Friday, July 15, 2011

Back To School Vs. School Of Rock

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It’s Friday. I’ve got stuff to do, and D&D on the horizon so I’m in the midst of last minute tweaking of Encounters. Thus is the reason I must LEARN YOU!


I guess I'm the very last blog in the universe to post this, but here it is. I’m not sure what to think just yet, especially since we didn’t see Tars Tarkis in the ‘teaser’, but I’m not quiet as worried as I was prior to this little piece of footage. Who knows maybe Disney will prove me wrong and make a spectacular flick that’s faithful to the source material. You have to understand though I have a great deal of attachment to this story, as this was the FIRST book I ever read from the public library. To this day it's special to me, so I'm cautiously optimistic.


When I read this I rejoiced, as we are getting the ‘full circle’ of one of comics most interesting characters. Sinestro BACK in the GLC is going to make things very interesting. How does one welcome back the ‘viper’ in it’s midst? Sure he’s done what he’s done for a reason, but all that death, especially the killing of Kyle Raynor’s mother. How does anyone find forgiveness after so many atrocities? I’ll be interested in finding out.


Speaking of villains, holy crap dude you are a fucking douche bag. I love the high and mighty of the GOP who touts how much they are in it for the ‘common man’ and yet have NO real desire to compromise with the other side. This guy is the worst as he has brought the two parties back from the brink of compromise, is pushing only his own personal agenda, and now goes public with his ‘view’ of these closed door meetings. It’s no wonder the President is short with you, and doesn’t want to meet you’re a self-important, smug, entitled, ass-clown. In short you’re all that’s wrong with the GOP.


HOLY CRAP! I’ve been watching a tad more wrestling lately, mainly old school Japanese stuff, some ECW, and just starting to find the joy that is Ring Of Honor. I had been tipped off to CM Punk, a fantastic worker and great on the ‘stick’, a while back. I’ve started to see some of his old stuff in ROH here of late, and he really is quiet fantastic. I, as a rule, don’t really watch WWE or TNA as I find both insulting to my intelligence. So when I heard that Punk’s promo was MUST SEE I had to tune in. All I can really say is it’s amazing. Granted I really feel it’s a ‘work’, and that Punk’s already signed a new deal, because I just can’t see Vince McMahon letting a guy go on RAW live and vent that much backstage business. Not to mention let a guy verbally run him down in a way that cut really close to the bone. Let’s face it CM Punk is right.

He’s right about everything in his promo. Vince has dropped the ball since the end of the ‘Attitude Era’. Whether it was the failed WCW Invasion, or the failed ECW experiment, or not cultivating young talent, or guys like Edge ‘retiring’ or Batista just up and leaving, or giving the ball to asshats like Randy Orton, or even just constantly shoving John Cena down the collective throats of wrestling fans. Vince has to wonder where his business is headed. He continues to prop up guys like Triple H, Rey Mysterio Jr., & The Undertaker who are on their last legs, he continues to bring The Rock back in-between failed movies, it’s really all just an attempt to recapture what they lost when he became the major monopoly of televised Sports Entertainment. The thing is organizations like Ring Of Honor are getting on television, New Japan is as strong as ever, and more fans find their ‘facts’ on the Internet. You can’t protect the ‘kayfab’ forever. So to see a guy who is passionate actively take apart, with a convincing argument, the biggest company in the business on it’s own show, while supposedly being halfway out the door, is fantastic. As a lot of wrestling wonks pointed out that this is Punk’s, & WWE for that matter, ‘Austin 316’ moment. The reality is ‘work’ or ‘shoot’ it is a fantastic and compelling piece of television. CM Punk is a big star on his way to being the BIGGEST star in his industry. Not to mention this is fantastic fodder for August inaugural Wrestling RPG Event.


