Friday, August 19, 2011

The Number 23 Vs. Maniac

* = I never tire of Memes.

Oh Friday, if only you’d allow me to retreat to my home to continue building awesome sauce Terraclips constructs. Instead I must toil here and give unto the mass(es) of literally ten LEARNING!


So I’m obsessed with Retro 70’s Metal, what of it? While Witchcraft isn’t as awesome as say The Sword or Slough Feg or the amazing Graveyard it deserves your love and devotion just the same.


He certainly does love himself some Mike Vick doesn’t he, oh and dog killing. See I was all about giving Mr. Vick a second chance, about hoping that he’d get himself sorted and do something with his life. For two years it appeared he had, and then he pissed it away in a moment of ego and justification this week. To go back after pretending to be contrite and blame the dog murdering on up bringing and socio-economics is a cop out. You senselessly killed dogs for entertainment and financial purposes. You deserve no sympathy, no empathy, and no understanding. Thanks Mike Vick for reminding me why I root for you to get CRUSHED and for your career to end. Thanks for reminding the world why you’re an egocentric dog-murdering douche lord.


I mean C’MON! How can you not be enthralled and excited after that? HOW! If you’re not a Whovian, then dammit you should be. Take the time get on board with the single greatest Sci-Fi show in the history of T.V.


Holy crap. The Patriots look awesome thus far in the Preseason, but the reality is when do they NOT looking amazing. They scored 30 some points last night which was a let down after dropping 47 in game one without Brady. I think this might be the year they start another run of Super Bowls, and this time with a win. Haynesworth hasn’t found himself yet, Ochocinco JUST started looking like his old self last night, and they have a slew of young guys who are the verge of stardom, all this and Brady remains ‘dreamy’.

Oh and he was and is nailing Supermodels, RESPEK(s)!


So if you’re into miniatures like I am, you’re always looking for something that is affordable, and yet high quality. I’ve purchased from Mr. Tre Manor before, and they are fantastic. All he’s done in the time since he managed to convince me to part with my cash is exponentially increase the number of INCREDIBLE minis he’s producing while also doing work of Reaper Miniatures. Currently he is my favorite mini sculptor out there and I think he deserves your attention. So if you’re looking for a miniature either to paint or represent you in a game LOOK NO FURTHER;

Enough of the PIMPING, how about some…


- I plan this weekend to finally watch Thor and X-Men First Class, note I used the word ‘plan’.
- Tonight I head over to the quickly recovering from his ‘BackiotomyDark Dave’s for a reconvening of the World’s Most Dangerous Board Gaming Group! I know we most likely will be playing Cosmic Encounters, and I’m ok with that not really excited though. I’ll drag some games along that most likely won’t see much table time. The reality is I just want to sit around bullshit, laugh, and play something, ANYTHING! It’s always good to hang out with your peers; it’s even better to beat them at board games.
- I’m not sure what I’m hungry for, but right now that hunger has not been satiated.
- I hope T.-Jack gets lit up tonight after running his mouth, oh and IF Syndey Rice plays I hope he gets hurt. And that Pete Carroll gets syphilis. Ok maybe that’s a bit harsh.
- I’m really sleepy.
- Two D&D Groups? WHA! Yup! That’s right I’m forming a second D&D Group that will meet every 4 to 6 weeks and will be running ‘parallel’ to my ‘Regular’ group. By ‘parallel’ I mean in the same-shared world, with possible crossover. I’m going for a more Howard-like vibe with this group. The area will be a harsher environment, it’ll be FAR less inviting, much more insidious, and more built towards bloody vengeance than high heroics. Am I excited? Oh yes, yes Virginia I AM! We’re talking a Kingdom ruled by Tieflings who use souls as currency, bloody Vampire ruled duchies, Demon worshipping cults, long dead cultures, dusty tombs & deadly tomes. Magic will have a HARSH cost, combat will be deadly, and I’m eager to see how all the players adjust to the environment. Two groups to run! I’m in heaven.

Well I think that’s enough for one day…

“Bound for the black country
as the light recedes behind
Upon the white odonatar
Witch's vision as their guide

Be wary and keep watch tonight
Make sure your weapon's at hand
Here in the land where shines no light
death can strike you where you stand

There in the ruins
borne of darkness
Approaching the altar
as the arrows begin to fly

Beware the tribes of night
They take no one alive

So star wary and keep watch tonight
Make sure your weapon's at hand
Here in the land where shines no light
death can strike you where you stand”

* = Friday bloggin' is serious bidniz...

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