Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot Shots Vs. Young Frankenstein

* = Hello 'Old Friend'...

Well my guts have been turned inside out the last four days or so. I’m not sure what I ate, but I can tell you it’s not been kind on it’s trip back out. You know I was/am feeling ‘crappy’ since I did NOT go see Captain America with Josie in the theatre Monday night.
Hopefully we’ll be able to pull that off once the big guy gets back from Alaska. The good news is that feeling awful has given me a chance to watch a bunch of crap so you don’t have to;

- Justice League Season 1 (**** out of 5)

I hadn’t sat down and watched this series in some time. The reality is it holds up incredibly well, but I can now understand a bit more what peeps like J.B. complained about. Superman, at least in Season 1 & some of Season 2, is wildly inconsistent and more than a tad dickish. I also realized that the show is incredibly John Stewart, the black Green Lantern for those that don’t know, centric. Now knowing where the show is headed in direction and story a lot more things become very apparent and that much more interesting. The Green Lantern/Hawkgirl romantic, it is a cartoon after all, tension, the feeling that a lot of the League are ‘orphans’, the betrayal that happens at the end of the 3rd Season, Wonder Woman & Batman’s “thing”, and the way that the League has to deal with the potential future that the Justice Lords represent. It really is a fantastic show and sets a tone that Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has taken and ran with.

- The Creeping Flesh (*** out of 5)

As anyone who reads this pointless drivel on a regular basis can tell you I’m a shill for Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing, but I’m a straight up RUBE for those two in Hammer Productions. So to my amazement, in between trips to my toilet, I found a Hammer flick I didn’t have and was unfamiliar with on Fearnet. This little diddy has the two titans of terror playing brothers; step or half I’m really unclear which, both trying to become scientifically renown in their own fields. Cushing finds a ‘proto-man’ and of course, because it’s ‘SCIENCE’ decides to bring it home. In the process we find out it’s an ancient curse containing pure evil, so you KNOW it’s going to get loose. At the same time we see Lee as the asylum head that is utterly ruthless searching for the root of mental illness. All paths converge when the beast’s skeleton is exposed to water and regenerates. Along the way we find out that Cushing’s wife went nuts, he fears that his daughter will do the same, and that Leetreated’ her. In the end things get a little ugly and the ending is quiet ‘unhappy’. I enjoyed the flick, but didn’t love it. I did feel it had some Lovecraftian overtones and the last 20 minutes are really good, but overall it seems to meander a bit.

- Post Mortem (Infinite *’s out of 5)

Oh Mick Garris, YOU are a Treasure Of Horror. Garris’ is the guy responsible for the two seasons of Showtime’s Masters Of Horror, which was fantastic. Post Mortem is a sit down interview show with many of Horrors luminaries. From what I’ve now read the show is still going on, I just happened to watch every current episode. I have to say the stuff with Frank Darabont, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven were fantastic, BUT the interview with William Friedkin stole the show. Friedkin is the man responsible for filming the Exorcist, and to hear his tales of how things came about is enthralling. It’s just a fantastic series for anyone who likes horror, movies, and the writing process.

Hmmm, how about some…


- My Terraclips will be on my doorstep when I arrive home.

Tonight I will be building something amazing just because I CAN!
- Wow, if half of this stuff about the University Of Miami’s football program is true than why did anyone go anywhere else during the last ten years? The debauchery was off the charts BEFORE this stuff came out, now it’s reached an absurd level. It pains me to say this, but this is ‘Death Penalty’ for the program worthy.
- I’m so happy the NFL is back.
- Last weekend was my niece’s b-day. While enjoying the wonderful food and company I was introduced to the Nintendo Wii. It wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. I did o.k. I won some games, but it was so damn awkward for me. I’ve realized I don’t need, and I’m not sure I even want any new consoles. The old stuff works for me, I like it, and I enjoy the games; see my intense & obsessive love of N64’s Virtual Pro Wrestling 2! I do have to admit it’s pretty, but so are paintings and I don’t need many more of those in my home either.
GRAVEYARD owns you.
- Taped to my door handle this morning was the ‘finished (?)’ second Fairly Secret Army album, ‘We Miss The Cold War’. I’ve been privy to almost every song as it’s been recorded, but I’m really looking forward to sitting down with this and digesting it in its entirety. Thank you David.
- The FAN on FM is pretty damn amazing.
- I’ve realized that I don’t really care too much for True Blood, UNLESS I’m watching it with my friends. Once it becomes a social interaction rather than me watching a show that is decent at best I thoroughly enjoy it. That being said at least this season has something going on.
- There is no way Genghis Khan beats Hannibal, sorry Deadliest Warrior, YOU ARE WRONG!
- It's beginning to get into my thick skull that I don’t get a lot of painting done during this time of year. I think it’s because there are just so many more options available to me for entertainment. I mean, I want to paint, but I’m not as focused on it. The thing is I’m ok with it, which is a tad frightening.
- In a week or so we have another Movie-A-Thon on the horizon. Since the ‘masses’ did not speak we’re going with the only request, STALLONE-A-THON! That’s right a slough of Sly; Nighthawks, Deathrace 2000, & Cobra!

I think it has the potential to challenge Swayze-A-Thon & possibly Norris-A-Thon for the title of ‘BEST MOVIE-A-THON EVA!'

I think I’ve yammered on long enough…

“I wasn't there when you needed me
You never let me in your life
I didn't say what bothered me
It shows there's more than that
The silence that followed didn't do us any good
And it seems like you settled for me
Cause I was the best that you could get
But there wasn't enough
I know what you want and you're not the one for me

I've been leaving you since the day we met
And it feels like you have too
I remember when I met you
The day I saw your cry
And now it's time to let go, oh, it's time to feel alive

The bottom sides I had with you
Are the ones you had with me
Even though we were holding love
We both know we drifted apart
I guess this is it – why bother? - and there's nothing left
When neither you nor me are here
Growing bitter and uncomfortably numb
Losing what we had
At least we tried but it wasn't meant to be

I've been leaving you since the day we've met
And it feels like you have too
The reasons that I loved you
Oh, the ones that made me go
The reasons that I loved you
Oh, I've got to let you alone

I should have seen it coming, should have known what to expect
I should have seen the sign, should have known that it was wrong

I've been leaving you since the day that we have met
And it feels like you have too

The reasons that I loved you
Oh, the ones that made me go
The reasons that I loved you
Oh, I got to let you alone?

I am sorry that we got here
But I'm glad, glad that we are done
I don't wanna go back there
Cause alone I fell in scald
Cause our love fell in scald”

* = Sometimes when I get up in the morning, stumble downstairs, THIS is what I see in the mirror...


  1. i'm still iffy about track 6...i might have to redo the vocals, but it's pretty much done otherwise.

  2. I like it, but in the end you are the one whose name is on the project. Just don't 'Lucas It' to death. I like the rawness that F.S.A. has, it's part of it's charm.