team-up was fantastic. We get the explanation of why Cap doesn’t know Nick Fury the way most of ‘us’ think he should. Tony Stark is a complete bastard, and Hank Pym lets him know repeatedly, not to mention some insanely intriguing mentions of Ultron. “Wonder Man”-Buster Iron Man armor that was a both a surprise and really neat. There were a ton of extras as well, like the Cosmic Cube, Grim Reaper, and the assembling of the Masters of Evil towards the end of the episode. So while I wasn’t blow out of the water it was still incredible. Next week we FINALLY get the Black Panther, a trip to Wakanda, Man-Ape, and of course KLAW!

I finished the Third Gotrek & Felix Omnibus (**** out of 5) last night.

I didn’t get the resolution to Ulrika and Felix that I wanted or even hoped for; instead it was left for another tale. The final battle in Manslayer was a bit hard to follow, but entertaining. In fact overall I really did enjoy Manslayer the most out of all of the Gotrek & Felix tales I’ve read so far. Now that this Omnibus is done I have to restart my mission to find the 1st Omnibus as soon as possible. It demands to be read.

I’m feeling like a bit of


- If I can get the Marvel SAGA Campaign to have a similar vibe to the Avengers cartoon, mixed with Soon I Will Be Invincible, then I’ll be completely satisfied.
- I’m trying to figure out the color scheme for my Sci-Fi army. I’m thinking old school British Red and White. There’s something about the “Red Coat” color scheme that I love. All though there is something to be said for the grey and black Stormtrooper look.
- November 26th will be the premier of Young Justice. Just one problem, that’s the night we get the two part EPIC Avengers episodes, “Gamma World”! Not to mention Young Justice will not be on going until January. Gawd dammit Cartoon Network get your shit together, things like this are incredibly annoying.
- Good luck today Joe!
- I’ve been spending some time on Beasts Of War dot com, and it’s a fantastic website. I’ve been gleaming a lot of painting tips there, and I might, MIGHT even paint a bit this weekend. The big thing is it’s inspired me to really make a go in the spring of building a gaming table. It’s a great site for gamers.
- I really would like some chili this weekend.

There is no better cure for apathy than an easy day. Thank you easy day…

“She was the queen of an evil galaxy
Living off the money she suckered from me
She wasn't satisfied living by the airport in Queens
Can you tell me now what any of it means?

Now listen
I see no point in trying to get you to listen
Your hypnotised by the camera you're kissing
My dogs are barking, man
All your cats are hissing tonight
Nothing gets settled when our animals fight
You look good in pictures but I think that the attention's going to your brain
Hey little sister why do I only see you on the white train?

Riding on the white train
Riding on the white train
Riding on the white train
Riding on the white train


Now you got yourself into a sticky situation
But I don't make moves unless there's some reciprocation
I gotta know now should I be anticipating love
Or will you slap me with your bitches' gloves?

Satan destroys you
But Jesus puts you in a bowl and smokes you
Hey little sister!
Your dreams are dying living on the white avenue

Living on the white avenue
Living on the white avenue”

* = The water is still...To still?


  1. Yes! Good luck Joe! (Wait, what are we wishing him luck for, and who is Joe?)

    I need some luck as well. The BIG interview is tomorrow at 1pm. Please everyone, send me some positive energy at that time! I'm not nervous, I'm actually excited. It isn't like I haven't felt I've been on audition for the job for a full 6 weeks already anyways.

    Oh, and Duluth peeps: Roller derby at the DECC on Sat. Be there, or I'll pummel you.

    Happy Thursday Ben!

  2. Feel that H.? It's all the positivity I can muster flyin' your way at supersonic speed!
    How are my zombies?

  3. The zombies seem all right, I'm not happy with my choice of paint, my stash of paint just isn't giving them the luster I want. I'm working on it. But thanks for the good vibes. Send them tomorrow at 1pm.

  4. AWESOME! I know you'll get the job because you DESERVE IT!
    As for the Zombies I figure you'll do the magic that you do and then I'll get 'em when you send 'em. Although I do have some more Zombies, Skeletons, and even some awesome Ghouls cut out, I haven't glued them yet. If your interested I can glue them, OR I could even let you put them together. Which in my opinion is the most fun anyways.
    Did you watch any of the MST3K I made for you yet? I am especially eager to hear your impressions of Cinematic Titanic.