Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moon Vs. It Conquered The World

I hadn’t realized how little I’d blogged of late until I visited the ole’ blogspot and attempted to get caught up on all the blogs I read, and yes Virginia there are a ton of them and they are all amazing. I’ve come to realize that I really am blogging for no other reason that to ‘hear my own voice’. It’s just lately there has been so much going on, time has been at a premium, and best of all I’ve had plenty of folks to vent to, so the blog has sort of become a luxury.

It’s not that it’s a bad luxury, it’s just I haven’t had time for it. So today is a bit different. Today I have some time. The thing is I find myself in a quandary over what to talk about. So here are


1) Snowpocalypse – Having made the drive home Saturday night from “The Cloud” at around midnight we got to witness firsthand the power of Mother Nature. The roads were insane; wind, ice, freezing mist, cars in the ditch, cars upside down, 694/394 split completely shut down, dogs & casts living together, MASS HYSTERIA!

So to hear that today was going to be part II of the weather terrorist’s newest “End Of Days” scenario I have some trepidations about the commute home. Oh and for the record I don’t hate shoveling I hate shoveling super heavy wet snow, but I digress. I have hopes that we’ll be able to avoid this round, but I’m realistic enough to understand that if I’m stuck in a car in a weather emergency at least it’s with my best friend, Cassandra.

2) Miniatures – Currently I’m painting; I’ve been painting a lot lately, although it’s slowed this week due to some numbness in my right hand. What I’ve gotten done has been fantastic, but what I’ve got planned could be spectacular! You see all the minis, all billion of them, I’m working on are fantasy stuff, but with the Sci-Fi Campaign on the verge of happening I’m starting to plot and plan out my army. Supposedly today that sweet deal I was able to find from Ireland will arrive, $30.00 bucks for 180 sprues of Sci-Fi bliss. This along with all the bits I have been assembling, alone with Mike’s stuff, and anything Josey & Dave can bring to the table gives all of us an amazing amount of options about crafting some crazy stuff. They'll just have to learn that in my basement there is ONLY WAR! Surprisingly enough I’m looking forward to killing them as much as simply putting the minis together, that’s probably a nice compliment to the No Limits rules system we’re going to use.

3) Home Day Care – Maybe you’ve heard the rumors, the sinister mumblings, or that faint whisper on the very winter wind itself, so let me allay or confirm your fears. It’s true. Cassandra is going to open her own Licensed Home Day Care. It won’t happen till next year, but it’s going to happen. The reasoning is simple, we have some friends who have children who are being taken to the cleaners paying for day care, and so we’ll be providing a cheaper option. This will allow Cassandra to get back to working with children, which she desperately misses. In addition it will allow us to have a brood of our own, which hopefully will quell the ‘Baby Fever’ that has burning within my wife since M&C had Mason. Best of all it will give her the chance to be her own boss and get back on track in regards to her Master’s Degree. This is a win/win/win situation for us. It’s a big deal. It’s going to be a LOT of work, the work is in progress as I write and it’ll remain in progress until the first day she has families into the fold. I’m excited about this next chapter in our lives.

4) Cartoons – So if you’ve even glanced at this blog in the last three months you’ll know how I’ve gushed over the Avengers Cartoon, which has an hour-long episode on Friday! Friday night also is the debut of Young Justice on Cartoon Network. We still have the Venture Brothers hour-long season finale on the DVR to watch, AND I’ve just read that after Friday night’s hour-long ‘Gamma World’ episode the Avengers will be back on December 5th with an episode entitled ‘Masters Of Evil’!

All this and there’s a kick ass looking Firebreather flick coming out on Cartoon Network as well. It’s good to be a super hero cartoon lover right now.

5) Cassandra – There is very little to say or go into detail about here, but the reality is she’s my best friend. I can’t think of another person I’d rather spend all my time with, to lounge on the couch with, to shovel the driveway with, to brave the shopping & Black Friday landscape with, to sit through the Vikings sucking with, or to watch a MST3K starring Peter Graves & Lee Van Cleef with. She’s just the best.

How ‘bout some


- Childress is gone, and yet I’m still listening to talking heads on KFAN bash Farve relentlessly. I like the fact that they aren’t piling on Childress, but I think that they’ve lost all perspective on the team. The defense has been, at best, inconsistent and at worse a wreck. The offensive line has looked weak, and the receiving corps has been depleted. Farve hasn’t played well, but you win as a team, you LOSE as a team. I’m not even a Vikings guy, and I’m sick of hearing this crap.
- It looks like we’re finally going to get an episode four of Incognito Cinema Warriors XP! I’m incredibly excited.
- I was able to get my hands on the 5th Edition Warhammer 40K starter, Assault On Black Reach,

on the super cheap off Ebay awhile back. There is a lot of good stuff in there to put together. Now I just need some ideas on how to use the Orks. I really wish Games Workshop wasn’t so damn greedy, because damn do they make a nice plastic miniature.
- We’re sneaking off to see Harry Potter sometime in the next week, Cassandra can barely contain her excitement, and I have to admit I’m really interested. If it’s even half as good as the reviews about it then it might live up to the hype.
- I can’t believe College Basketball has already started. Even more incredible is that I’ve watched games not involving KU. Oh and scarier than that I’ve watched bits and pieces of the Timberwolves playing. Frightening.
- Speaking of which someone turn on the lights it’s Darko in here…

And with that I’m done, have a good holiday.

“Saw you the other day
Looking so undermined
Acting like it wouldn't happen
Making sense of anything that you could find

Because it's just about to happen
And you'll be there
You must have known the storm was coming
When clouds appeared

May as well let the rain come down
And join the circus of people
While you're there

Something is changing
Bruising and taking
And I'm trying to find out what it is
When I fix her, she's breaking
Reason keeps escaping me
Protecting the villain like a cyst

I know that I can help you
I just don't fucking want to
And the feeling is stronger by the day
Say that I'm selfish
But I know you need this
And I'm just so sick of the chase

While you are letting your guard down
I will be letting myself go
While you keep running your ship aground
I will be setting myself alight

Too late, you dropped the drawbridge
You let the vampires in
You caused this shit to happen,
and now you want out?

Too late, you dropped the drawbridge
You let the vampires in
I hope you know now that
it's nobodie's fault but yours!

While you are letting your guard down
I will be letting myself go
While you keep running your ship aground
I will be setting myself alight”

* = Jack Kirby just thought he should remind you to be THANKFUL!

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