Thursday, September 22, 2011

Operation Super Dragon Vs. The Human Duplicators

* = Thank gawds Archer is back...

This week has been a whirlwind; traveling all over the place to take care of ‘bidniss’, not sleeping really well, and just sort of trying to shake off a creeping malaise. The good news is last night was perfect so I sort of feel very refreshed. The bad news is I’m still tired. So very tired. BUT tonight I dine on ‘Endless Shrimp’

with my shrimp-devouring cohort Christina. My goal is to see if I can eat enough to go into a functional shrimp coma tonight.

Last night as I was basking in the warmth and glory that is my lovely wife I sprang a significant and potentially life altering question upon her. It was very difficult to put myself out there like that, to ‘bear my soul’ to her in that way, but I really felt it was time, and it needed to be done. So I gathered up my courage, looked her deep in those beautiful brown eyes and uttered this all important question; Will you co-DM with me for the Castle Ravenloft one day D&D spectacular in December?

WHEW! It was difficult as you can imagine. See the thing is I’ve read the original two modules, and they have some fantastic stuff in them, but I need it a bit more condensed for the 9am to midnight time frame. I started working my way through Expedition To Castle Ravenloft, and about 100 plus pages in I’ve realized this is a damn campaign book. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that I am NOT running a campaign this is a one off. I want that Hammer Films horror vibe. So I’m taking a hint from that and going with ‘Expedition To Castle Ravenloft: Strahd Has Risen From The Grave’. Part of the reason I need that Co-DM is to be a good editor. I think have spectacular ideas. I can spin a yarn, I can build encounters, hell I can even do goofy voices. I’m a decent Dungeon Master. What I am not is good at compression. I’m not overly organized to always keep the game and it’s players completely on task. Sometimes I drown in ideas when I could have built a yacht out of some organization. My wife is HYPER-organized. She is great at dealing with potential issues, she’s a fantastic problem solver, and I THINK we work pretty well together. She hasn’t given me a formal answer yet. I have my fingers crossed though.


- I’ve literally done nothing of any value this week. I did sit through the Roast Of Charlie Sheen with Cassandra last night. Some folks were really funny, and of course mean, but overall I felt it was a bit flat.
- I went from 61% in my NFL picks to 92% nationally over the span of one week. Go figure.
- If the ‘one-off’ goes well in December I’ll run another one mid next year, a riff on Expedition To The Barrier Peaks. I’m already formulating some mad ‘planetary stories’ type things involving Grells from space, jungles on other planets, and a missing ship drive made out of the Tears Of The Messenger God.
- I wonder if there are some CAW sites out there for N64 No Mercy, especially for a good CM Punk or Brian Danielson?
- I’m priming the last of my minis here the next couple weeks to settle in for another long winter of painting like a madman. I assembled and primed Joe’s Firesoul Genasi Swordmage, Adler. It came out really well. Now I can only hope that I give it a paint job to match.

See I did blog this week!

“Angels and demons holding hands and whistling 'Dixie'
We haven't had that kind of fun 'round here since 1960
We wait in longer lines than the Russian's ever did
Selling our children's souls to the highest bid
I can't describe the way it feels

These songs will blare out of your eyes
When I get to the green building

My arrival will be televised
When I get to the green building
When I get to the green building

Na Na Na...
Na Na Na...

Satan's cheerleaders prancing 'round the maypole in December
We haven't had that kind of spectacle here since I can remember
Our fearless leaders say they're equal to the task
And every point of view on this depends on who you ask
It doesn't matter any way

Our prophecies are realized
When I get to the green building

The stars will shine out of your eyes
When I get to the green building
When I get to the green building

Na Na Na...
Na Na Na...

Isn't it interesting to see whose heart shall pass?
When they try to hide them, but they're made of glass
Isn't it interesting to see who lives or dies?
On the rollercoasters and the water slides
Isn't it interesting to watch them play their game?
When they're all such cheaters and they have no shame
And isn't it interesting to hear the demons sing?
When the doorbell rings
At the green building
Isn't it interesting?
Isn't it interesting?
When the doorbell rings
At the green building
Isn't it interesting?
Isn't it interesting?”

* = 10/8/11 Into the catacombs beneath the Borni camp for the 'Regular' D&D group. The Undead await...

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