Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Singing In The Rain Vs. Never Say Never Again

* = I can't tell if I'm feeling sloth or I just want a Sloth for a pet...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, now we speed headlong towards the inevitable triple play of my birthday, Christmas, New Years/Anniversary. I’m friggin’ exhausted and we’re only starting the race. Between not sleeping well, overdoing some things, and the normal crap I would really welcome a day or two of complete retreat into hermit territory and laziness beyond sloth. I don’t think I’ll get it, but it’s nice to dream.

During the Thanksgiving holiday I had the privilege of playing Legend Of Drizzt (***** out of 5) with my 6-year-old nephew, Seany ‘The Bear’. I knew I’d dig the game. I mean c’mon I already glow when I talk about, let alone play, the first two games in the D&D Adventure Game System. I am learning Photoshop JUST to be able to make my own stuff for the game. I have printed countless community based heroes and villains, let alone all the Artscow decks I’ve purchased. I love the system and the games, for me, are a blast. That being said I thought it was going to be WAY too much for a capricious young boy. I was pleasantly mistaken. Did it go perfectly? No, not at all, but rather than concentrate on that I used it as teaching experience. We did some math(s), we read, we learned about decision-making, & we killed some Trolls. He was SO excited afterwards, even though we lost due to my shit rolling and some poor decision making. That’s right, I was out tactically thought by my nephew. ‘The Bear’ played Wulfgar and I played Drizzt, who is a tad glass jawed if you ask me. The thing that did us in was my bad rolls, the Encounters, and a lack of healing treasure. Wulfgar is a TANK! It was great that the moment we were done and Sean was asking what treasure we going after next he was already trying to decide which hero he wanted to use. I love being able to share my ‘geek’ with my niece and nephews, which brings me back to Christmas. I know that the chances that Sean, Maddy, or Luke will get into the nerdy crap I adore are slim to none. However I would be remiss if I didn’t get excited about giving Sean an OMAC action figure. I’d be lame if I didn’t give Maddy a Power Girl action figure. And even though I rarely ever see him, and when I do he avoids me like the plague, I’d be no Uncle at all if I didn’t hook L.O.M. up with some LEGO’s. These were the building blocks of my misspent youth, and I’m hoping that these will at least be a block in those of my young family members.

That was almost sentimental.

How ‘bout some new Pathfinder Pre-paints pics!

Ok this minis is a MUST BUY. First off it’s a Frost Giant and I have very few of those and want to use that monster at some point. Secondly, the sculpt is pretty good, if not a little bland. The thing that pushes it into a ‘Must Have’ is the ability to switch out weapon hands. That’s fantastic. If these minis are reasonable in the secondary market I’ll be grabbing about four that way I’ll have two of each. If this is the innovation that Wizkids and Paizo are bringing to the table in their partnership then they now have my undivided attention. This makes me even more curious about how WotC will answer this with their revamped minis game. I have read the rules, but haven’t had a chance to play it. I love the idea of it being card based combat, I ADORE the idea of including tiles, ala the D&D Adventure System Games, in with the mins, and I’m stoked that they are including extra cards to make every mini compatible with both this new Skirmish game, but also with the Adventure System games. It’s brilliant. What I’m not excited about though is the projected $45.00 price tag for a force of 10 to 15 painted minis. Don’t get me wrong, throwing in the connecting tiles makes it more appealing, but if it’s just refurbished or repainted old minis then I’m going to have take my business to the secondary market on this product. I want to support this game; I supported THE HELL out of the last TWO variations on the skirmish game. I love D&D, I love skirmish games, so it’s a match made in heaven for me. However I won’t support what I feel is an overpriced product. Both of these companies have some flaws in their current models right now and it’s going force me to really examine who gets my hard earned cash and how much.


- I’m getting sick. It’s inevitable that after a couple days wrasslin’ with Sean & Maddy that I get their plague. Right now I just want to lie on the floor and sleep. Maybe a nap when I get home is in order.
- With the two new DVD towers THE Entertainment Center looks like a Castle.
- Man, if you are looking for LEGO’s go on Ebay. You can buy by the pound. I know where I’m sticking some money midway through next year. I miss playing with LEGO’s. I have some now, maybe the next time the kids are over I’ll pull out my LEGO table and we’ll build!
- With all this children(s) talk I think I might be ill with the ‘Baby Fever’.
- My Christmas shopping is almost complete. Last night Cassandra and I took care of ‘bidniz’ on Amazon. We have a handful of things left to complete, and as for my lovely wife I’ve basically completed what I think will be a return to form & glory with this year’s bounty. I can’t wait to see her face.
- Oh and I leave hints and comments like this on the blog for a reason, it drives her nuts.
- I started re-watching Darkplace (Infinte *’s out of 5) last night before I went to bed. You know I can almost repeat the lines word for word and STILL I laugh my ass off. It’s just so hilariously bad that’s its beyond brilliant.
- Speaking of my nephew Sean he gave me an education on ‘Angry Birds’ this weekend & it was fascinating.
- Ant is teaching me Photoshop so I can not only use it as tool to make Halloween posters, cards for the D&D Adventure System, but also to mock and ridicule others. Thus far it’s been a challenge, but I think with practice will come some semblance of competency. I really enjoyed sitting down with him and working on it. He’s a good teacher and he was infinitely patient. So to Bro-Lo El Cunado, Thank you.
- I’m super hungry for Chili.
- Christmas Movie-A-Thon on 12/9/11! The docket is currently open, although it sounds like Santa Claus Vs. The Martians (Cinematic Titanic or MST3K version), Die Hard I, Die Hard II, or Gremlins are all possibilities.
- My homemade Giardiniera is marinating right now. I can’t wait.
- I’ve been informed that The Fairly Secret Army, Album 3, is approaching completion and that Tracks 7 & 8 will blow my friggin’ mind. I am more than intrigued, but more than that I’m excited, which I’ve noticed I don’t get about music to often, about hearing this. Dave, I need a copy ASAP to assess and give feedback.
- I could use a hug.

On that note I think it’s time for me to go…

“Released from the bondage
Bloodlust is turned to knowledge
I will kill you
Return into the carnage

Sentient forms have risen
Time is an endless prison
You will die
I'll become cold and wizened

You know your place in history
Are you denying I am free?
Any prophet of this new dark age can see

Rise from the tomb of millions
Crawl to become reptilian
I will kill you

Like those who came before you
Life never ceased to bore you
You will die
History will ignore you

Then you'll engage in prophecy
Why can't you handle being free?
Another victim of a slaughter prophecy

No need for ritual slaughter
Bow to the crest of martyrs
You will evolve
But not getting any smarter

You think the truth will set you free
While you're denying what you see
Any prophet of this new dark age can see”

* = Art Adams should be able to draw whatever he wants whenever he wants.


  1. You're right, it does drive me nuts. But that is part of the fun. :-D

  2. I can't wait to give away Christmas presents.