Monday, December 13, 2010

Chariots Of Fire Vs. Ice Pirates

* = This looks like my front yard circa Sunday morning...

I apparently owe an apology to Twin Cities’ area ‘Weather Terrorists’. I’m sorry. You were right. It was a Snowpocalypse from Friday night through Saturday. We got just about two feet of snow. Let that sink in for a second. TWO FLIPPIN’ FEET OF F’N SNOW! In two days it took us roughly 3 and a half hours to get our driveway clear, cut a path for the mailman, and make it possible for us to actually leave our home. Saturday the wind was so brutal you could clear a path and within five minutes there was an inch or so already there, it was nuts. Sunday wasn’t horrible, but it was brutally cold. Although not as cold as today, a series of days like this make me wonder why I live here.

Then I remember just how pretty it can be here even in winter. It’s like I live on Hoth, without the sweet Tauntauns.

Anywho, we did manage to make it to “The Cloud” for the combined b-day of myself and Mom-in-Law. It was a good time as the niece and nephew gave me a makeover, and then because their idea of brushing my head is bludgeoning me with a brush, they then used their doctor’s kit to patch me up. It was as cute as it sounds, except for the beating I took. The food was fantastic, I received some sweet swag, and this year’s Holiday Card picture is insane. In fact I challenge those of you that get one to find the ‘Easter Egg’ in it.

Well because I’m bored and my life is usually comfortably boring, how ‘bout that


- If you missed the Metrodome collapsing you really owe it to yourself to go watch it. It’s simultaneously frightening and cool. Watching that makes us getting a roof rake to get the drifts off our house and garage feel urgent.
- Stranglehold is Ted Nugent’s best song and if you disagree with my I will fight you!
- Saturday night why I prayed for death while aching from two hours of shoveling and dreading the shoveling to come on Sunday Cassandra and I watched the Pony Express (**** out of 5 Stars) documentary on the rise, fall, and rise of the SMU football program. It was fascinating. For a university, or a bunch of universities for that matter, to cheat so obviously, so brazenly is just not a possibility in the modern NCAA. It was no wonder why SMU got the ‘Death Penalty’ for their football program. What I found the most incredible was the lack of accountability that all involved showed from Craig James & Eric Dickerson, to Ron Meyer’s used car salesman attitude, and all the way the boosters who paid these players. Oh and the political fallout of the school president also being a once and future Texas governor being in on the whole thing and LYING over and over again to the NCAA and the media was just dumbfounding. Next to the Ricky Williams documentary that ESPN 30 in 30 has done this was by far their best.
- THE Mom-in-Law hooked me up with a Mexican Chocolate Cake for my birthday and it was sublime.
- Sunday morning I got up early, like I was 8 years old, to watch the Avengers. This week had a Kree Sentry robot landing to scout Earth as a feasible strategic point for the Kree-Skrull War.

We were introduced to Carol Danvers, the future Ms. Marvel/Binary/Warbird, and Captain Mar-vell. I know I bitched a bit about Captain Mar-vell’s look on the cartoon, but I actually really enjoyed the character. The big surprise was the character growth between Hank & Jan. I was pleasantly surprised that they have begun to foster and grow the romantic relationship between the two. They’ve played Hank as the man more interested in Science than personal relationships & Jan as the rich debutante who flaunts herself but secretly pines for just Hank. It was interesting to see Carol Danvers be the one to lecture Jan on how her ‘games’ were eventually just going to drive Hank away. Now the saccharine sweet way this is resolved wasn’t my favorite thing, but it worked. Kudos to the guys who make this show for not being afraid of upping the ante a bit. Oh and the bits of Thor and the Hulk ‘ribbing’ one another was brilliant.
- I am exhausted, still.
- Sunday we were watching the Patriots beat the Bears like they owed them money, & CBS changed it over to the Jets and the Dolphins since it was a ‘better’ game. As we watching this on a punt coverage one of the Jet’s coach, who has now been identified as a Strength & Conditioning Coach took the imperative to stick his leg out and trip a Dolphins ‘gunner’ who had been blocked out of bounds. Not only did he trip the guy, but also he injured him in the process. I can abide a lot of the macho bull s*&t that goes on in the NFL, but this guy should be fired and banned from the NFL. For a non-essential game day coach to impose himself on a game and to cause injury to a player in such a heinous and cowardly way is horrendous. The Jet’s organization should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they don’t win another game.
- Thank you Dave and Liz for the kick ass book.

And with that I’m back to it…

Y equals X over 5
5 to the power of Z (?)
Z (?) is the square root of 3
3 is the number for me
I said

X by the tangent of N
N minus pi over 10
That equals negative 9
Negative 9 is so fine

You've got a brain
And nobody really needs another love song
Love song

N is the product of V
V and the cosine of 3
Cube that and add 44
And not an integer more

V equals 1 through the sum
The sum of 101
And 83 over 5
What is the value of Y?

You've got a brain
And nobody really needs another love song
Love song

You've got a brain
Yeah I heard you've got it”

* = I need to find the Necromunda rules to add this to the Basement Sci-Fi War!


  1. 5 to the power of Z (?)
    Z (?) is the square root of 3

    I always thought it was 'I' and not 'Z'.

  2. Maybe it is 'I'. That sounds better when sing it in my brain.

    Not to mention you have been on a 'car singing' role lately. I'm going with your interpretation!