Friday, April 29, 2011

It’s Difficult To Learn New Things…

* = Who am I to argue with Conan?

It's back...


So the above guy, Christian Ponder, was the best the Vikings could do? I think Cassandra, the Todd McShay to my Mel Kiper, said the Vikings panicked and took a Quarterback just to take one. Unlike McShay & Kiper I COMPLETELY agree with her. They freaked out, couldn’t trade down & took a QB, who they may very well love, when there was a TON of value on the board yet. As for my beloved Chiefs they went Wide Receiver, Jonathan Baldwin from Pittsburg. While I’m not in love with the pick, as I wanted an Offensive Lineman, I understand the need and I’m ok with the pick. He’s big, fast, played in a run first system and has the ability to give defenses fits when paired with Bowe and the running attack. Now they need to pick up a few quality Offensive Linemen in the subsequent rounds, as well as a rush end/outside ‘backer to help out Tambi Hali, I’m hoping Sam Ocho from Texas. All in all an exciting and yet perplexing first round. My ‘Winners’ from last night are the Saints, who busted out TWO immediate starters, & Detroit who may have just put together one of the most potentially devastating Defensive Lines in football. All this of course is dependent on Nick Fairly not being an ass clown. As for ‘Losers’, the Falcons traded their entire next year’s draft for the second best WR in the draft & again I feel like the Vikings pick was a mistake.


I had no enthusiasm for this flick. NONE! Then I watched the last few trailers, & now I’m very intrigued. The idea of a ‘supers’ flick set in a particular point of history is cool, the premise of this flick is equally cool, and after watching these trailers I like the cast. All this may equal a palate cleanser to both the ‘Blah’ Wolverine (** ½ out of 5) movie, and the abomination that was X-Men: Last Stand (0 out of 5).


Ok, so I’m totally enthralled by this book now. The idea that the lead character is basically a psionic schizophrenic, i.e. Tribe Of One, who is trying to find out why his parents abandoned him as a child to die. All the while trying to navigate the politics of the recently freed city of Tyr after the slaying of the Dragon King is fantastic. This book alone has made me want to run a Dark Sun short campaign.


This is more Cassandra’s ‘nerd’ than mine, but I have to say these films have just gotten better and better throughout the series. She’s assured me that this finale will be EPIC. After watching the trailer I’m beginning to agree.

Wow, I thought I had less stuff to ‘learn’ you on, now all I have left to give is…


- I’m contemplating having a Avengers-A-Thon with Mike & Dave in the new Basement Entertainment Area this weekend. I now have episodes 117 through 126, the finale, on disc. I’ve watched them, they haven’t. The reality is they NEED to see this.
- Regardless of weather this weekend, I am grilling.
- Tonight as I watch the 2nd & 3rd round of the NFL Draft I’ll be painting. One more and I hit my minimum, I’d like to do 11 more, and that’s sort of my own little hidden goal.
- The cold is slowing me down considerably today. I just want some non-stuffy, non-runny nose sleep.
- I tried Marvel’s new ‘Event’ book, Fear Itself, and as much as I like Matt Fraction, I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt sort of how I felt about Brightest Day it was ‘Meh’.
- We have a TON of stuff to watch on the DVR if it turns out the Weather Terrorists are right this weekend.
- Anthony Costanzo’s girlfriend last night did everything she could to get on camera every time they went to his home. She was flipping the hair, shuffling the boobs, and generally just pushing her way into frame. It was actually pretty funny. That brings me to one of the hidden pleasures of the NFL Draft, watching the embarrassing family members. Last night you’d have thought that Cam Newton’s dad was the one being drafted the way he COMPLETELY monopolized Cam’s interview, answered for him frequently, and made uncomfortable jokes, it was priceless. On a more positive note, the thing with Mark Ingram getting a message delivered to him by the interviewer from his dad who’s in prison, for tax evasion or something, was really heartbreaking. The fact that he completely broke down over it was actually touching. Like I said there is a lot to like and hate about the process, the players, the teams, well the NFL in general, but it’s still one of my favorite three days of television.
- Oh and one more NFL Draft note, it was BRILLIANT to listen to the crowd heckle and boo Roger Goodell.
- French Toast this weekend? I think so.

And with that I’m done…

“Girl im a sexual attractive man
That makes me a good artist
This is my new single
I hope you like it

Wealthy men hired me
To sing this song
That they wrote for me
Theyre investing in
This quasi music video
And theyre paying
To get a bid on the radio

Yeah they’re gunna sell a million
Yea its gunna go plat- in - um

Cause they’ll market this song
To young impressionable
And insecure teenage girls

Cause all you gotta say is
Ohh baby I love you
And girl I need you in my world

Cause theyll market this song
To young impressionable
And insecure teenage girls

Cause all they gotta do
Is find a sexually attractive man
That can sing all the words

And now the token rap verse
That doesnt make any sense
But helps to get a small percentage
Of the urban music market

Hey baby baby I can tell
That you are crazy crazy
Shake that ass girl
My rhymes are gettin lazy lazy
These things im talkin bout have
Nothin to do with the song baby
It doesnt matter
Won’t you show me that thong baby

That’s how it works
In the pop music industry
2009 mother fucker
That’s just how it be

Cause theyll market this song
To young impressionable
And insecure teenage girls

Cause all you gotta say is
Ohh baby I love you
And girl I need you in my world

Cause they'll market this song
To young impressionable
And insecure teenage girls

Cause all they gotta do
Is find a sexually attractive man
That can sing all the words

Now im singing with my gay voice
To let you know that im sensitive
Oh yea im singing with my gay voice
Teenage girls love a sensitive boy

Make money etc

Rich men makin money off of
Their investments
Ooh its so sexual baby

Girl I love you so much
I wish we could be together
Unfortunately we cant cause
I’m rich and famous and you're not

But why dont you just go buy my album
And tell your friends about it to
So they also go out and buy it”

* = You wanna go what way?

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