Tuesday, March 1, 2011

* = Not us, not this time anyways...

Almost died this morning. TWICE! Not one, but two cars decided they were going to run me off the road on our morning commute. The first one wasn’t to bad as it simply caused me to slow WAY down as they merged into the lane I was in without looking. Not that big a deal. Sure I could have slammed into the guardrail if I wouldn’t have remained so calm. The second one was WAY dicier. We were on 77 going south and someone decided they were going to exit from two lanes over. The problem was we were in their way. Rather than slowing down and just exiting just behind us, they decided to drive right through us. They were seriously like less than a foot from slamming into me. THEN when I righted my vehicle I had to drive through a giant snow bank to get back onto 77. I’m a tad shook up, but more than anything I’m angry.

Why the hell are stupid people allowed to live? Seriously? Decent, worthwhile folks die every day. Hell people in my family die young, people whom I would have loved to spend a great deal more time with. Smart people, who cared about others, and had things to offer the world. And yet Paris Hilton lives, FOX News gets huge ratings, & people take financial advise from a self-admitted creep like Jim Cramer. Oh & Charlie Sheen is basically a F’N Highlander, and yet my dad is dead.

There is no justice, there is no peace.

It’s not that I think we should systematically kill the stupid, selfish, pieces of excrement of the world, although I would have to seriously mull that over, but I’m just curious how these individuals who disproved Darwin’s theory of evolution continue to stay among the living? Maybe Billy Joel was right, “only the good die young”. It seems the more selfish you are, the bigger the prick, the more egocentric, unproductive, waste of space you become the longer you live. If that’s true someone kill me now. I shudder for a future where the F’N stupid rule.

I’m no longer waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse to happen, because it’s already here. The brainless zeds roam the streets now consuming the intelligence of the few of us left who even care. The end is nigh.

BUT not so nigh that you can’t have some


- I’m seriously pissed about the driving thing this morning.
- BYU is for real this year. If they don’t get a number one seed in the tournament then watch out. I really think they have the goods to get at least to the Elite 8.
- Out Of Sight (**** ½ out of 5) is a vastly underrated flick.
- I went to bed at like 8:30pm last night. Sad thing is I just want to crawl back into bed now.
- Good home cooked fried chicken. I’m hungry for it.
- I’m thinking of watching “Die! Die! My Darling” tonight to continue my Hammer Films escapades.
- I really should just concentrate on painting ten dudes every three days. I should, doesn’t mean I will though.
- I want to go home.
- If the Collective Bargaining Agreement screws up football next year I’m not sure I’m going to come back to the NFL. Billionaires fighting with millionaires over money disgust me.
- I’m still working on Domains Of Dread: Lamordia I could use some help though if anyone is interested.
- I’m going to state it now Cam Newton will not be a huge bust in the NFL, but he won’t be the big star, and I really think Ryan Mallet is the next Ryan Leaf.

I’m vexed, horribly vexed.

“A man out of time
Succumbing to false pride
Abandoned the cause
I'm caught on the wrong side
Ageless matter fills mind blood and scatters
Time weighs heavy on shoulders of the brave

The curtain of time will fall on a dark age
The mighty will fall
But I'll overcome rage
Burled deep beneath the raging waters
Fortune, freedom, beyond the hand of time

I've fallen from grace
But stricken with reason
Your time has arrived
And I'm out of season
Ageless matter fills my mind and shatters
Burn the future, the past will come alive”

* = I want this as a bumper sticker.

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