Friday, November 19, 2010

Get Your “Learn” On…

It’s been a weird week. It was my lovely wife’s birthday, I spent a bunch of time in bed out of it, and I’ve been insanely busy. So I’ll keep it short and sweet today, well maybe not sweet.


Yeah, before you ask, that IS Jango Fett as Abin Sur! Crazy. This looks promising. It looks like it’s going to embrace the Space Cop vibe, as well as the anything goes of a guy whose power is to make anything he imagines with a magic ring as long as he’s strong willed enough who happens to be a space cop. Also Sinestro just looks amazing. Oh and sure Hector Hammond has a Leader vibe to him, but that’s cool, ‘cause I love(s) me some leader.


So it looks like we are FINALLY going to see what’s going on at The Cube. The Leader took control of it, along with the Abomination & The Absorbing Man, during “The Breakout” two-parter. NOW we get a two-part Gamma World a week from today. I think we’ll get to see the Leader detonate a Gamma Bomb, the return of the Hulk, and maybe some ugly throw-downs between Thor and some of the gamma powered former inmates of The Cube. If we’re lucky it’ll be an episode chock full of the U-Foes!


You know this looks very intriguing. If I can find a copy I’m going to watch the hell out of it. Y’see I’m not a big Warhammer 40K fan, but I am getting ready for a Sci-Fi war gaming campaign with Mike, and maybe Dave, so it’ll be put me in the mood. I’m thinking my Empire will be based on the British Empire, I’ll be using Red, White, & Gold as my colors. I’ll be a spanning Empire beginning to decline. I think I’m also going to try and make it so the reason some of my troops are special is due to a previous encounter with a Galactus type entity, or maybe a Great Old One, who tried to consume my stellar sovereignty only to be beaten back. I’m thinking this campaign will be our World War One only on a cosmic scale. Could be good stuff.


So Sludge on the Power Trip Morning show on KFAN has got me interested in this band. They’re a bit all over the place sound wise, and that’s fine. I have to say they have a cover of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets that I really REALLY love. So check it!


So I just finished this book (*** ½ out of 5) the other day. You know it’s decent, in fact it’s better than decent, it’s entertaining. The lead characters are fleshed out without being fantasy pastiches, the action is tight and non-repetitive, and the ending is satisfying while giving the book room for a sequel. The basic premise is Magiere, our heroine, is a monster hunter. We find out that all is not as it seems as her and her half-elf partner Leesil, along with his dog/wolf, Chap are running a grift. They play at hunting monsters. Magiere decides to give up the game and retire, but old enemies, even those you really haven’t even made, die-hard. It has a nice vibe of two rogues becoming real heroes almost despite themselves. Like I said there is room for a sequel, or it being a series, so I might keep my eyes open for other books by these two authors, because all in all this was a really fun read.


Cowboys & Aliens

This looks intriguing…


I know I’ve mentioned it before but Beasts Of War dot com is friggin’ AWESOME! I used some their advice and I’ve been able to hammer out some minis quickly and to a standard I’m very happy with. The washing works very well, and it makes me very eager to use the Army Painter dips that I have, since they both wash and seal. Overall I’m as excited and productive painting as I’ve ever been, which is good since I only have a million minis to paint, and with Sci-Fi War on the horizon that’s only going to get bigger.

Hmmm, how ‘bout some


- Last night my wife graced me with allowing me to watch The Avengers, “Panther’s Quest”, last night. You know it was a damn good episode. I know last week I was somewhat critical of the way Wonder Man was portrayed, and I was a bit skittish with the direction they were taking the Black Panther, but after finishing the episodes, I’m more than o.k. with T’Challa being kind of a dick. Hell he’s a king, a great fighter, brilliant, and driven. He’s basically African King Batman. So the idea that he and Iron Man don’t care for one another is fabulous, and I love the idea that he and Captain America seem to have some sort of mutual respect. What I didn’t care as much for is Cap being characterized as simply a soldier who blindly follows orders, now if they show that this is just him sort of struggling with his “Man Out Of Time” phase that’s cool. However if he’s just there to be ordered around by, the very dislikable, Tony Stark character, then that just isn’t kosher. Oh, and where the HELL was Thor? I know the Avenger’s characters were wondering and so was I. And Cassandra…
- We made and consumed Chicken Parmesan last night and it was outstanding.

We’ll I’ve lost track of my mind. I have no idea where I was going next, so I’ll just be done…

“Release the spores
All's lost and there's nothing gained
Your time is through
Chasing a worthless fate
Wasting your mind, rotting inside

All of the dreams for your life now have died

Alien mind, ancestral memories
Released in time
Progress and savagery
Scavenging waste, conquest in space

All of the memories of life gone to waste

First in a line
Heading towards mastery
Why waste your time?
Seeking out clemency
You're left behind
Body and mind

All those before you, just slaves to the grind

It's your god-given right
I suppose I would let you win”

* = Fear the Purple Worm!

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