Thursday, June 2, 2011

Five Deadly Venoms Vs. Touching The Void

* = At least you are here to fill the void The Guilded Age!

This morning I finally finished Planet Of The Apes (**** out of 5) by Pierre Boulle. I wasn’t sure in the beginning what I’d think of it, or if my view had been so set in stone by the movies that I’d have a problem giving it a fair shake.

After finishing it I have to say it’s really good. Do I like it more than Charlton Heston screaming at a melted Statue Of Liberty? Nope. Do I like it more than Tim Burton’s remake? Yup. I think the Heston movie is SO burned into my brain that it’s virtually impossible to replace, but I also think that now having read the book I can honestly say they are as different as Chimpanzees and Gorillas. Although they share similar situations, story traits, and characters the vibe is vastly different. The novel touches upon ideas about a human’s place in the world, about our intelligence, about our ‘soul’, and about the adaptations we will endure for the vanity of our ego. It’s very smart. It does however lack the adventure of the film, and of course The Heston. I highly recommend this read.

The Internet(s) broke in half yesterday. Angry geeks everywhere are up in arms. And that bastion of reason, intelligence, and the man I go to for rational points, Brian "talking heads" Bendis is tweeting about a rival company F*&^ing brick & mortar stores. That's right DC made a HUGE announcement. First off there is the whole digital release the same day as brick & mortar stores. I'm sorry, but this is the new reality. I for one love books in hand, the feel of the paper, the turning of the page, the ownership, that being said it's just not that fiscally feasible for a industry on the brink. Before guys like Bendis get all high and mighty he might want to make sure he's done eating where he's shitting. I mean Marvel is the company that has continued to raise costs and cut page totals, whereas DC, who he tweet blasted, has "Hold The Line At $2.99", but before I get off on a why Marvel pisses me off rant let's get to the real business at hand. As a comic nerd the idea of DC basically rebooting their universe post ‘Flashpoint’ sort of bothered me. Would it invalidate all the stories since the last ‘Crisis’? Would it end Morrison’s EPIC Batman run? Who would still be dead? Who would be back from the dead? Just what the hell is going on? DC has announced that after ‘Flashpoint’ there will be 52 new number 1 issues. They are going for a “ModernDCU. You know what? I’m good with that. Hell I’m actually intrigued. Some of the solicits listed today have me actually excited! A NEW Hawkman title!

Cyborg in a Jim Lee & Geoff John's JLA!

Azzerello on Wonder Woman! These things have me VERY tempted to dip my toes back into the DCU. Especially considering what Marvel is giving me now in their ‘Heroic Age’

Thank gawds for things like The Guilded Age.

I think I’m moving the N64 to the basement ASAP. There is a burning yearning in my loins to bust out Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, a Japanese Wrestling game that really is the PINNACLE of all wrestling games.

I haven’t played the game in some time, but damn if this current infatuation with Puroseau doesn’t have me chomping at the bit to play. Especially since it seems no one but Dave is even remotely interested in the WWE RPG that I picked up for next to nothing. By the by I’m reading the book now and the system makes sense, it’s fast, encourages role playing, and best of all looks really fun. D&D isn’t happening till the end of the month, Marvel SAGA may very well be dead, so I need to start figuring out just what my next game is going to be. Maybe I need to just find different folks to game with. I mean besides Cassandra & Dave, who are both stalwarts. Until then I’ll be in the basement screaming “LARIATO!”!

At least once I’m done with all my…


- What happened to ‘Blogspot’? Now I have to log into ‘Blogger’, and I’m constantly strugglin’ to respond to people’s comments. Oh I guess if we’re being realistic I’m having trouble responding to the two comments that have been left of late. Oh well, thus is the blog.
- Mitt Romney is an idiot.
- Last night we smoked some chicken, potato packets, & a pork loin.

They turned out unbelievable. The smoke flavor was front and center without being overwhelming, it was juicy, and the rub we threw together was excellent. I eagerly await the opportunity to do this again.
- The PowerTrip’s Rubio Press Conference this morning was HI-larious.
- Maybe I’ll paint while I’m in ‘The Cloud’ this weekend feeling bad for my wife as she’s out there planting the HELL out of some flowers with her mom. Perhaps I’ll just pick like twenty and concentrate on getting those done.
- Or I could just bring Virtual Pro Wrestling 2! Hmmm, decisions, decisions.
- I have ten new characters for the D&D Adventure Game System (Castle Ravenloft & Wrath Of Ashardalon) that I need to finish up so they can, hopefully, be laminated. This should provide even more options for play.
- My hair is becoming something…Different. I sort of like it but at the same time it’s utterly perplexing.
- Once I get that damn box cleaned out from our bedroom I’m going to turn it into a ‘Light Box’. Heidi sent me a link to a plan to build one; it looks relatively easy, so even I could do it. I think it would really help my finished minis look fantastic and maybe motivate me to get off my dead ass and get them posted to this blog.
- Thank gawds we mowed yesterday I have no interest in fighting humidity today, tomorrow, or this weekend.

I can’t wait to go home.

“Look at young girls with your television eyes
Fixated on nothing, telling dispicable lies
We play on your obsession with candy
And you do what we want you to
So play that guitar
And bring order to the stars
Turn up your stereos and drive around in your cars
And don't think about coming back home until you've never gone anywhere

'Cos you are not sure if you are going up or down

Expectations go out the window when Mr. Woman comes to town

'Cos when you talk nobody listens
You shoot to kill but you keep missing
They got you running round in circles but it's hip to be square
Tonight's special paranoia with a side of despair
Oh ho!
And one and one and one and one and one, I'm pretty sure adds up to five

Teenage alcoholics can be oh-so entertaining when they drive


'Cos turning people into product is easy
Turning idiots into stars is easier
The robots and the cockroaches are gonna be the only survivors

They're gnawing at minds with our sights and their sounds
And this is no time for fucking around
You can't be sure if you are going up or down
Expectations go out the window when Mr. Woman comes to town
When Mr. Woman comes to town

You can't be sure if you are going up or down
You can't be sure if you are going up or down
You can't be sure if you are going up or down
Expectations go out the window when Mr. Woman comes to town “

* = Thank you Cleveland!


  1. Heya, I just about lit my 'light box' on fire last night with a blow torch. I've just been really frustrated that photographing my items isn't uber easy. I mention it on my blog. But after some hand-holding from a photographer buddy, I was talked down from the ledge (so to speak). I learned two things: although I can use cheap light bulbs, don't go with the 'soft white' variety, they are yellowish. You have to get the 'daylight' ones. And 2) I'm just not going to get out of a teenie bit of jigging in a photo editing program to fix my white balance. Urg. Why can't I just be super rich and pay someone to photography my stuff for me?

    But yeah, you have to do photos of your mini's.

  2. Interesting. I wasn't planning to go with soft lights since the clothe material will dull the light as is.
    Super rich would SUPER sweet!
    I know, I know, I'm just lazy and a tad intimidated.