Friday, December 10, 2010

Carrie 2: The Rage Vs. It, Conquered The World

* = I agree.

I know normally I do some “learning” on Fridays but I just don’t feel like I have that much information to impart to the one person who reads this drivel so instead I’ve decided to talk about


- People who don’t show up. I don’t do things for my own health; I do them for the betterment of folks. I do them so ‘you’ can keep your job. When people just don’t show up, or continually avoid staying within compliance they put me in the worst possible position. One where I cease to care about them, not just as employees or coworkers, but also as people in general.

- Jen Sterger & her representation. So it’s not about money, but ‘justice’? Well why didn’t you just turn in the Baby Cheezus IMMEDIATELY to the Jets organization or the NFL? Instead you hold onto this information, which if it was so heinous and bothered you so much why did you keep it like some trophy? Listen, sexual harassment is wrong, and if Cheezus did it, which I think he did, he should have his comeuppance, but when did blackmail and hanging onto any vague sense of fame become more important? Jen Sterger has shown that fame is more important than her dignity, so isn’t that selling of one’s self just as terrible as getting a text of Farve’s dong?

- The folks who brought us the Steam dot com system. For my birthday I received a copy of Warhammer 40K Dawn Of War II. It’s a beautiful looking game, I just didn’t realize I wasn’t getting the actual “game” I was getting a pass to Steam dot com to play the game there, and to be forced to sign-up with them & with Microsoft LIVE. I spent two hours of my life last night trying to set this up so I could simply play some skirmish, and instead I was ‘blessed’ with getting to see the opening six times not getting one single second of play time. I’m going to give it another go, but thus far I’m beyond disappointed. Oh and for the record not with the gift, which is B.A., but with the folks who so fear Internet piracy that they’ve made a game that is virtually impossible to even get to play.

- Small town doctors. I grew up in a small town; in fact my small town doctor’s son and I were friends. This person who was a “friend” of my family, in my opinion, is responsible for my grandfather’s demise. He missed, repetitively, his cancer until when he finally found it my grandfather got a whole 30 days of life. His incompetence has contributed to my uncle’s stroke, and almost losing his leg. Now he’s working hard to ‘off’ my dad. See it’s not as if he’s holding a gun to his head or chopping him up into pieces, but he and his office are prescribing meds that don’t work, they don’t show any value in him as a human being beyond his ability to provide them $60.00 for an office visit. I know my dad’s in bad shape, and I’m at peace with that, BUT what I can’t abide is someone putting a price on a life. Apparently someone who you once considered ‘friend’ is only worth $60.00 to you as a person. You then are worth less than nothing to me. Pray we never meet in person again.

- Weather terrorists. Remember last night when we were told that the commute this morning was going to be treacherous due to freezing rain last night? I do, because now the same folks who have been so ‘accurate’ are saying from 9pm tonight to 1pm tomorrow expect a foot of snow. A FRIGGIN’ FOOT! I actually don’t mind the idea of going out and shoveling this while Cassandra does her snow blower ‘magic’, what I am irritated by is the fact we have to travel in it. Oh and what bothers me even more than that is the idea that it might now even happen. I know being a meteorologist isn’t all parties and hot chicks, but these guys seriously have a success ratio lower me trying to play Dawn Of War II.

End of rant.

Maybe I’ll be cheered up by some


- We started the MST3K episode “The Incredible Melting Man” last night. I’d never watched it, and I must say it’s the grossest of the MST3K episodes. I know that they had Rick Baker as their special effects guy, AND DAMN if they weren’t determined to get their money’s worth.
- For all my complaining about Dawn Of War II, that opening cut scene is GORGEOUS!
- I’m reading about the WH40K Siege of Vraks in some Forge World book. It’s kinda neat to read about a fake war told in such a historical way. And the best part is the Death Korps Of Krieg, they look insanely cool,

and their history is sweet as well. The great thing about this is it’s giving me TONS of ideas for the Basement Sci-Fi War.

- I’m really hungry for a big eggy breakfast. I’m not sure why. OR some chili. In fact scrambled eggs in chili might be the Diggity.
- Cassandra hooked me up with the first Gotrek & Felix Omnibus. As soon as I finish C.L. Moore’s The Black God’s Kiss I’ll be diving right in. I didn’t know much about Moore as an author other than that she’d been a pioneer in setting up female protagonists in pulp fiction, but I have to say her Jirel of Joiry stories are fantastic. There is some Clack Ashton Smith there, some Howard, and yet something wholly original and intense. It’s fantastic stuff. I found out in my run through Google to remind myself on how to spell Jirel of Joiry that C.L. Moore co-wrote Earth’s Last Citadel (**** out of 5) with her husband Henry Kuttner. Crazy, that I didn’t know that.
- I think I’m going to use Castle Ravenloft as my substitute for D&D, OR maybe my gateway ‘drug’ to draw back in my group.
- I wonder if Adam Richman of Man Vs. Food gets paid well? I mean we watched him eat like a 5 lbs. Stromboli in less than an hour the other night and he looked like he was going to die. The gig is pretty straight forward you know, go to a city and try a eating challenge, but some of those challenges have to take some time off your life expectancy. Again how much is someone’s life worth to another. I think my life might be worth a 12-egg omelet.
- I’d punch an old person and their caregiver for either a hot Italian beef sandwich or some gnocchi right now.
- I have to thank Dave for threatening to cut into Cosmic Encounters time last night just drop off music and a birthday gift. THAT is dedication to a P.L.P.! Luckily I talked him out of his madness so he could get some delicious Wendy’s into him before braving the table of ‘cocks’ that is the Thursday Night Board Gaming Covenant. Next week I’ll be back in, and I can’t wait. Until then, thank you David.

And with that I’m spent…

“Heard it from another room
Eyes were waking up just to fall asleep
Love's like suicide
Dazed out in a garden bed
With a broken neck lays my broken gift
Just like suicide

And my last ditch
Was my last brick
Lent to finish her
Finish her

Bit down on the bullet now
I had a taste so sour
I had to think of something sweet
Love's like suicide

Safe outside my gilded cage
With an ounce of pain
I wield a ton of rage
Just like suicide

With eyes of blood
And bitter blue
How I feel for you
I feel for you

She lived like a murder
How she'd fly so sweetly
She lived like a murder
But she dies
Just like suicide”

* = HI-larious

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