Monday, November 7, 2011

Ghoulies Vs. Take This Job & Shove It

* = So who are you?

I survived another weekend. It’s becoming evident that between my weekly bouts of ‘cashin’ checks & breakin’ necks’ and my weekends being booked pretty much solid that life in the ‘fast’ lane is tiring. Ok, maybe not ‘fast’ lane, but a lane in motion, at a moderate and safe speed. Saturday we went to ‘The Cloud’ where we grilled the brined Turkey. It was part success part disaster. The bag I was brining the Turkey in burst as I removed it from my brining bucket. SO about 2 gallons of liquid spilled all over my In-Law’s floor. It sucked. The Turkey didn’t get cooked fully in its six hours on the grill so it had to finish in the oven. That was the bad news. The good news is it was really, REALLY good; it got a nice smoke ring it was moist and flavorful. On top of that I won two games of Cribbage out of four, which NEVER happens. Including beating my father-in-law once, and him getting ‘Skunked’, which also NEVER happens. I think the next time I’ll make sure to set aside a full 8 hours for the process, I’ll adjust my brine a bit, and I think I would just use oil, salt, & pepper rather than another intricate rub. In fact I think I’d also baste it with a BBQ sauce at the end to give it a nice crisp crust.

Sunday we basked in the glory that is Daylight Savings, but then faced the harsh reality of racking the F’Ning front yard. Talk about a supreme pain in my keister. The good news is it’s done. The bad news is I now need to re-rake the side and back yard, hope that we have at least two more weeks of yard waste bin removal, and that Dave & Liz’s mulcher bag gets patched quickly so we can mulch the leaves. It was the suck with the wind howling, my hands hurting, and the blower breakin’ down (hole in the bag). I figure if I break the backyard into three ‘raking’ sessions I won’t hate it as much.

The In-Laws also made a trip to our place on Sunday. There was some desk repair done, some planning for the often whispered about alcove game shelving unit, and some turkey broth was created. My In-Laws are just about as solid as folks come. My father-in-law is smart where I’m not, he’s a funny guy, and I really enjoy hanging out with him. It’s strange he’s sort of the Anti-John (my dad). He’s stable, he’s focused, and he’s practical. My dad was none of those things, which is ok, they are/were just two very different individuals. I find things to strive for that both represent(ed). As for my mom-in-law she’s gregarious, driven, and ready to talk trash with the best of them. We share a love of cooking, and it shows since we can just sit and discuss the intricacies of what went into my brine, and what she’s going to use for Thanksgiving. I’m really jazzed to have two people like that in my life that were and are willing to allow me into their family.

Enough ‘touchy feely’ stuff for today, I need to get my manliness back with some…


- More Pathfinder Prepaints!

So I like the Watchmen minis a lot, they’re good fodder minis. I don’t know that I need that many, maybe one Officer and four actual Watchmen. As for the Orc, I like it, but I’m not blown away. I think I would really have dug it if Pathfinder had hit us with some Pig-faced Orcs. As it is, there isn’t much that really makes me feel that Pathfinder’s Orcs are anything special. Don’t get me wrong I’m not that overwhelmed with D&D’s Orcs either. D&D at least has a bit of a vibe to them, just like Pathfinder has the best Goblins. I think the more and more I look at this the more and more I want a ‘reason’ for the monsters to be what they are. It’s helping me to try and refine the way I look at World Building. If Pat and I go the route of ‘Fantasy’ for the ‘Comic Project’ then I think I’m going to do some ‘from scratch’ world construction. I might use the Bart Carroll method of building my world by a game of Small World (Infinite *’s out of 5), which is one of the single best board games around. It would be a perfect jumping off point for the history of a ‘World’. Lost focus there for second, sorry, back to the minis. I really think that this looks to be a nice combination of what Wizkids was doing with MageKnight and the design work of Pathfinder, and mainly the fantastic Wayne Reynolds. I have high hopes for this line, but so far I’m just not blown away. Maybe my mind will change when my first four minis arrive towards the end of the month.
- I’m down to the nitty-gritty of encounter building for the December Castle Ravenloft blowout. All I have left is the Castle itself. This weekend I plan on really putting my nose to the grindstone and finishing. It’ll also break up the work I have to do to get ready for the Old School D&D group on the 19th. I’ve had to expand what I wanted to do for that group into two or three sessions. This will be their first multi-session adventure. I’m borrowing heavily from a part of Pathfinder’s Rise Of The Runelords adventure path. I’m just adding to it, and refining it for the group I have.
- Maybe some Demonstone tonight OR a couple solo runs through Legend Of Drizzt? I guess it depends on how successful my raking is.
- I’d really like to sit down with someone who gets Photoshop and get a long solid lesson, not a gay reference Dave. That way I could knock out my own stuff for the D&D Adventure System, possibly do some stuff for my 4E games, and even get things ready for the Sci-Fi Garage War of next summer.
- That’s right the Sci-Fi Basement War that never came to fruition is now a Sci-Fi Garage War. Hopefully this time it’ll actually happen. I don’t even think I’ll get my stuff painted, BUT I don’t care. I just want to have some war.
- On a side note I’ve also decided that this late spring, maybe May or June I wan to do a huge Superhero Battle using the SuperSystem, which I have. It would be something were I invite those that might want to play, we figure a point cost limit (300 points I’m thinkin’), and then make our teams ahead of time. We’d be using Heroclix minis, of which I have a metric ton. You could really put together some fantastic teams and then it would be sort of Contest Of Champions. In fact that’s what I think I’m going to call it. See the beauty of the SuperSystem is you BUILD your minis. You decide the powers, you calculate the cost, and there you have it. I’m going to have to think on this a bit more, but I think it could be really fun.
- Speaking of desires to play things like this I’m still wanting to find a group of people (even just one more person besides myself) to play Warrior Heroes on a semi-regular basis. I know it’s about as likely to occur as the fabled Wrestling RPG, a Space Opera campaign, or Gamma World, but a nerd can hope, a nerd can hope…
- Dave, I can’t wait for you to see the newest episodes of The League, they are fantastic. I can break it down to four words; The Return Of Rafi!

Ugh, can’t the day go any faster?

"Endless curse, blood runs cold
Evil stare, will turn your flesh to stone
Land of doom, world of sin
All subside, don't venture near
The island where she lives
Oh, she'll suck you in

Destroyer of life, Demon
Oh I'm ready to strike, Gorgon

Serpents bride, the end awaits
Human prey, no swords or armor
Shield you from your fate
Hey you, you can't escape
Wicked smile, full of lies
Head of snakes, approch her cave
But don't look in her eyes
Oh, her eyes

Sieze, appease, deceive, die

Medusa, she's staring at you
Medusa, with her eyes

Evil witch, cast her spell, seducing you
She'll take you to the very depths of hell
cannot move, no eyes to see, a statue now
For all eternity Medusa laughs at you
And you're her slave

Medusa, she's staring at you
Medusa, with her eyes
Medusa, oh she's cold”

* = It really doesn't...

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