Friday, September 16, 2011

River Of Death Vs. Street Justice

* = It's good to see the world keeps on turning...

It’s Friday, so I feel morally obligated to fill you in things magical, nerdy, and beyond your mundane mortal coil. You liked that last line didn’t you? Gird your loins it’s time to LEARN!


I’m not totally sold, and the fact is WotC doing non-blind packs puts a LOT of pressure on Paizo to have something that they knock out of the park with their partnership with Wizkids. The Heroclix creators have the system in place when it comes to distribution style, but will the sculpts and the paint jobs hit Paizo’s fans standards.

Let’s face it Pathfinder is neck n’ neck with D&D now, to get over the hump and truly be the ‘Highlander’ in fantasy gaming they NEED this to step on WotC’s head. WotC dropped the ball tremendously with their minis line towards the end with sculpts and paint jobs becoming more and more disjointed. If they can’t make something special out of their reboot of their line then they really don’t deserve to share the top spot of the market with Paizo. When it comes to ‘The Golem’, I love their product, their fluff,

and the way they run their company, but I’m not a 3.75 system guy. So I’ll still be busting out 4E, I just will continue to use the brain trust at Paizo as inspiration. These three previews aren’t bad they just lack some pizzazz I was hoping for.


So I finished this diddy last night, and I have to say that Cherie Priest’s Boneshaker (**** out of 5) was fantastic. Were there problems? Of course rarely are there perfect things in life, but this book offered a very different take on a lot of things for me that I enjoy; adventure tales, Steam Punk, and zombies. I have to say the ‘non-ending’ ending sort of irritated me, BUT I can only hope that the author plans to go back and visit her walled, Blight infested Seattle again in the future, because if she does I want to catch an airship and go back.


This is the year. I made a commitment to try out Hockey this year. Initially the idea was for Christina, maybe Mary, Mason, & possibly Cassandra, would get together one night a week to watch A Hockey Game. Doesn’t matter what team, whose playing, whatever. I just want to test drive the game for a season. See if I like it, if I can get into it. I’ve thrown it out there to Anthony, and now I’m making it known. One night a week will be HOCKEY NIGHT in my basement living room. There will be beverages; pop, beer, water, grape drank, and popcorn or other handy snacks, but most importantly loud cheering over a sport I literally know next to nothing about. Join us won’t you?

You know that’s really all I have today to blab about, well of course except for a daily dose of…


- If I had an extra $65.00 to blow I’d be using Artscow to print NinjaDorg,

from Board Game Geek dot com fame, has put together an awesome little card game in Fantasy Quest! You should be checking this out and supporting his creative endeavors.
- I think we’re buying a GPS. Weird, I’m joining the 21st century.
- WINNING! I won the hour off paid at work today!
- The Gravlax

that I made is approaching being edible. I’m going to give it till Sunday for the football games in ‘The Cloud’, but it’s starting to smell really good, and give up it’s liquid quickly.

See told you it would be ‘short’ today…

"Standin' on the ceiling, it's alright
Suspended by the dreams you seem to lose
You've been floatin' for a while, a while, can't hold on
Standin' on the ceiling, it's alright, it's alright

Somebody is tryin' to get the best of me
So now you're flying like you wanna be
Right where you belong

Starin' at the wall like it's window,don't know
Blinded by the dreams you seem to lose.
You've been starin' for a while, knock it down
Starin' at the wall, you don't know, don't know...

Somebody is tryin' to get the best of me
So now you're flying like you wanna be
Right where you belong

Runnin' from the sun again, it's alright, alright
Runnin' from the dreams you seem to lose
You've been runnin' for a while, a while...
You can't slow down...

Runnin' from the sun again, it's all right, all right
Somebody is tryin' to get the best of me
So now you're flying like you wanna be.....”

* = DAVID!

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