I was very on the fence about Emma Stone being Gwen Stacy. Don’t get me wrong she was amazing in Zombieland (***** out of 5) and I liked her in Super Bad (**** uot of 5) as well, it doesn’t hurt that she’s quiet fetching. I just couldn’t figure how they were going to take this brunette beauty and make her a believable blonde. Color me wrong. She looks perfect, and the gentleman playing Peter Parker has the look down. Someone online said this pic looks like it was ripped right out of a John Romita Sr. picture, and I agree it’s perfect. I now have some hope for this flick.


So this might be coming to an end? The only problem I have is rather than raising some taxes on that top 2% of earners, which would mean an extra $1,000.00 a year in taxes for most, we are going to borrow against money the state ALREADY owes the K through 12 state education system. Yeah, Fiscal Conservatism. Smell that, that was sarcasm. I’m a fiscal conservative, and a social liberal, and I’m appalled. The GOP is more interested in protecting the rich than education. As for the ‘Racino’ thing, I’m all for it. I’m sorry to my ‘peeps’ in the Indian Tribes, but to ‘Racino’ sites and a downtown Casino in the Block E district will bring unprecedented revenue in. I’m just still shocked that the GOP refuses to negotiate or budge at all. They’d rather wreck the state. Now I will say that it’s not the entire of the party. I really do think there are guys like John Kriesel

who are doing what needs to be done. Thank you to the lawmakers who are more interested in helping ALL their constituents rather than simply the select, wealthy, & influential few.

<a href='' target='_new' title='&#39;The Thing&#39; Movie Trailer' >Video: &#39;The Thing&#39; Movie Trailer</a>
GAH! Don’t lie to me and tell me it’s going to be a Prequel to the John Carpenter 1982 classic! It’s not. It looks like a shot for shot remake with a woman in Kurt Russell’s role. WHY?! you had a perfect flick with Carpenter at the height of his powers, Russell being bad-ass with a sombrero, Keith David being Keith David, and of course the indomitable Wilfred "Bitches Don't Know 'bout My 'Betus" Brimly! UNFORGIVABLE! Sure they are using the idea of the Norwegian camp that Russell’s crew find at the beginning of Carpenter’s flick, but watch the trailer. They don’t seem that Norwegian to me. This pisses me off beyond words. Carpenter’s flick is one of my Top Five Horror Flicks ALL TIME. To take that and screw it up for no other reason than a cash grab is disgusting. Crap like this gets green lit in Hollywood and yet I can’t get a Del Torro version of ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’? Fuck you Hollywood.


- Cassandra & I watched the first episode of SyFy Channel’s new show ‘Alphas’ the other day. It wasn’t that bad. It was sort of X-Men light. We agreed that we’d give it a few more episodes before deciding whether or not we’d stick with it.
- There is some serious D&D prep work to be done tonight and maybe tomorrow morning.
- I love when I have someone come into my place of employment that is supposed to ‘train’. But rather than come in with an open mind, willing to learn, and wanting to improve themselves they feel as if they know everything, they are beyond everyone else, and refuse to put the effort forth. The sad thing is these are the folks who generally need the most help. These are the problems that I face daily. It’s irritating because it feels like a waste of my time and their time.
- Tonight we’re trying out our Burger War burgers. I’m excited!

I guess I should go back to balancing my rage and being tired…

“I am an Opera Singer
I stand on painted Tape
It tells me where I'm going
And where to throw my cape

I call my co-star's brother
I call my co-star's name
I play both good and evil parts
I sing to Verdi's play

And every single morning
By 10 AM I'm dressed
My rehearsals last for hours and hours
With diligence I have been blessed

Some people they call me monster
Some people they call me saint
My talent feeds my darker side
Yet no one will complain

I am an opera singer
I sing in foreign lands
I've sung for kings in Europe
And emperors in Japan

And after each performance
People stand around and wave
Just to tell me that they love my voice
Just to tell me that I'm great

I am an opera singer
I will sing when you're all dead
I sing the mountains crumbling apart
I sing what can't be said

I am an opera singer
I sing in foreign lands
Most people seem to know my name
Or at least know who I am”

* = Spoooooooky!

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