Friday, January 14, 2011

What I Learned...

There won't be any fanciness this blog, no pictures, no videos. I simply am writing today about what I've learned in the last few weeks. I've learned to appreciate the time you have. Appreciate the adversity, relish in the good things, & make memories. Never take for granted that there will be a tomorrow.

Take those moments, those memories, and learn. Don't repeat the same mistakes, make all new, spectacular mistakes. Who knows what awaits us in the great beyond, I know I certainly don't, instead live for today, plan for tomorrow, and learn from yesterday.



  1. Why thank you. No bells and whistles today, just straight 'truff'...

  2. I would like to think that a new mistake was agreeing to listen to music ...and not leaving for four hours.


  3. Not a mistake, it was one of the best parts of 2011 for me. Your a fantastic musician and generally I dig all your stuff, even the 'deep cuts'. Oh and for the record that song DID need cowbell. I stand by that.