Thursday, December 9, 2010

Polar Express Vs. Elf

* = Comics that's why...

Happy birthday to me, yup, that’s right I hit the big three five yesterday, and surprisingly enough it didn’t freak me out. I need to say thanks to all the well wishers, those who provided me with things like a sweet Natural Light Cake, or Marvel Comics Pub Glasses, or a touching e-mail, OR even just a singing phone call. It’s strange but I’ve come to realize over the last year or so just how much the folks in my “In-Law” family & my friends mean to me. The fact is you can find “family” wherever you go, you make a home out of anywhere you lay your head. It’s not the most pleasant of lessons, but it’s worthwhile. So thank you all.

I’ve been on a tear of watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (ALL episodes Infinite *’s out of 5) of late. It’s been my goal to go back and watch all the episodes I had not seen and yet had. Things like “Being From Another Planet”, “Warrior Of The Lost World”, or “Escape 2000” have really made me long for the show that I consider the best television comedy of all time. When I say long, I mean long for new episodes. I know that we have Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic, and even the very similar in tone Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, but none can seem to just grab the vibe and the tone of the original. IF I had three wishes, believe it or not it would be that MST3K would go on with new episodes forever. I miss you Satellite Of Love.

Now for something completely different…


5) The Kansas City Chiefs will WIN the AFC West, and win their first home playoff game. That’s right it’s a bold prediction, which hopefully will make up for my ‘crap the bed’ predictions regarding the Super Bowl. The Chiefs are on their way back to relevancy, with a nasty running attack & an ever-improving defense, it won’t be a Super Bowl run this year, but it will set the tone for the Pioli era. And yes I am taking into account Matt Cassel’s emergency appendectomy.

4) It truly is better to give than to receive. I’ve started to feel this way the last seven years or so, but last night sealed it. It was cool as hell to get stuff for the B-Day, but man I’m dying for Christmas to get here. Not to get more sweet swag, but instead to watch the faces of my friends and family as they tear into what I/we have given them. There is something heartwarming as well as rewarding about seeing those faces light up.

3) While D&D may be on hiatus GAMING IS NOT DEAD! I’m still licking the wounds of having the D&D campaign going on indefinite hiatus, but with the creative eruption that is the Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign I’ve at least had one major outlet creatively, and now as we begin the slow descent into Sci-Fi War next year in my basement I’m feeling those creative juices flowing again. I’ve not had the chance to be as collaborative with my ‘enemies’ as I’d like, but I’m hoping that next Saturday prior to Italian Apocalypse MOVIE-A-THON Mighty Mike and I will have some time to discuss the general direction of our galactic empires and the ‘how’s’ & ‘why’s’ of our WAR!

2) There is a certain quota of nerd that must be maintained for certain folks to continue to be in the Blog covenant. So for Heidi; The Walking Dead season one (**** out of 5) ended. I had high expectations for this show with Frank Darabont running the asylum, it being based on Kirkman’s highly entertaining comic, and a cast that really was spot on. I wasn’t let down, however it wasn’t without issues. The vast majority of the deviation from the source material was very good, however the “Vatos” episode was very heavy-handed. The fact we didn’t get the Rick Vs. Shane showdown wasn’t disappointing, since the actor playing Shane is very good, BUT it left the ending of the first season slightly uneven in my opinion. Overall I would recommend this for people who love zombie movies less for the ‘Walkers’ and more for the question of “what happens to humans when society completely breaks down?”

1) I mentioned it the other day, but let me explain I feel like I’m ready to be dad. It’s been surprising that it’s sort of just come to me like an epiphany. When I’m spending time around my niece and nephew or even ‘The Mace’ I just get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s not a nervous feeling, or even anxiety instead it’s just this “man this feels right” sort of thing or a “I could do this” feeling. I used to feel that kids were always cool, but even cooler because at the end of the day or when they got out of control they always went “home”, now I find myself wanting to take that challenge, to be that “Home”. I’ve waited so long for the time to be right, for everything to be ‘financially secure’, or a perfect time in our ‘careers’, or even just waiting for some mysterious moment to happen where it felt like it was finally “the time”. Well that time is right now I think.

Now after baring my soul on the interwebs how about some


- Since the Twin Cities Marvel SAGA Campaign is all about the Multiverse & Time Travel I’m thinking of using these guys:

Or maybe even this:

Whereas I love the order and 'sense' of DC's multiverse from a reader's perspective, from a guy running a high octane super hero role playing game's perspective nothing beats the "ANYTHING F'N GOES" approach of Marvel. There is so much untapped potential as well as a niche' of Silver Age goodness that can be filled. I mean can you really go wrong with Momentum Man, Haven, & Agent Orange teaming-up with Doctor America to stop The Revengers from stealing a Cosmic Cube out of the grasp of a despotic grown-up Franklin Richards? I thought not.
- While not as stoked as I was for last week’s ‘Masters Of Evil’ episode, this weekends episode of Avengers deals with the Kree & more importantly Captain Mar-vell. I’m not a huge fan of the costume choice, but if they sort of use it as a mish-mash of the Ultimate C.M., the Peter David version, and the Grant Morrison Marvel Boy costume/character I’ll be one happy camper.
- There is NO Billy The Exterminator in my Dojo.
- I think there might be some Castle Ravenloft going on this weekend with Anthony “Now THAT’s what I call singing!” J. in “The Cloud”. I need to spend some quality time picking out the minis we’ll need and getting the game ready for travel.
- I think I’m going to sit down and give Halo on Xbox a serious run soon.
- Cassandra hooked me up with Warhammer 40K Dawn Of War II last night! I have yet to install it, but I’m excited. I love(s) me some Dawn Of War and ALL the Expansions (**** ¾ out of 5), in fact next Torchlight (***** out of 5) it’s my favorite PC game. Of course once DCU Online hits early next year that could change drastically. Until then though I’m going drive my Orcish horde into a serious WAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!- I’m hungry for a good homemade chili that I didn’t make, maybe even a white chicken chili.
- A three-degree high on Sunday just sounds like a steaming bowl of “teh suxor”…

And with that I’ve things to take care of.

“Runny nose and runny yolk
Even if you have a cold still
You can cough on me again
I still haven’t had my fulfill

In the someday what's that sound?

Broken heart and broken bones
Think of how a castrated horse feels
One more quirky cliche'd phrase
You're the one I wanna refill

In the someday what's that sound?

Most people don't realize
That two large pieces of coral,
Painted brown, and attached to his skull
With common wood screws can make a child look like a deer”

* = Where does this take your imagination?


  1. i'm stoked that you wanna have chitlins now. my kids need cousins! totes looking forward to castle ravenloft, and perhaps some cold beverages, as well.

  2. I agree with everything you just said. EVERYTHING!