Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Battle Of The Planets Vs. Prince Of Space


I’ve been crazy busy the last seven days, so this one will be short. Last Sunday Cassandra and I watched two flicks;
- Dylan Dog: Dead Of Night (** ½ out of 5)

I really wanted to like this flick. I dig on Brandon Routh, the premise was fun, and while it wasn’t re-inventing the wheel it looked like a slightly different take on what has become the default modern urban supernatural tale. So it’s just too bad that the movie was so flat, and it really is a flat flick. The acting is below average, the story is ‘meh’, the special effects are not very special, and I saw the twist a mile away. Sadly this is what I’ve come to expect of Hollywood movies. A good source material drowning in a sea of mediocrity.
- Your Highness (*** out of 5)
This movie should have been better. Danny McBride as a foul-mouthed sex obsessed prince in a fantasyland, SOLD! James Franco as the goody two shoes brother on a quest, I’M IN! Natalie Portman as the female questing warrior who turns out to be sort of crazy, COMEDY GOLD! So why was this just ok? It had it’s moments, and it really was a nice throwback to 1980’s fantasy flicks, but with a heavy comedy angle. Just for whatever reason it never really got off the proverbial launching pad.

Saturday was D&D, and I really had a great time. It took awhile to get into it, roughly an awkward hour, but once everyone did it really took off. The players were into it, with Zack stealing the show in combat a few times, Heidi & Cassandra coming up BIG in BIG moments, Bob continuing to be one of the smarter players I’ve ever shared a table with, and Anthony putting together one of the most impressive tactical combinations I’ve had to deal with in an encounter. I really felt that I had set up some difficult encounters tactically especially after setting the tone with the first encounter being two snipers and then a sub-encounter of ‘captives’ turning on their liberators. I think the penchant I have for subterfuge betrayed me, along with Bob’s character being very thorough, really subverted the intensity of this encounter.

In a similar fashion, and I’m not complaining I’m complimenting; Zack’s boundless enthusiasm and ingenuity neutered the encounter at the clearing. Then it was just a matter of the entire party beating the beejezus out of my jacked up Wrackspawn. I’m going to have to makes some adjustments now to keep these folks on their toes. It was incredibly fun and challenging to be involved in a game with a group like my current one.

I’m ready to go home now…


- I picked up Zak S.’s ‘Vornheim: The Complete City Kit’ to help boost my ability build up a thriving metropolis in my campaign.

I have to say that thus far it’s really changing the way I look at city campaigns and the build of a fantasy city in general. Zak really is an amazing wellspring of ideas; he’s sort of the Grant Morrison of D&D, so hopefully this will rub off on my mediocrity a bit.
- By the by we tried out our Driveway Burger War entries last weekend. You are ALL in very, VERY big trouble!
- Amazing Spider-Man!

- I can’t decide what I want more right now; fried chicken or sleep.
- The last couple days I’ve been enjoying Chikara Pro’s 2011 King Of Trios Tournament.

Chikara is an Indy Wrestling Promotion out of South Philadelphia that is a strange mix of super heroes, lucha libre, PG antics, and just some fantastic wrestling. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it, but when a dance contest erupts in the middle of the first match I was hooked. It’s a nice counter point to the deadly serious Ring Of Honor stuff. What’s even better is that you see a TON of cross-pollination of talent between the two organizations. Colt Cabanaunder the hood’ as ‘Mat Classic’ in Chikara actually had me laughing out loud.

There are a TON of comedy spots, interesting characters, innovative moves, and a LOT of Japanese stars involved. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, something that really is just fun, then check out Chikara Pro.
- Oh yeah a late addendum; Conan (Red Band Scene);

I thought I had more in my mind, but now it’s gone…

“It's strange to be around again
Can't kill the bad disguise
I was asking for it all,
Being dragged down the road
Call it wisdom
call it ignorance

But it's still alive
And it's in me now
And it lives and breathes
I can't give a fuck

I've got a big mouth
And there's a life to live
From a bottle of whiskey
It's where you come from
(the south)

A remedy to the curse
On harder wares control
Look at what's around
But I just can't lie around
Feeling sorry for myself

But it's still alive
And it's in me now
And it lives and breathes
I could care less

I've got a big mouth
And there's a life to live
From the weight of whiskey
It's where you come from
It's where you come from

Bottle of Whiskey

I fell in front of my friends
I dropped out in front of the world
You call that supernatural?
It ain't

I've got a big mouth
And there's a life to live
From a bottle of whiskey
It's where (the south)

Black wings will weather your flight
For some there's no second time
Following paths of your life
I stepped off the mountain to the sky

Watch your ass now
It's where you come from
Why'd you settle down?
It's where you come from
Where you come from
Why'd you ask them?
It's where you come from”

* = Brothers don't hug, THEY DANCE!