Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Green Hornet Vs. All The President’s Men

* = Why does this remind me of some meetings I've attended?

The other day I stayed home and slept almost the entire day. I wish it helped, because today I feel like crap, I have a lame ass cold. I’m hoping to dodge the bulk of it, preferably before to night’s holiest of holy’s, The NFL Draft. Contrary to what some would have you believe, Joe K., I never said I was going to give up on the NFL, I just said if they couldn’t get their collective crap together and we missed any of the season I was most likely out. Well it doesn’t look like we’re going to miss any of the season, in fact if the court’s ruling holds up the next 24 hours the Draft has the potential to be I-N-S-A-N-E-! It could be free agency, trades, & drafting ALL IN ONE NIGHT! The prospects of that are mind-blowing.


After finally crawling out of bed Tuesday I handled some ‘bidniss’;

- Jennifer’s Body (** ½ out of 5)

So this had been on the DVR for some time now, and yet I hadn’t found any reason or motivation to actually watch it. Overall it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t any good either. Megan Fox at least played a part that suits her skills, while Amanda Seyfried sort of steals the show, what little of it there is. One of the things that bothered me was the way, and I’m assuming here, the writer Diablo Cody, yes the same who wrote Juno (**** out of 5), tries to cram as much ‘pseudo’ teen speak down my throat as possible. I liked the concept of the film, but the execution was just so damn ‘meh’. I didn’t laugh, I wasn’t spooked, I just didn’t really care. I will say I at least liked the ending.

- Freaks (**** out of 5)

I’d seen Todd Browning’s controversial flick WAY back in the day and remembered being terrified of the last twenty minutes. Re-watching it as an adult it didn’t have the same disturbing push, but instead I found it sort of tidy little morality play. The lesson is do not piss off folks who aren’t like you, especially en masse. That last twenty minutes or so are visually out there, and the use of real life ‘freaks’ definitely brings some sort of surreal creepiness to it, but in the end the ‘monsters’ are actually the protagonists. It’s a flick that everyone who likes old spooky stuff should take some time and watch.

- The Swords Of Lankhmar (***** out of 5)

Four down and two to go in Leiber’s tales of Fafhrd & The Grey Mouser. The one started out slow, as it wasn’t divided up into interconnected short tales, but it built & built & built into a crescendo of the fantastic. The Under City of Lankhmar, the 13 Lords of Rats, Hisvit, Fafhrd’s & Kreeshkra relationship, The Mouser’s size changing jaunt, dimension hopping, and more than a little on bondage and discipline mark this as the strangest and yet at times the most compelling of the tales thus far. Like I said the build up delivers BIG TIME when the climax hits. Two left, and I think I’ll actually be sad when there done.

Well how ‘bout…


- I’m thinking of picking up the D&D Fortune Cards to use as Boon’s in my game. The idea was brought up in a D&D article on the WotC website. The use of them could be really interesting and a great short-term reward as well as a way to not got bogged down in items and treasure.
- So I got through the second episode of Game Of Thrones. I’m hooked.
- I painted the other day, 9 more minis done. There are some finishing touches that need to be done on last week’s run before I can give them the “dip”, and I think I can get another 9 or so done before Saturday. I like when I’m able to finish these things, it makes me feel good, and they look nice.
- Looks like raking is on hold till the deluge ends.
- One or two more episodes left of this season of Justified and it’s going to be a BLOOD BATH! This show is seriously fantastic, Raylan Givens is one of the coolest protagonists on TV, and Boyd Crowder is one of the most interesting foils on television.

The best part is I really have NO idea who is going to make it out of the finale. That’s the beauty of it, NO ONE IS SAFE!
- With the Draft only hours away it feels like Christmas to me…
- Last night I partook of the GENIUS that was NFL Draft Confidential w/ Bill Parcells.

If you don’t know let me school you, Bill “the Big Tuna” Parcells is a friggin’ genius. Oh and if I had to say that there is one guy out there who I would emulate coaching wise it would be Parcells. So to watch him walk through the scouting process, the decision making process, and the overall evaluation of talent was fascinating. The grading process was especially interesting when he got the section on “Typing” which is subsidiary of grading, but different. In the end his opinions on this draft were not surprisingly similar to my own. It’s a deep defensive draft and teams will get strong value in the second through fifth round. That being said there are only three guys in the draft whom feel like can’t miss guys, after that every player has some type of question mark around them. Tonight should be outstanding.
- I love(s) me some tea.
- I can’t find my copy of Clive Barker’sCabal’, now I have to hit up a Half-Priced Books and get a new one. Can you read the faux disappointment in my ‘voice’?
- I’m reading a Dark Sun setting book right now called Outcast. It’s making me long to play in or run Dark Sun. It’s such an interesting setting.
- I re-watched the season finale, actually the final three episodes, of Venture Brothers the other day. I had forgotten just how much the show ends up in total flux. Now not as much as Hank & Dean getting killed at the end of Season One, or Brock ‘quiting’ at the end of Season Three, but damn if I’m not really ‘Jonesin’ to find out the answers to all the burning questions we were left with at the end of Operation P.R.O.M.!
- Man, lots of TV talk on the blog today.
- Fuck Donald Trump. Seriously. If the Neo-Cons, Birthers, and the ‘Right’ have nothing else but Donald Trump then I’ll take my second helpin’ of Obama please. I can’t believe the ‘Right’ has no one else out there who is taking any type of moral high ground or at the very least is giving the country another option. Trump is a media thug and a perfect example of what is wrong with the country where those who have can do WHATEVER they want to whomever they want. Not to mention this ridiculous Birther thing isn’t going to be over anyway, because crazy doesn’t care about the truth, they care about CRAZY. This is really the best you have? Please, I’m asking politicians of this country give me a real option, any option, and just not some bullshit T.V. reality star buffoon. And for anyone who reads this blog and is offended by this; Go fuck yourself and stop reading it. Simple as that.
- I had a dream about running Marvel SAGA last night. It was fantastic. I now KNOW what I’m doing next session. Big things are afoot, BIG things!

Wow so that was basically two days of blogs mashed together for easier consumption by you, the non-existent readers. I realize that my life revolves around really nerdy stuff. I mean COMPLETELY revolves around nerdy shit, and I’m ok with that. In fact it’s one of the rare things that make me happy. The idea of imagining my own worlds, my own stories, living in-between daydreams of fancy is what keeps me sane I think. And I’m ok with that…

Either that or I’m madder than a hatter…

“Once I saw the galaxies in your Jack and Coke eyes,
And the sacrificial temple where your monster always dies.
Once I wrote a gospel out of every word you say,
And now you're on the front page of the USA Today.

Cutting to the front of the line I find my mind
Is no place to raise a family.
And I was looking all over for you, baby.
You were always right in front of me.
And tonight I'm declaring your love to be a waste of time and money.

Once I raised alpacas with your pet Komodo dragon,
While I was eating cardboard in my father's station wagon.
Once I sold everything I owned to buy you a diamond ring,
And now you're over at CNN sitting down with Larry King.

After 5 bottles of wine my friends opine that I should consider therapy,
But they've clearly never been with you, baby,
They don't know about the things that you've told me,
And tonight I am declaring my life is a joke no longer funny.

All publicity is good publicity
When you sell your conscience in this city
Achieving high elasticity
Shock resistant with electricity”

* = Would you trust this face?